All questions below are feedback to other students post. Please provide valuable feedback, DO NOT COPY FROM THE POST, INSTEAD PROVIDE VALUABLE FEEDBACK Rochak, for question 1, 2 , 3 and 4 , use...

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All questions below are feedback to other students post. Please provide valuable feedback, DO NOT COPY FROM THE POST, INSTEAD PROVIDE VALUABLE FEEDBACKRochak, for question 1, 2 , 3 and 4 , use attachments I provided in order 107624 as referencesSee reference attachment: 1) eReading Channel Strategies for Delivering Value 2) eReading The Pricing Framework and a Firm's Pricing Decisions and 3) this video link 1: (125 words)Topic 2 - Supply chain of F1TV.  Today I watched the British Gran Prix on an Epson projector.  Epson projectors are designed and developed in Japan, however, they are assembled in China (Lucas, 2011).  Epson has a vertically intergrated supply chain for their projectors.  That means they own their own chip foundry and produce the components used to assemble their projectors.  This vertical integration means they have the largest projector factory in the world in Epson Engineering Shenzhen Limited (ESL) (Lucas, 2011).  From the production line they are shipped around the world.  I couldn't find their exact shipping contracts but in China COSCO is the most common overseas freight provider.  Once the product reaches the shores of it's destination they are shipped to the warehouses of authorized dealers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Costco, etc.; until they are eventually purchased and delivered to the end customer.Question 2: (125 words)Based upon my reading from this week, I have chosen three pieces of criteria to source or evaluate the performance of (my future) supply chain partners. These would be supply chain visibility (SCV), product tracking, and Just-in-time Inventory systems. supply chain visibility - This is the ability to track even the smallest of parts within a product. This creates real time data involving the logistics of the supply chain.product tracking - Electronic product codes provide an identity to the products being produced, especially is there are many similar products out there. Just-In-Time Inventory System - In my opinion, this system helps to curve over production, which is a huge problem globally. Over production contributes to many of our environmental crisis'. This system also helps ensure the success of a product my easily allowing for parts swaps and easy recalls when necessary. Question 3: (125 words)Supply ChainTopic 1 ; A product that I use every day is Axe Pomade for my hair to give it a clean-cut style for work. In researching Axe, I discovered that the product is owned by French company Unilever and that Axe has been around since 1983. (Feifer) I normally get the pomade product at the base exchange here in Italy. Looking at the supply chain and distribution, the product is distributed from Trumbull, Connecticut. The product is imported from Canada into the U.S. (Unilever) From the U.S., the pomade is shipped to military bases across Europe. I am surprised about the long journey that the pomade makes just to get to the Base Exchange and for me just to walk in and buy the product.Question 4:This morning, I used Nutella – a hazelnut spread with cocoa. Aside from knowing that it is available to me through the local grocery store, I never put much thought into how it got there.From the label on the container, I was able to gather that it was made in Mexico and exclusively distributed by Ferrero U.S.A., INC. out of Parsippany, New Jersey.I’ve enjoyed products from the Italian confectionary company, Ferrero, like the Tic-Tac hard mints, and the gold foil wrapped Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which I never seem to get enough of, but had no idea the same company made all of these products. Ferrero has also acquired chocolate brands that used to be owned by Nestle, like Butterfinger and Crunch (Watrous, 2019).Ferrero has several production facilities around the world, including the most recent one in Guanajuato, Mexico. Surprisingly these facilities source the ingredients for Nutella from different countries all over the world. For example, the hazelnuts come from Turkey; palm oil from Malaysia and the cocoa from Nigeria, etc. (McKay, 2013). Arguments have been made in favor of fragmentation (Frankenfield, 2019) or the production of these goods using separate suppliers, where labor is abundant and inexpensive.Once packaged at the manufacturing facilities, next on the supply chain is distribution to grocery stores, and local retail shops. Nutella has successfully managed positioning itself in the market as the producer of the most unique hazelnut-cocoa spread, with quality ingredients, and packaged in different sizes to meet the needs of its customers with varying needs. Nutella also spends about half a million dollars on promotion and advertising strategies to keep up with brand awareness through different media like radio and television. (MBA, 2020).Question 5: (125 words)1) Project DescriptionOne capital project that I had success with is the renovation of the commercial spaces we had overseas. The land was already ours and we spent around $20,000 renovating it to 3 commercial spaces already in the city. It continues to be successful because the city continues to grow even to this day and rent prices are increasing drastically, making the business worthwhile. 2) Provide Financial Information regarding the projectInitial Outlay: $20,000Monthly rent payment: 400 interest: 5% yearly [yearly rent increase was 5% per year]N=5[since this is similar to a perpetuity, I'm going to put the number of periods for 5 since I can account for 5 years]. Year 1: 4800Year 2: 5040Year 3: 5292Year 4: 5556.60Year 5: 5834.433) Synthesize your one-paragraph position on what 3-5 specific factors you believe most likely to contribute to capital project analysis success.One factor I believe that it was a success was because the commercial spaces were located at the city. There are many people walking around the area so it has plenty of foot traffic. Another is because the money used for the initial outlay was money that is left over for investment. My mother had a stable job and she could earn more and losing this type of money would not be a bother as much. Another is that my mother has a high risk tolerance and is less risk averse. Risk aversion refers to a person who has low risk tolerance (Boundless, n.d.). She knew what the consequences were and because she was really good at her job she had no problems with her career. 4) ReflectionI learned to keep track of all the projects I do and see how they impact the future in the long run. I learned how to think of different scenarios that could happen and see what kind of lesson I can get out of it. In the workplace, I could apply this by self-reflecting on the decisions I make and after it's done, look back and check it made an impact. If it did, take it with me and apply it to the next similarQuestion 6 (125 words)Toyota Motor Corporation is a successful Japanese auto company.  Toyota is the leading auto manufacturer and the sixth largest company in the world.  Toyota has a net cash flow of $9,014 million; net income of $25,366 million; and a gross profit of $53,148 million (Toyota Financial Statements 2005-2019 | TM, 2019).  The main reasons the company is so successful are:  1) continuous improvement; 2) focused strategy; 3) research and development; and 4) operational efficiency (Guragain, 2019).  I believe the company is successful because they make reliable cars.From this assignment, I learned about Toyota Motor Corporation and how profitable the company is.  I also learned why they have been so successful for many years.  What I learned from this assignment would not be applied in the workplace.Question 7 (125 words)Clean plans to hire George Tacy as an agent for recruitment and hiring computer/IT employees.  This week’s discussion is to analyze and determine whether Tacy should be employed as an employee or an independent contractor.       I would recommend that Tacy be an independent contractor.  According to Government Regulation and the Legal Environment of Business (2012), an independent contractor is someone who will do something for another but is not controlled by the other when performing a duty.  In this case, Tacy will only be hired to recruit and hire computer/IT employees.  I would assume that is a business that Tacy runs and that once the positions for Clean are filled, Tacy will no longer be needed for this task.  Also, he would not be on the company’s permanent payroll because Tacy will likely be paid for the specific role of filling open positions and will not be needed for this job again until another computer/IT position is available.  ReferencesGovernment Regulation and the Legal Environment of Business (2012). Saylor Academy. Question 8 (125 words)Winnie and Ralph should hire Tacy as an independent contractor. Even though independent contractors are not governed by the rules and regulations of the agency and can act as they see fit regarding the assignment specific protocols will be agreed upon and adhered to based on the contract provided by Clean (Government Regulations and the Legal Environment of Business, 2012). Bringing on Tacy as a contractor means that Clean does not have to provide certain benefits such as worker’s compensation and liability insurance that would be privy to those as full time employees (Government Regulations and the Legal Environment of Business, 2012). Clean is not a mega company so once the contractor identifies a potential pool of qualified candidates based on the needs of Clean and Tacy’s IT expertise, if retention is kept then Tacy’s job would have been completed. There would be no need for him to stay on if the positions in which he was hired to fill have been fulfilled, thus positively impacting Clean's budget in the long run. ReferenceGovernment Regulations and the Legal Environment of Business (2012). Saylor Academyless
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1. Vertical integration as you have mentioned is one of the most important and integral supply chain methods which companies undertake, as the cost saving in this immense and you get a lot of control like Epson projectors did. Also with the vertical integration, economies of scale enter the picture at all stages of production. The channel partners are responsible for delivering the products as in this is the warehouse companies, supply chain partners and many more (Learning Resource - Channel Strategies for Delivering Value). There are a lot of people involved in the final consumption of the product and the first manufacturing of the same and this makes the whole product development cycle so complex, but with great channel partners this becomes an easy task.
Learning Resource - Channel Strategies for Delivering Value, University of Maryland Global Campus. Retrieved on 2022 June 29 from
2. The supply chain partners selected by you are right on point as all the three, i.e., Supply Chain Visibility (SCV), Product Tracking, and Just-In-Time Inventory (JIT) are all very important in the whole product cycle. Just-In-Time though is not used by every producer or supply chain partner because of the complexities and cost or ordering which gets associated with it, but Production tracking is used in all cases to design the product forecast, demand, and other things to look at the future is very important (Learning Resource - Channel Strategies for Delivering Value). The other partners who you could have used are demand forecasting, and lead-time, which are again important as lead time is something which helps you give the exact time that will take for the product to reach the final consumers.
Learning Resource - Channel Strategies for Delivering Value, University of Maryland Global Campus. Retrieved on 2022 June 29 from
3. Axe Pomade is a popular product, and it has delivered a lot of value to its customers over the years. The company which manufactures...

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