ITNA359: Special Topics in Network Administration! EX1 Imagine that you are working in the role of a senior level network administrator for the IT Guru corporation. The IT Guru corporation is a...

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ITNA359: Special Topics in Network Administration!
Imagine that you are working in the role of a senior level network administrator for the IT Guru corporation.   The IT Guru corporation is a mid-sized Information Technology consultancy with locations in North America, Europe and Asia with 5000 employees and 36 offices founded in 1999. 
Your organization is expanding its technology footprint, exploring emerging technologies, and consulting clients on information technology strategies and solutions.   In your role you provide recommendations on technology selection and implementation to support the needs of your organization and you are also an advisor to the consulting teams that assess and recommend technology strategies for their clients.
You have been invited to a meeting with your Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Global Sales to discuss the concepts of cloud computing and explain the different cloud services that are available.   You will be provided with 30 minutes to present your ideas, and this will require 10 slides.
To complete this assignment, complete the following:
· Create a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:
· Introduction slide
· Discuss the concept of cloud computing and the types of cloud services available to include SAAS, PAAS and IAAS. (3 slides)
· Provide an explanation of the components of cloud infrastructure that will need to be adopted to create a cloud platform. (3 slides)
· Explain cloud computing strategies to include IOT devices, security, performance, and management. (2 slides)  
· Closing slide
The leadership team of the IT Guru corporation would like to see some of their employees get published in trade journals to help promote the credibility and professionalism of the organization.  As the senior network administrator, you have been asked to submit an article to the "Cloud Brokers" trade journal and discuss your thoughts and research on the following 4 questions:
1. What should someone consider when defining their strategies for their specific cloud configuration?
2. What are the components of cloud architecture today and how might this change in the future?
3. Are there any specific network configuration management practices you would recommend for a cloud computing environment?
4. What advice would you offer to someone considering offering a database storage solution via a cloud platform?
5. What are the ethical, legal, and professional responsibilities association with cloud-based systems? Consider societal and global impacts in your paper.
The IT Guru corporation has recently hired a new Assistant Chief Information Officer (ACIO) to help oversee the organizations IT infrastructure. 
As the senior network administrator, you will be provided the ACIO with a tour of the corporate data center and should be prepared to answer a variety of important questions related to the organizations IT infrastructure. Prior to the tour you are going to prepare a document to help you thoroughly answer each question you expect to receive.
The document you should prepare should include the following:
· Discuss what ideal network performance looks like and provide examples of metrics you would use to measure good network performance
· Explain the tools and techniques you use for network monitoring and optimization and the common types of network traffic issues you are monitoring for.
· Provide a short list of the top 5 requirements that cloud service providers should be held accountable to. 
· Explain the differences between cloud data provenance and process provenance.
· Explain 3 challenges of managing data in the cloud.
· What are the risks of data ownership when cloud data are load-balanced to servers housed outside of the United States?
· Discuss elements of cloud-based infrastructure to include cloud based, premise based and hy
id network solutions that could be considered for future use at your organization.
The manager of the IT Guru network operations center has recently hired 5 new employees to provide 24x7 coverage of the NOC and has asked you to provide an overview on the use of Wireshark as a network troubleshooting tool. Your presentation will be used as a training aid for the new employees. 
For this assignment you will need to provide a presentation that will train a new hire on the use of Wireshark as a network troubleshooting tool. 
Your PowerPoint presentation should contain 1 slide each covering the following:
· Explanation of what Wireshark is.
· How Wireshark can be used for traffic capture and analysis.
· Deep packet analysis of common protocols.
· Examples of normal and abnormal behavior on the network.
· Examples of common attack signatures.
· Conclusion slide with a review of how to understand passive and active attacks. 
Extra details to support your na
ation in the slide notes section so that the slides can be used as a reference source for the employees after your presentation.
You will create this assignment following the Assignment Detail instructions below.
Assignment Details
The "Cloud Brokers" trade publication was very pleased with the results of your journal publication on cloud architecture and have asked you to write another journal article related to cloud security. 
Prepare a publication on the topic of cybersecurity and cloud computing that includes the following:
· Discuss the risks and recommended best practices management for security management in a cloud environment. 
· Cloud security guidelines, recommendations for the design of security, and examples of best practices in cloud security design.
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