Assessment 2: Individual report: (Numeric Grade 1-10) A XXXXXXXXXXwords individual paper that discusses the strategy and change program for one company (based on the group assignment) in a changing...

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Assessment 2: Individual report: (Numeric Grade 1-10) A XXXXXXXXXXwords individual paper that discusses the strategy and change program for one company (based on the group assignment) in a changing environment. Each student is expected to select one company (klm) that faces significantly changing environment, discuss how this company should design the strategy and change program, in order to adapt and further gain competitive advantage
You are going to analyze the changing environment and use portal theory or pestle analysis to describe this. Stating the competitive advantage of KLM has over other airlines You are to use SWOT analysis to describe and rate the company competitive advantage. KLM airline s have enough competitors from the middle east airline. I am also stating the KLM trends (Mega trends, technological trends) and how it affect their day to day business and how they can use it as an advantage. I am focusing on the KLM Brand, write about their long-term goals while implementing change management.
Please also think about their competitive adanvantage. What makes them different to others (source of their competitive advantage? Is it service, routes, pricing...) - so what is their strategy so far and what is their cu
ent competitive advantage? Can they sustain this advantage on the long run - will it change? How could they strengthen their competitive advantage? With Porters 5 Forces you might have already a good overview - you might also deeper analyze their position in comparison to their competitors?
Please make sure that you underpin all arguments with references / sources
Also the Porter Five Forces analysis will be utilized to determine the present state of business effectiveness as well as key development possibilities of KLM. Throughout the research, there will be analytical debates and assessments of the KLM strategy that will be developed, taking into account various economic and socio-cultural developments.
Using nine box matrix I am going to asses klm performance in the airline industry. To establish the external factors of klm and how it impacts decision making I am going to use pestle analysis to analyze how these internal and external factors can influence decision making in klm. In conclusion I am going to suggest the business model they can use to strengthen their competitive advantage.
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A Strategic Individual Research on Corendon Airlines    1
A Strategic Individual Research on Corendon Airlines    8
Table of Contents
Overview of the Airline Industry of Netherlands    3
Corendon Airlines    4
Theoretical Background    5
Airline Route and Pricing    7
Strategy to Bring Positive Change in Business Operations    9
ent Operational Strategy of Corendon Airlines    12
Factors That Have Influenced the Airline Industry and The Strategy Applied    12
A Change Management Project Plan for the Proposed Change/Strategic change    13
Recommendations for Airline Operators    15
Conclusion    16
References    17
Overview of the Airline Industry of Netherlands
The economy along with the wealth of Netherlands is enhanced mostly due to the aviation sector. Approximately 3.2% of the GDP in Netherlands is accounted for in the airline industry along with the revenue generated from the foreign travelers who hovers. It is a small country, with strong international positioning and high level of expertise. This has helped them to develop a strong aircraft industry which will be able to deliver products for every airplane which is flying. There were about 1600 airliners which were built in Netherlands in the 20th century. The first ever airlines were KLM airliner which was in operation was since 1919. The airport with highest fleet in Netherlands is Schiphol Airport and there are more than 60 million people who flies to around 330 destinations each year. Further, the airports in Netherland are made with the state-of-the art technology, innovative designs and logistics and holds a leading position in the European Union. Netherland is also considered as a thriving industry in terms of aircraft maintenance. Netherlands holds a strong position in the military aircraft industry as is able to partner with various companies for improvement of F-35 fighter jets. As of 2019, the airlines in Netherland were able to generate a revenue of $8.2 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% within a period of 2015 till 2019. There was an increase in the consumption volume of the airlines industry, where the CAGR reached 6.7% between 2015 till 2019. Further, it reached an amount of 46.2 million for the passenger in the year 2019 (Market Research, 2020).
Further, the aviation industry in Netherland is trying to acquire a leading position in terms of aircraft maintenance, electrification and acquire a leading position in the global industry in terms of aircraft maintenance based on the concept of revolutionary maintenance concepts for meeting the requirements of the aircraft users. The aviation sector in Netherland is trying to achieve a hub position for system and component maintenance. They also want to become top-class specialists in selling of aircraft materials in the international flight industry. They also want to contribute a climate-neutral aviation by 2050 based on innovative solutions with respect to cleaner, smoother and fuel-efficient aviation. These will be entirely based on the environmentally-friendly maintenance concepts. Finally, the Netherlands aviation sector wants to become the largest supplier of airport technology globally (NAG, 2022).
Corendon Airlines
Corendon Dutch Airlines is a Dutch charter as well as have scheduled charter aircrafts. It is headquartered in Lijnden, Haarlemmermeer. It is a subsidiary of Corendon Airlines of Europe. Corendon Dutch Airlines started its business operations in Netherland since April 2011. During the time of its operations, they had Boeing 737-800 aircraft. With these aircrafts the Netherland airliner was able to serve the holiday destinations of Europe by travelling from the main airport of Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport to Maastricht Aachen Airport which is located in Beek, Limburg. Further, Corendon Dutch Airlines travels to various destinations such as Brazil in South America, Cape Verde, Egypt and Gambia in Africa, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Italy in Europe. As of August, 2021 the Corendon Dutch Airlines fleet consists of 2 types of aircraft. These are Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737 MAX 9. There are 3 aircrafts in service with respect to Boeing 737-800 ca
ying 189 passengers and there are 2 Boeing 737 MAX 9 ca
ies around 213 passengers (Corendon Dutch Airlines, 2022). Since the airliner travels to various destinations the prices vary.
Theoretical Background
Corendon Airlines started its business operations in the year April, 2005 with its international airline transportation to around 6 million travelers annually. The Dutch subsidiary of Corendon Airlines started its business operations in the year 2011. The European airlines company Corendon operates its flight from around 145 airports in more than 40 countries which are generally Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Romania and the Scandinavian countries. There are different business models used by Corendon Airlines for transportation of passengers and fleets from one country to another. These are the full charter, sub-charter, split charter and wet lease business models. Corendon Airline uses various airports as its base beside Antalya in Turkey, Hannover and Nurnberg in Germany. As on 2021, Corendon Airlines have started its business operations from Dusseldorf in Germany, Basel in Switzerland and London in UK. Presently, the Corendon Airlines is emphasizing on the UK Schedule for its summer flights in 2022. They have planned to operate with 41 flights per week for five airports in United Kingdom and five destinations in Greek island. Further, Corendon has recommended approximately for release of over 500000 seats for its flight to Turkey. Further, Corendon airlines is adding more destinations like Antalya (AYT), Glasgow (GLA), Birmingham (BHX) and Newcastle (NCL). Also, the flights from the new destination will take off twice per week (Ahlgren, 2021).
Airlines' Business Strategy for Operations
The first aim of Corendon Airline is to increase the revenue from the seat portion by approximately 75% by the end of financial year 2025. Further, Corendon Airlines offers seat only services as well as short term wet-lease out operations combined with full charter flights in Netherlands as well as for its global destinations. Further, it’s the responsibility of Corendon Airlines to implement a strategy which is aimed at using the state-of-art technology and implementing the same in an efficient manner. Therefore, the strategies which must be emphasized by Corendon Airlines will be based on the following factors and must be aimed towards enhancing the value of the aviation industry:
Firstly, Corendon must focus on its passenger’s safety and handling the luggage with care. This is the sole responsibility of the aviation company. There have been policies laid down by the aviation sector which emphasizes in the safety of the passengers. Further, there is a safety management system for all the airlines company. Therefore, a high level of safety is definite through the process of continuous upgradation for prevention of accidents and any incident which can result in loss of lives of passengers as well as damage of properties.
Secondly, there is necessity to reduce the red tape and various other burdens which are administrative in nature and can hamper the smooth business operations of Corendon. Hence, there is necessity for full collaboration and partnerships of Corendon airlines with various government and aviation sector of various countries for minimization of costs required for implementation of the safety measures. Often bureaucracy is suffocating in nature which ultimately leads to weak management structure which is unable to undergo the change management program (Wilkinson, 2021).
Thirdly, the accidents and unfortunate air incidents are points of learning and experiences for the airline companies. The accidents which negatively impacts the airline services as well as the aviation companies must be avoided at any cost. There are various types of transportation for travelling from one place to another but its is transit from one place to another which air travel is considered as a safest mode of transportation. Hence, it is the obligation of the air travelling airliner to relearn from the mistakes, the events which are still in existing mishaps and faults and reduce the occurance of such events.
Airline Route and Pricing
Corendon Airline is a Turkish registered airliner with its head office in Antalya, Turkey. Further, the airlines company operates its flights from the routes such as Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Berlin, Hanover, Brussels, Lyon, Paris and Basel. The airline operates in 36...

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