Assessment title Individual Report & Presentation (40%) Purpose, description and topics covered Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to:• Understand how the functions of management...

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Assessment title Individual Report & Presentation (40%) Purpose, description and topics covered Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to:• Understand how the functions of management areintegrated, as to ensure that goals and objectives are successfully achieved.Description: Presentation (15%)Topic – Each student is required to select a specific topic covered throughout the semester. The student can then focus upon a particular aspect of interest to them throughout their chosen topic. Each student must provide a 5- minute presentation on their findings loaded on to YouTube and be publicly available. The student is to use 2 to 3 slides with the link to the YouTube video pasted in the final slide (after the references). The slides need to be upload to the correct link on the portal.Students are expected to develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the most relevant points. PowerPoint slides must be user-friendly for your audience and must include a relevant example of an Australian company or organisation.Description: Report (25%)Each student must also submit a 1,200-word report in accordance with their presentation. Further details will be discussed; However, the report must address (at a minimum) the following questions:1. Identification and detailed description of the relevant topic.2. How is the chosen topic relevant to the importance oforganisational success?3. What are the most significant elements relating to thisparticular topic?4. Outline and discuss in detail a relevant example of anAustralian company or organisation to illustrate the importance of this topic.Topics to be covered:• Each student can select their own topic from the topics we cover in this unit. Assessment length 1,200 words +/- 10% – Business report format. The word length does not include the title page, executive summary or any appendices.You will need to use at least 5 references
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Executive Summary
The identified element of business management that is an essential aspect of the organizational operation is the aspect of leadership. Leadership is one of the key determinants associated with the success and failure of any organization. This study examines the effect of leadership on organizational performance. Leadership is an important aspect of management in the organization. This particular report focuses on the importance of leadership on organizational success and its effect on business management. This particular topic in business management has been discussed with a relevant example. Woolworths Group has been considered for discussing the aspect of leadership and its influence on organizational performance.
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Importance of Leadership in Organizational Success    4
Significance of Leadership in Business Management    5
Leadership in Woolworths    6
Conclusion    7
Reference    8
The aspects of leadership can be significantly over-emphasized in business management. It plays a significant role to offer direction and strategies for achieving organizational success. Leadership is an important element of business management that requires to be effectively implemented to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the company. Regardless of the other factors in the organization, it is true that an efficient leadership aspect in an organization drives the company and determines the success of the business. Therefore, leadership is identified as one of the relevant elements in business management that influence the activities of the business and the individuals towards the attainment of the documented goals in an organization. It is evident to mention that the aspects of leadership in the business is the soul of management which drives and determines the direction and the growth of the organization. So, if things are contemplated in a distinct manner leadership can be expressed as the capability of a company's management that initiates decisive actions to outperform the competition in the business.
Importance of Leadership in Organizational Success
Leadership is an important element of business management that initiates and improves the efficiency of organizational operations to achieve business goals. Effective leadership in an organization drives the subsequent resources in the business to improve efficiency and achieve strategic goals of the business. The aspect of leadership search to be extremely crucial for the business organization as it provides a vision for the company. It is evident to recognize the skills and capabilities of a leader in an organization who harnesses the individual efforts in the business towards a collective goal (Alharthi & Kahlifa, 2019). Moreover, it is the collective actions of the leaders that help the business to achieve the excellence and collective goals of the employees and the organization. Leadership has a direct cause-and-effect relationship with organizational success. It is through effective leadership that the aspect of organizational values, culture, and shape of the organizational strategies are...

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