(1) A needsassessmentis often essentialto be performed instead of another alternative strategic assessmentto help coverthe gaps between the current and future conditions. The assessment is beneficial...

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A needsassessmentis often essentialto be performed instead of another alternative strategic assessmentto help coverthe gaps between the current and future conditions. The assessment is beneficial as it tries to correct the discrepancies available with a current situation to make better the future needs. In this case one can use the SPACE analysis. The kind of analysis uses matrix to help develop strategies for either nonprofit or public health organizations by accessing the internal and external environments(McGoldric & Tobey, XXXXXXXXXXThe need analysis,in this case,determines whatstrategyis best for a firm and can be used in place ofanalysis such as SWOT analysis.

An example of such an analysis in a healthcare firm is performing a needs analysis on patient injury and how to reduce them. Such assessment requires the participation of both the staff and the patients. Questionnaires in this case can be used to speed up the process and collect accurate data. With such assessments, risks are easily managed and strategies;hence formed to mitigate such risks. In this case,nurseshifts can be increased and number of rounds increased for patient check-ups. The number of doctors can also be increased in this case to ensure that there is more nurse to patient care(AlDossary et al., 2017).Assessment istherefore vital and help sort problems hence should be considered while dealing with firms such as healthcare facilities and non-profit organizations.


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Capacity assessment is essential in all the organizations as it allows the creation of an integrated approach while solving the problems of the community in which they operate. The capacity assessments were developed to include both the quantitative and qualitative methods for developing the comprehensive picture of the capacity from different perspectives (Wagner, XXXXXXXXXXThey were developed to cater for NGOs and were positioned as the fundamental part of the project management cycle. They involve the linkage of the assessments to the planning process while monitoring and evaluating tasks which checks how accurately a plan was accomplished. There exists some capacity assessments that focus more on the organizational level of capacity and assess the capacity of health systems and the policy capacity. For example, in 2003, the World Bank initiated a tool that was used in the diagnosis of the institutional capability while implementing and sustaining a policy (Wagner, XXXXXXXXXXFrom such a toolkit, there was the provision of a structural rationale that could be employed while asking questions, results analysis and even identification of critical institutional issues. Unlike SPACE analysis, the capacity assessment was able to work from the outcomes for the identification of the necessary actions and behaviours that would be essential and addressed the factors in meeting the policy and project goals. An example of a special assessment is working on a project dealing with HIV prevention where the process will results in a shared vision of needed capacity for building a foundation of a successful and transparent partnership for NGOs.


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If a healthcare organization does not practice strategic management, how do you think it will impact the success of the practice?

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1) Need assessment is crucial from an organisational point of view as it helps to bridge the gaps which hinder them from attaining the desired goals. This also...

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