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Title- Self-Assessment for qualities of a Leade
Subject Code: MAN201
Subject Name: Organisational Behaviou
Assessment Title: Assessment 2 - Written Report
Weighting: 40%
Total Marks: 40
Length: 1500 words (+/- 10%)
Due Date: Week 10 15.55 AEST - via Turnitin
Executive Summary
Self-reflection is one of the most effective ways to improve oneself. In view of this fact, I have performed four different evaluations of my personality and assessed it keeping in view my goal of becoming a successful leader and manager. These four tests are- Myers Briggs Profile, Costa & McCrae Big 5 Personality Traits, McClelland Needs Analysis and Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. My personality assessment shows that I am a highly extroverted individual who is open, creative and goal-driven. My focus on the future and initiative to take control are good qualities for leadership. However, since I am so focussed on my goals, I often compromise on my friends or teams opinions. I also tend to overlook planning as my decisions are usually spontaneous. As a result, I have come up with a SMART plan to overcome these weaknesses.
Table of contents
1. Title Page
2. Executive Summary
3. Table of contents
4. Introduction
5. Review of findings
6. Critical Analysis and Reflection
7. SMART Action Plan
8. Conclusion
9. References
Self-Assessment for qualities of a Leade
Self-reflection and self-evaluation are very important for personal growth. While we gets evaluated by different people throughout our lives, it results in little improvement. Self-evaluation on the other hand, helps us grow. It helps us understand who we are and what we can accomplish. In addition, it helps us work on our weaknesses and develop our strengths in order to achieve personal and professional goals. Self-evaluation also leaves no scope for bias since we cannot be judgemental about ourselves. Self-evaluation helps us in developing a critical eye and instead of delving in self-satisfaction, it helps us develop self-criticism to improve and become a better person (Andrade & Valtcheva, 2009).
In the light of these varied benefits of self-evaluation, I have undertaken four self-assessment tests to help me understand myself better and focus on my strengths and work on my weaknesses to become a good leader.
Review of findings
After performing the four tests I was able to draw out several conclusions regarding my personality. I understand that I am a bold, outgoing person who likes to socialize and have fun with others. This knowledge was reinforced with the different tests that I undertook. Myers Briggs profile showed me that I am an ESFP type. The ESFP type people love having fun and mingling with others. They also love excitement and are spontaneous and impulsive.
The Big Five personality Test showed that I am highly Extraverted and Open. I am not afraid to express my opinion and am thus a little less agreeable than I should be. I have a fairly good level of conscientiousness and my Neuroticisim levels are low which I believe is a good thing since I am almost always in control of my senses and emotions.
On the Mclelland Scale my results proved that I am not the power type of people who love to control others. Even though I love and enjoy being with groups and working with others, I love to prove my points and often get into arguments with others because of this nature.
Finally, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument shows that I am most competing followed by collaborative, and least compromising. So my competitiveness and collaborative nature are excellent for leadership (Sawalha, n.a.). However, I have to learn how to compromise and adjust with others’ opinion in order to be a leader who inspires rather than a leader who controls others.
On further research regarding leadership personalities I found that bold and outgoing people are good leaders. A study showed that bold leaders have an edge over leaders who are shy and reserved (Folkman, 2016). The following graph demonstrated this-
Critical analysis and Reflection
1- Myers Briggs Profile
Myers Briggs profiles show a person’s personality...

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