2 replies @ 50 words each Kimberly Thomas The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for your Business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) started in the US 1970s and the term was officially...

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Kimberly Thomas

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for your Business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) started in the US 1970s and the term was officially coined in 1953. It focused on profit margins, but recent interest shifted to include CSR. Ellie Collier defines CSR as the operational functioning of a company in an ethical and sustainable manner dealing with environmental and social impacts. Collier states that “ethical behavior and corporate social responsibility can magnify benefits to an organization with significant measures.” (Collier,2018)


Although not a legal requirement, should Corporate Social Responsibility beconsidered a legal requirement? My interpretation of CSR with no explanation for not having any legality is unclear. Although there are advantages and disadvantages, I question the lack of oversight and compliance for implementation.CSR is viewed as a good practice for social responsibility and environmental issues in an ethical and sustainable manner.


Statistics by Communications /Ebiquity Global CSR study (2015) indicate 91% of global consumers also expect companies to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. Corporations can incorporate ethical structures to represent social responsibility and encourage ethical behavior.For example, Nestle have incorporated progressive CSR initiatives giving back to the community and public commitment to enhance the quality of life and to ensure a healthier society while simultaneously reaping the benefit.


What benefits would there be if Corporate Social Responsibility was a legal requirement? The article does not fully explain the claim therefore, companies are not liable to implement. However, establishing a code of ethics to disclose a company's values concerning ethics and social issues can give a framework for what the company is founded on and the expectations of its employees.

In addition, defining fundamental values, social responsibility and influencing ethical behavior will not jeopardize the company and community it serves. Whether it’s a large corporation or a small organization, identifyingfundamental tools of Ethics and Social Responsibility will both be a significant element to any corporate foundation, as well as, acknowledging genuine intentions of Corporate Social Responsibility.


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Konner Powers

Claim- Working from home has its advantages and also disadvantages. Is it sometimes its too easy to get preoccupied with personal stuff other than your work? Is the peer pressure and personal behaviors like clothes were wearing, or how our personal appearance is without judgement a plus? Are things in or around your work space causing distractions? Is not having human interaction on a daily basis and issue? Is eating becoming an issue due to easy access and no time frame? There are many things that contribute to the pros and cons of how to manage working from home.

Support- I for one, work from home, so I do have personal experience with this claim. It is definitely easy to get preoccupied with personal stuff, so I set times for myself of what I'm allowed to do or not during those times. Scheduling is key to stay on track. Personal appearance is less important as I am not on zoom and no one sees me. But it is still important to do my morning routine as if I were going into the office, make sure I dress in more business but comfortable wear. Casual, but not daily active wear. I feel dressing for the part does actually make my job performance better, and without all the judgments of how it actually looks. I also create a workspace where interruptions and distractions don't happen easily. I have a locked door, do no one just comes in. I don't have personal telephones ringing, I don't have my pets in my office, or TV running in the background. Just as I wouldn't have these if I were at an office. I do miss human interactions sometimes, and sometimes I will reach out to coworkers, or even friends to during the day to take care of this void. I Just keep it to a short time so it doesn't become a distraction. Eating can also be an issue, so I plan out my morning, lunch and dinner, if time carries me that long. But I eat as if I were in the office, have a specific time for lunch and keep it simple. Because its very easy to snack when stressed, or drink high calorie drinks easily. So watching my diet has helped, because it can become an issue for many. Keeping things simple lets you be more productive while at home.

Question- Having pros and cons from working from home sounds ridiculous to many. Are the cons overpowering the pros? Definitely not. The many things I didn't go over is freedom to do the stuff you're limited of doing while at work. Being able to go to the doctors, or grocery store etc., the little things that took time make a huge difference as well (Devaney). Down the line, companies just need to ask themselves, if the company is benefiting from employees working from home compared to in the office. Majority of people would rather work from home, actually work longer hours if needed, do to less commute and just maybe being happier (Devaney). Being able to manage yourself accordingly is key, but definitely possible.


Devaney, Erik:How to Work From Home: 24 Tips From People Who Do It Successfully (hubspot.com)

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The corporates follow the pattern of soft law in order to satisfy the expectation of the consumers, which is not a binding force on them. It is more of voluntary.
If CSR is made a legal requirement it will help to make corporate world...

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