XXXXXXXXXXASSESSMENT 2 XXXXXXXXXXCASE STUDY BackgroundBonnie is the eldest of two children with a sister 2 years younger. Bonnie has grown up in a happy, middle-class home. Her father is a building...

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BackgroundBonnie is the eldest of two children with a sister 2 years younger. Bonnie has grown up in a happy, middle-class home. Her father is a building contractor, and her mother works in a bank. Her parents are happily married and have always been quite supportive of her. At the time of her first appointment, Bonnie was a 15-year-old white girl in the 9th grade. Bonnie has been seeing a private Psychologist and has been assessed as experiencing Social Anxiety. You are the school counsellor and will be her support person in the school setting.InterviewAt the start of the interview, Bonnie states that her problem is that she gets nervous about everything, particularly things at school, doing anything new and a fear of social situations. When asked to give an example, Bonnie says that she is very fearful of situations such as eating in public, using public restrooms, being in crowded places and meeting new people. She claims that she will almost always try to avoid these situations. At school, Bonnie reports fear and avoidance of such activities as speaking up in class, writing on the white board and talking to her teachers. Although she is very good at playing the flute, she has dropped out of the school band because of her anxiety over participating in band performances.In addition to anxiety about talking to teachers, she reports a fear of talking to unfamiliar adults such as shop assistants. In fact, Bonnie says that she will never answer the phone at home. She is also very hesitant to use the phone when she has to interact with strangers to do such things as ask for information or order pizza. In most of these situations, Bonnie says that her fear and avoidance are related to her worry that she might say the wrong thing or she does not know what to say or do and she thinks this will lead others to think badly of her. Quite often, her fear of these situations is so intense that she would experience a full-blown panic attack. Bonnie also reports getting headaches and stomach aches when she is anticipating a situation that she finds difficult.Despite her problems with anxiety, Bonnie has two or three close friends and a number of acquaintances. Her parents say that Bonnie could always make friends; she just would never make the first move. Bonnie prefers to spend time with her close friends with whom she feels safe because they are also extremely shy. Each day at school, the group eats lunch together apart from the other students between classes.Bonnie’s grades at school were usually in the mid-range. Her parents said that Bonnie achieved these grades with little effort. Interestingly, while Bonnie was often quite fearful of school, she had not missed many days over the past school years. Her parents noted that Bonnie always had stomach aches before school, but that she never asked to stay home.
Word requirement: 2000-2200 wordsYour response requires you to provide at least 8 reference sources. These must be peer-reviewed academic articles, not websites PROVIDE NO MORE THAN 2 SENTENCES TO INTRODUCE THE CASE STUDY SCENARIO- IF YOU WRITE MORE YOU WILL LOSE MARKSAnswer the following questions, numbering your answers1. Write a script of the exact words you would say to explain confidentiality to Bonnie at the start of your first session 2. What principles will you use from Rogers’ Person Centred therapy to develop a person-centred counselling relationship with Bonnie?3. Select TWO theories from the following listSolution focusedCognitive Behavioural therapyAcceptance and Commitment TherapyNarrative TherapyExplain why you have chosen these two theories and why you think they would be helpful to use in your counselling work with Bonnie.4. For each of your selected theories, describe at least 2 interventions or techniques would use in your counselling session with Bonnie and explain why you think these would be helpful.Identify your preferred theory from the 2 you have selected and give reasons for choosing this theory.5. Name and explain two skills will you use from EGAN’s SECOND STAGE to motivate Bonnie to make changes?6. What ethical issues about confidentiality could arise when working with Bonnie? Use either the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia or Australian Counselling Association of Ethics to inform your answer. Provide a reference to the code you use in the reference list.
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Psychological Analysis         2
Table of Contents
Explanation to Bonnie    3
Roger’s Person-Centered Therapy    4
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy    5
Narrative Therapy    6
Intervention Methods    7
Egan’s Second Stage of Motivation    8
Ethical Issues    9
References    11
Explanation to Bonnie
Bonnie this is something very minimal aspect yet complex that you can overcome gradually. You are fea
ring those aspects which will never have any harm or any kind of disruption. I would suggest you speak every day in front of the mirror so that you get the confidence of speaking out to others. You have to understand that every individual around you is a person and they are very much similar to you and your friends and parents. It is true that you may feel a bit uncomfortable while talking to strangers but I think you should talk to your friends and your teachers every day. This can be anything related to your lessons or anything that you are not able to understand.
I belong to this institution and I assure you that all the teachers will help you whenever you ask for any help regarding your academics.
As you have said to me about your problem, I feel that in the future if you have any problem you will turn up to me and issues. Are you also like to suggest you and come to me and inform me about your whereabouts? I will also talk to the music teacher so that you participate in the school band performance. I hope you will keep my words and so your talent with everyone.
Bonnie, I will also want you to come up with something written in the form of a diary about what you feel and what are your wishes. If you don't mind you can give this diary to me and as you have said so many things to me, I hope that you consider me as a friend and show me those written feelings.
I would also suggest to your parents get a check-up with the medical physician regarding your stomach aches. Bonnie don't worry, I promise this would be a normal routine check-up to see your stomach health and other aspects that are bothering you.
You said you do have some issues while speaking to strangers. Do you feel the same when you are with your parents? If you feel so you need to understand that everyone is a human being and everyone does have a heart and feels like you do. If you don't feel comfortable you don't have to talk to a person. But do you think that a person who is just standing and smiling at you can ever harm you?
During the lunch hours, I would like to see you in the common corridor where I stay almost every day. You will meet me whenever you see me around. I would also like to suggest that you should greet every teacher you see around you. I hope that you will keep this in mind and start practice in those from today itself. Now, I would be very happy if you wish me and start your classes.
Roger’s Person-Centered Therapy
Roger's person-centered therapy has effectively diverged from the traditional model of therapy and has an effective impact on a non-directive and empathetic approach to motivate a client. This particular therapy is based on the aspect that every human being strives for and the capacity to fulfill their own potential. This has a tremendous impact on psychotherapy. In this aspect, we can see problem behaviors and thoughts in Bonnie that required treatment, and this therapy can effectively identify the capacity and the desire for personal growth that she wants. According to the therapy it has given primitive importance to the aspect of self-actualization and had strived for a better balance towards greater complexity. Regarding the empathy and unconditional positive aspect of Bonnie's case, it is effective to facilitate a human potential that can be achieved with support and guidance (Renger, 2021).
The factor of the therapy that is more significant in the scenario is the psychological contact. This is one of the most important aspects that need to be done for getting an insight into Bonnie's psychological phenomenon. It is effective to understand her vulnerability and perceptions are to be made with unconditional positive regard and empathy (Renger et al., 2021). It is significant to prove the genuineness and congruence to remove the fear that she has about social interaction and the uneasiness that she undergoes while interacting with strangers. It is effective to understand whether there are any past incidents that have triggered these kinds of behavior in her and construct an effective fulfillment for realizing her potential.
According to this therapy, it is effective to recognize what she is thinking and develop trust in order to sustain and facilitate unconditional positive regard and changes in hard perspective. More profoundly this is a humanistic therapy that helps individuals by...

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