A few years ago talks about a Caribbean trading area was very topical. However, "mum's the word" concerning CSME these days.</o:p> a. Explain what is the current status of the...

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A few years ago talks about a Caribbean trading area was very topical. However, "mum's the word" concerning CSME these days.

a. Explain what is the current status of the CSME. (4marks)

b. The CSME should be done away with. Do you agree? Use TWO main points to defend your position. (6 marks)

c. Brexit is now official. Discuss ANY ONE impact it is currently having on people within the UK. (4


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The CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) was founded in 1989, following the 10th meeting of the Cari
ean Community's Conference of Heads of Government in Grand Anse, Grenada. It signifies a step forward for the Community by expanding the integration process. A single market and economy will enable the region's financial, human, and ecological resources to be pooled in order to establish the economic capacity required to respond successfully to these issues like globalization’s problems and the advent of trade supe
Regional integration often begins with financial integration and progresses to include political integration. Integration may be described as a scale, with 0 reflecting no integration in any way among or across countries. Ten might be considered total integration among or extra countries. As a result, the merging states may just create a new country.
As the economy became more integrated, most of the Cari
ean's tiny island nations saw themselves increasingly competing with one another. By joining into a single cohesive monetary unit, member countries should concentrate on their competitive advantages based entirely on the assets they possess, rather than vying amongst themselves to be the market leader on certain items.
The US trade dispute with Antigua and Ba
uda over cross-border internet gambling services is a second important problem. In 2003, Antigua and Ba
uda requested consultations with the United States under the World Trade Organization's dispute settlement system on federal and state law in the United States that it believed unfair with relation to cross-border gambling. Internet services allow access to countries across boundaries. He claimed that these rules
eached the United States' responsibilities under the World Trade Organization's General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). Following a protracted dispute resolution process, the WTO decided against US claims that it had failed to satisfy any particular gambling duties under its WTO commitments. GATS. In April 2005, the United States promised to comply with an Appellate Body judgment, but when it did not, it was exposed to an adverse panel ruling. In March 2007, the WTO conducted a compliance evaluation.
Labor mobility has a detrimental impact on available cures and the social...

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