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Assessment Task 2: Digital Presentation & written report Task Rationale Communicating global health challenges to a general audience is pivotal to developing awareness of often complex global health issues. Therefore, for this assignment, you will create a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation and a short report on one global health problem in a country other than Australia. Assessment task: Digital presentation (30%) and Written report (10%) Instruction: The task is to create a digital presentation on one global health problem in a country other than Australia. Students are to explain the problem and then evaluate two factors that contributed to its development in the country. Students are also required to submit a short report using the template located on Learnline. Word limit: Presentation - 10 minutes (no word limit) Report – 500 words. Headings and in-text citations are included in the word count; the reference page is not (a word count that is outside the ±10% range will lead to a reduction of 10% of the total mark available for the assessment) Font (Written report):  Times New Roman 12 Line Spacing (Written report): 1.5 or double Reference system: APA 7th (minimum 5 credible references no older than ten years old) Header (Written report): Student ID (digits) no name, unit code Footer (Written report): page number File format/submission: Report: .doc or docx. To be submitted via Turnitin Presentation: any file format to be submitted via Turnitin Assessment criteria Knowledge Identify a contemporary global health problem and demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the issue in a country outside of Australia. Use current and relevant population data and global health-related statistics to show the significance of the chosen problem. Critical analysis Evaluate two key factors that have contributed to your chosen global health problem in the country you have selected. Argument Provide a logical and coherent argument that links the two factors to the global health problem in the country you have selected. Communication Communicate ideas coherently and logically, using language and terms that are used in global health reports. Academic conventions Use credible and reliable resources not older than ten years old. Use APA 7th to format in-text referencing and reference list. Presentation Organisation Create an organised and cohesive presentation with clear transitions between topics and slides. Language Use clear and easy to understand language which would be appropriate to an audience of peers Delivery Record yourself presenting. Use clear communication, good eye contact, and vocal tone to deliver a compelling and interesting presentation. Supporting Material Use a range of materials, For example, quotes, pictures, and diagrams, to support your presentation. Refer to important information to establish your understanding of the topic. Ensure all in-presentation referencing is in line with APA 7th. (no need to include a reference slide, this will be submitted separately) Global health report template Introduction/Background (100) Describe the global health challenge that forms the basis of the report and presentation. Provide background information of the country and relevant population information. Contributing factor 1 (150) Explain and evaluate one possible factor that has contributed to the healthcare challenge. Make clear links between the healthcare problems and the identified factor. Contributing factor 2 (150) Explain and evaluate one possible factor that has contributed to the healthcare challenge. Make clear links between the healthcare problems and the identified factor. Conclusion (100) Provide a conclusion to the report that reinforces the main arguments made. Do not introduce new information but use the reported information to clarify the problem and what has contributed to its development. References Use in-text referencing in CDU APA 7th to format in-text referencing and the reference list.
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Diabetes in USA
Diabetes is a long-term condition that impacts the way a human body metabolises energy from food. Diabetes occurs whenever
the human body does not generate proper insulin or does not use it as efficiently as it ought to. Excessive blood sugar remains in the blood system as a result of insufficient insulin or even when cells stop being responsive to insulin. This can culminate in serious health challenges, including cardiovascular ailments, visual impairment, and renal problems over time. Diabetes has afflicted around 37 million populace in the United States, and one in every five of them is incognizant of their ailment (Cousin et al., 2022). This paper emphasises diabetes in the USA and its contributing factors.
Contributing Factor 1
Obesity is among the most prevalent causative factors of diabetes, even though not every person who has it is overweight. Obesity rates in the USA have now exceeded 40 percent which is the highest level ever recorded. The obesity prevalence rate in the US is 42.4 percent, marking the first time the overall average has surpassed the 40 percent threshold and providing further evidence of the nation's obesity problem. As of 2008, the nationwide obesity prevalence rate has risen by 26 percent (Malone & Hansen, 2018).
Obesity increases the levels of NEFA, pro-inflammatory compounds, cytokines, glycerol, hormone levels, and other particles that contribute to the formation of insulin resistance. Diabetes develops as a result of impaired...

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