MP121 Accounting Information System: Problem-based Assessment Scenario: Recently you attended a presentation by Dr Peter, renowned entrepreneur and business leader, who spoke at length about the...

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MP121 Accounting Information System: Problem-based Assessment
Recently you attended a presentation by Dr Peter, renowned entrepreneur and business leader, who spoke at length about the development of an accounting information systems and, he speak extensively on the benefit of using DBMS in Accounting department, and the importance of Database Design. After the presentation you
eturned to your workplace and discussed the virtues of this approach with your boss, Alex. Alex was extremely interested because he has become aware that the cu
accounting information systems is inadequate for the developing needs of the business. He asked you to do a number of things for him in your ‘new role’ as the Accounting
Information Systems Development Officer.
Report content:
Write a clear and comprehensive report on what would be involved developing a
DBMS for the Accounting department.
It is important to position the content of your report within the realm of
Accounting (instead of IT) in order to demonstrate your understanding the
subject matter and your client (i.e. your boss).
Specifically, your report should demonstrate what should be noted, what should
e avoided, who should be involved, what needs to be prepared.
Alex, your boss, also wishes to know the cost and time such development will
Finally, you should complete your report with a summary and your
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MP121 Accounting Information System: Problem-based Assessment
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A database management system can be described as a system of keeping records in a computerized form. All the files related to the data which are computerized are stored in the database or we can say that it collects all the files and acts like a container. The main purpose for which database management system is used in the organizations is it allows the users to define the information, store it safely, retrieve the required information and update the information which is stored in the database as per the need ("Database Management System (DBMS): Applications, Uses and Other Details", 2022). There is difference between data and information, information is that part of data which is useful for the users and data is raw form.
There are many uses of database management system. Some f them includes the following:
· Management of data can be done in an effective and efficient manner.
· It is easy for the users to understand without any complexities.
· Query can be processed and management timely.
· Sharing of the data can be done with adequate storage available
· The information which is processed and storage in the database management system is e
or free and more reliable.
· Helps in making better decisions
· Data is secured in the system with full integrity.
· It provides access to the data which is accurate in a better way.
For using the data and managing it effectively there are basically five components which are present in the database management system. These components are:
i. Data: in a database storage of raw facts is done which is called as data and then this data is used by the database for the purpose of forming the information which is meaningful and useful.
ii. Hardware: there are certain devices needed in the computer to manage whole database management system, such physical components are called as hardware. Examples of hardware can be devices which are used for secondary storage like floppy etc. and processor.
iii. Software: Software can be defined as a program which is used by the database uses for the purpose of running the DBMS application.
iv. User: the...

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