Assessment Description Students are to pick a real organisation of their choice that is either privately or publicly owned. It should be of interest or relevance to their industry sector, job role...

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Assessment Description

Students are to pick a real organisation of their choice that is either privately or publicly owned. It should be of interest or relevance to their industry sector, job role and/or MBA specialisation. Note, the organisation you pick should also be used in Assessment 2.

Assuming the role of an organisational consultant, students are to apply their strategic thinking skills by researching the organisation and analysing the factors that clearly identify and explain its competitive advantage.

Findings should be presented in a video which provides an overview in a form and tone that is presentable to the organisations executive team. It should be 15 minutes long and contain 10 to 15 slides that assist the executive to understand the findings presented.

Areas covered should include:

  • Introduction.

  • A brief overview of the organisation.

  • An analysis of the external and internal environment using appropriate theories and


  • Clear articulation of the competitive advantage identified.

  • A diagnosis of the strengths, weaknesses, sources and future sustainability of the

    competitive advantage outlined.

  • A conclusion that identifies strategic opportunities and risks.

    Students are encouraged to use a wide variety of information sources that include, where possible, primary research such as interviews with staff or executive members within their chosen organisation.

    Students are encouraged to explore and utilise features of webinar technologies and to include a wide range of multimedia and/or interactive content that is in appropriate for a presentation to an executive.

    Students will be provided with guidance on the LMS on how to submit their webinar through Vimeo.

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PowerPoint Presentation
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The company Wesfarmers started its operations in the year 1914
Wesfarmer is Australian based company, Robert Scott is the CEO of the company
Micheal Chaney is the chariman of the company
Mission of the company is focused on satisfactory return to the stakeholders
Moran than 220,000 employees are working the company
Wesfarmers Limited had its origins in 1914 as a Western Australian farmers' cooperative. Wesfarmers has since grown into one of Australia’s largest listed companies with diverse operations covering supermarkets, department stores, home improvement and office supplies, coal mining, insurance, energy and fertilizers and industrial and safety products.
The headquarters of the company is situated in Perth
The company purchased Coles group in 2007 A$ 22 billion
Largest successful takeover in Australian history
The company is providing services in different parts of the world
Wesfarmers is one of the leading organizations in Australia, and as a 102 year old organization, Wesfarmers has been dominating the retail market of Australia as well as New Zealand. Besides, the organization, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, the organization deals with the production of fertilizers, chemicals, industrial products and many more.
Growth Enablers of Wesfarmers
Outstanding people
Commercial excellence
Empowering culture (Biddle 2017)
Social responsibility
Robust financial capacity
The importance of environmental analysis of an organization cannot be overemphasized. It helps an organization to comprehend and analytically evaluate the strategies necessary for the survival and growth of an organization. As far as Wesfarmers is concerned, the internal analysis of the organization will help it in identifying the factors within the organization that can enable the organization enjoy sustainable competitive advantage.
Political Factors
Restrictive working hours
Rules and regulations of government
Risk of military invasion
Economical Factors
ency Fluctuations
Low growth rate for industry
Wage cost and inflation rate
The decisions taken by the government is directly...

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