ARTICLE SYNOPSIS 1 REPORT PROPOSAL FORM (WORTH 20 PERCENT) Reports display an authoritative and in-depth understanding of significant topics regarding classifying information. They offer readers...

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Reports display an authoritative and in-depth understanding of significant topics regarding
classifying information. They offer readers detailed accounts of the subject matter and a balanced
assessment of the cu
ent “take” on information. By virtue of their structure, reports provide both a
summary of a specific topic or subject, and a critique of its viability, thereby indicating to readers
whether the topic is worth deeper consideration (note that a report based on any career—not
necessarily a traditional job—is acceptable).
Proposals must be:
 Accessible - of general interest and enticing to a wide-ranging, community-spanning
 Appealing - a timely account, which is needed, and which genuinely adds to the existing
 Jargon free - avoid overly specialist terms (fundamental ideas should be simply explained).
 Use APA “References” - please include at least one source to offer a balanced view.
Please complete all sections, ensuring your answers are succinct and within the word limit.
1) Please comment on the cu
ent importance of the job that you are interested in. For
example, is it a traditional position such as a public-school teacher, or a relatively new
career such as an online influencer? What makes your chosen vocation or job
attractive to you? Is it a popular position? If so, is obtaining it competitive? Is it a less
well-known job? If not, should it be more widely publicized? Is your chosen profession
or position innovative in any way? Are there particularly well-known practitioners in
your field (who)?
Max. 100 words
Proposal - WRIT 200
2) What would be the implications for the wider community if you obtained your dream job, if
any? For example, would you make the world a better place or perhaps contribute to the
etterment of your local municipality in some way? What type of employee would you ideally
e (age, class, status, commitment, etc.)?
Max. 100 words
3) What kind of writing do you imagine yourself engaging in? Will you avoid writing, or
ace it as a powerful form of communication?
Max. 60 words
4) In sentence format, please comment on at least one article published on your profession
that interests you; if nothing piques your interest, did the information you learned make you
more—or less—committed to your dream job?
5) WRIT 200 students should aim to produce e
or-free paragraphs while avoiding repetition,
Proposal - WRIT 200
and one way to achieve this is to have a pair of authors collaborate on writing the definitive
eport on a particular area. Please consider peer-editing your assignment with another
student prior to submission. Indicate the student’s name below (if you decide not to do so,
please explain
iefly why the proposed report would not benefit from any collaborative
6) Please provide at least three possible paragraph topics or section headings/ideas, or a
point-form outline of your intended report (you may also opt to list at least one main resource
that you will use as a core reference in your proposed report).
N. B. Please submit the information in the preceding document for participation via e-mail.
Proposal - WRIT 200
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Sutrishna answered on Apr 16 2022
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1. I am interested in being a YouTuber to teach concepts related to general awareness, personal growth, and spirituality. It is common amongst the youngsters today as a boon of technology.
It is attractive to me because of its flexibility. It is flexible in terms of time, place, working hours, the result, and return.
Although everyone knows about it, it is popular only among the youngsters as a full-time job. The youth is courageous to pursue this unconventional job. Therefore, it is challenging.
Yes, it is innovative.
Well-known practitioners are Abhi & Niyu, Ranveer Allahabadia, Jay Shetty, and Vishen Lakhiani.
2. My role in this job would positively impact the community. Spreading knowledge about daily affairs, personal growth and...

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