Details of Assessment2 (IndividualEssay) Topic: Finding and analysing the association of International HR practices with the successful completion of foreign assignment of expatriates in two...

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Assignment for International Human Resource Management

Details of Assessment2 (IndividualEssay) Topic: Finding and analysing the association of International HR practices with the successful completion of foreign assignment of expatriates in two multinational organisations. Purpose: This is an individual assessment that allows students to demonstrate their ability to research, critically analyse trends and issues in international HRM in modern multinational/global organisation, and to identify how and why an organisation can benefit from applying best practice standards both financially and non-financially, taking into account stakeholder concerns. The assessment also allows students to further develop their essay writing and professional communication skills. This assessment relates to Learning Outcomes a, b, and c. Essay Task Details: Individual Essay – 2500 + 10% words Task 1 Identify five (5) journal articles that match the first five topics of this unit. · That is, you must find one journal article per topic: 1. Introduction toIHRM 2. Cultural Context ofIHRM 3. Organisational Context ofIHRM, 4. Cross-BorderMergers&Acquisitions, and 5. SourcingHumanResourcesfor GlobalMarkets. You should search the library databases via the online ‘advanced search’ function of the IMC library. Task 2 2. Write a short 250 words introduction discussing why the external factors are important to organisational decision making. The introduction is 250 words in total not 250 words per article. Task 3 3. Write approximately 400 words per journal article that: a. Defines the main external factor being discussed in the journal article, b. Discusses the new findings in relation to the internal factor, and c. Highlights what these findings mean for managers in organisations. Task 4 4. Write a short 250 words conclusion recommending one specific contextual factor as most important to the global business organisation; Google. Explain your reasoning. Task 5 5. Write a reference list correctly: · It must use the Harvard referencing style. The work should be in the format of a business Essay following the academic style.The Essay must contain: · Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Sections and Sub Sections Covering Part A Questions (You Must Choose Suitable Headings) 3. Sections and Sub Sections Covering Part B Questions (You Must Choose Suitable Headings) 4. Recommendations/Conclusion 5. List of References That Align with Approved Referencing Format 6. Appendices as required The group report will be marked based on the criteria listed below and in the assessment rubric: Analysis 35% Research – extent and application 35% Recommendations/conclusions 20% Presentation 10% Total mark will be scaled to a mark out of 25. It is very important to note that research is a key criterion that will influence the mark you earn. Research is considered appropriate when students develop the report by using peer-reviewed journal articles. While using a minimum of twelve (12) journal articles is expected, students will only achieve a top mark in their research component when they use between sixteen (16) and twenty (20) research sources. Please note that many of the references you use must come from peer reviewed journal articles and that these articles should not be the same as the ones provided in the textbook and tutorials. Furthermore, please note that using WIKIPEDIA and other online encyclopedia is not allowed and may result in being given a fail grade for the work. If you need help in finding suitable sources for the work, please seek assistance by booking an appointment with a librarian.
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Table of Contents
Task 1    3
Introduction to IRHM    3
Cultural Context of IHRM    3
Organisational Context of IHRM    3
Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions    4
Sourcing Human Resources for Global Markets    4
Task 2    4
Importance of External Factors    4
Task 3    5
Discussion of External Factors in Journal Article    5
Discussion of Internal Factor
in Journal Article    6
What these Findings Mean Managers in Organisation    7
Task 4    8
Conclusion    8
References    10
Task 1
Introduction to IRHM
Human Resource Management (HRM) is the process of managing the decision and practices that will directly affect the employees who work for the organisation. As HRM is the strategic approach to the most valued assists because it will totally depend on HRM that the people working there will contribute to the achievement of the objective of the business or not. The role of HRM is to employing people, developing capacities, maintaining, utilising and managing their services in corresponding to the organisational requirement.
On the other hand, International Human Resource Management (IHRM) is the process of effectively utilising human resources, allocating and procuring in a multinational corporation while even making an approach to a foreign location that is why it is international human resource management. In the paper by Edwinah (2021), it is clearly mentioned that the main objective of IHRM is to reduce cultural risk. In that paper, it is also mentioned that another objective of IHRM is to help in overcoming the inter-continental culture by making people work from the different countries of the world under the same roof and even help to manage diversifies the human capital. It also helps in reducing the business risk by using the proper selection criteria and procedure.
Cultural Context of IHRM
The cultural context of IHRM is often dependent on the particularities of IHRM. For a very long time, the cultural context was very similar to national cultural values that were investigated in prominent intercultural studies conducted by the globe. As mentioned in the paper by Schotter, Meyer and Wood (2021), this can lead to a very intensive research program and an oversimplification of a topic during teaching.
For example, the very famous game Moving Tomorrow is a serious game developed at ESCP business school that was primarily dependent on the experimental learning theory. In a storytelling design, these contexts use the key concept that is relevant to a cultural context where students have to take a decision on how the story will be pan out. Schotter, Meyer and Wood (2021) have also mentioned that the overall purpose of the game is that the learner will get the diversity and understand the implication of IHRM.
Organisational Context of IHRM
The organisational context of IHRM is often dependent on the components of an organisation of IHRM. The environmental factor of an organisation is the main thing that will affect the organisation. Apart from this, the employee of an organisation is also the important factor that will come under the organisational context. As opined by Fesharaki and Sehhat (2018), in the paper, it is to be noted that the whole organisation will depend on the efforts the employees are putting and the efforts of an organisation will depend on the satisfaction the employee will get from the organisation.
The more the organisation will satisfy their employee, the more the employee will happily contribute their effort to an organisation. Fesharaki and Sehhat (2018) have also cited that another important organisational context is a team leader of an organisation. If the team leader is good ten, only the ember of the team will work hard to show their best in the organisation.
Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions
The two terms that are cross border merger and acquisition is very important in an IHRM (International Human Resource Management). The cross-border merger is a term used to merge two companies located in a different country that resulted in a third company. As informed by Perrine (2018), in their paper that, a cross border merger involved the merging of an Indian company with a foreign country or company or a vice-versa. A company in one country can be acquired by another company that is too from other countries. The local company can be a private, public, or state-owned company. The cross-border merger and acquisition is mainly acquisition by a foreign investor.
Sourcing Human Resources for Global Markets
As informed by Willcocks, Lacity and Craig (2017), in their paper, sourcing human resources for a global market is the selection procedure, staffing and recruitment process. This includes the approaches to staffing ethnocentric (PCNs are involved), polycentric (HCNs manage subsidiaries), geocentric (ability is more important than nationality) and Region centric (similar to geocentric but limited to the region).
Task 2
Importance of External Factors
In organisational decision-making, there are many numbers of external factors that can affect the process of decision-making and what ultimately, we decide. Some of them are: 
Political Factor:
The political factor can affect organisational decision making in many ways. No matter that politics is on a smaller scale or large scale, it will ultimately affect the organisational decision-making. If a political party...

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