1. Giustina Secundo, Pasquale Del Vecchio and Gioconda Mele(2020) Social media for entrepreneurship: myth or reality? A structured literature review and a future research agenda . Journal of...

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1.Giustina Secundo, Pasquale Del Vecchio and Gioconda Mele(2020)Social media for entrepreneurship: myth or reality? A structuredliterature review and a future</o:p>

research agenda.Journal of Enterprising Communities/ Vol 14 (2) p. 299-311</o:p>




(a)The research design used in the article is Structured Literature Review (SLR). Critically review SLR and place it in the context of the known three research methodologies by describing its characteristics and elements. (20 marks)</o:p>

b)Briefly comment on the validity and reliability of the article. (10 marks)


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Answer To: 1. Giustina Secundo, Pasquale Del Vecchio and Gioconda Mele(2020) Social media for entrepreneurship:...

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Running Head: STRUCTURE LITERATURE REVIEW                    
STRUCTURE LITERATURE REVIEW                            
Table of Contents
Concept    3
Characteristics of Structured Literature Reviews    4
Elements of the method    4
Validity and reliability of the article    6
Reference    6
g the various kinds of literature review types available for the researchers the systematic literature reviews has been used mainly to have a more methodical approach. The systematic literature review tends to make a more methodical approach which fulfills all the criteria and ensures systematic wiring.
The steps of the systematic literature review includes formatting and making the ultimate question which the research work will answer (Zaheer, , Breyer & Dumay, 2019). The second steps of the literature reviewed is based on finding the best search terms aad evalue the terms to have a more distinctive search process.
Meta Analysis
· Measurable strategy for joining the discoveries from dissimilar quantitative examinations.
· Utilizations measurable techniques to dispassionately assess, blend, and sum up outcomes.
· May be led freely or as a component of a methodical audit.
Scoping Review
· Addresses a more extensive examination question or set of inquiries
· Regularly led in anticipation of directing an orderly audit
· Looks to distinguish research holes and openings for proof combination
A precise audit endeavors to gather all experimental proof that fits pre-indicated qualification standards to address a particular examination question. Specialists directing efficient surveys utilize unequivocal techniques pointed toward limiting inclination, to deliver more dependable discoveries that can be utilized to advise dynamically.
The article in question uses the secondary quantitative methodology. In this case the article creates a database of 159 research papers and uses the inclusion and exclusion criteria in order to select the most useful ones. Through the exclusion criteria almost 90 articles were excluded. On further analysis of the remaining 69 articles another 20 were rejected and ultimately a database of 49 ratclies were created for the analysis.
The vital qualities of an orderly review are: an obviously characterized question with incorporation and rejection measures; thorough and precise hunt of the writing; basic evaluation of included examinations; information extraction and the executives; investigation and translation of results; and report for distribution.
Characteristics of Structured Literature Reviews
The key characteristics of the structured literature review is that it must have a clear and well defined include and exclusion Criteria (Al-Hudawi, 2019). There ystscmaict literature review is a long process and thus to have the heol process maintained and use the best articles of the research work exclusion and inclusion criteria is required. The exclusion...

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