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Watch the followingLinkedIn Learning Videosto help you with the assignments in this Unit.

The CEO and CIO in your company wants to propose a new information system that may have a strategic impact on the business. They believe that by gathering data on competitors' customers, the business will gain a significant competitive advantage. You are the primary lead when applying technology to the business and you have been asked for your opinion about this new opportunity.

Write a 4 page summary of your opinion on this idea, addressing the following questions:

  • What would the advantages and disadvantages of the information system be?
  • Identify the type of information system this would represent.
  • What ethical problems might this type of system introduce? Provide at least XXXXXXXXXXexamples of potential problems.
  • Address this type of information system with respect to how organizational decision making might be impacted.
  • Does it matter whether the customers are individuals or businesses? Why or why not?

Make sure your paper is written in the APA style and include a cover page and references page, neither of which count towards the page length requirement. Support your opinion and any arguments you make with sources. Although you are expressing your opinion, it is also a critical business communication. You are to write in the third person and use an academic tone, avoiding casual embellishment or emotional appeal.

Refer to theGrading Rubricfor this assignment.

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Deepti answered on Oct 26 2021
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The type of Information System that should be used in the given scenario is a Knowledge Management System for executive support. The executive system shall manage all the required information about the customers of competitors needed for enterprise leaders to monitor the competition, track performance and identify the growth opportunities. The system shall store and extract information to help the company’s stakeholders enhance their knowledge and optimize collaboration efforts to complete the process of monitoring the competitor’s customers. It will be used by the employees, management and other stakeholders involved in the company. The selected information system shall provide intuitive access to external information required by workers who need outside knowledge about the competitor’s customers to evaluate its growth and enhance its own business. The KMS shall help the company create better products, develop better strategies, improve profitability, reuse existing skill and expertise, increase operational efficiency and staff productivity, recognize market trends and competitor’s growth analysis and benchmark against competitor. The advantages that the selected KMS shall offer are
· It will improve the company’s agility.
· It will help in faster problem solving and better decision making
· It shall support employee growth and development
· Specialist shall be able to share knowledge and facilitate decision making.
· It will help in improving business processes and establish better communication.
The challenges of the KMS shall be
· Finding ways to efficiently capture the information about the competitor’s customers.
· Making information and resources easy to locate. It is also challenge into keep the data accurate and authentic in nature.
· Motivating the stakeholders to share, reuse and apply knowledge. Overpowering organization culture challenges and developing a new culture in line with KM that em
aces learning, changing, sharing and improving becomes a challenge with technology.
· Implementing and aligning the knowledge with overall goals and...

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