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Assignment Instruction 1. Complete a procurement plan for the project described in the case study below.   2. Do not use a template from an external source.   3. Use can use external sources (but your e-text is preferred) to develop your understanding of the project procurement process. E-text a. Harold Kerzner – Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling (12th ed) b. PMBOK® Guide 4. Create a professional looking document that includes table of contents, and bibliography. APA standards must be followed.  Case Study Your organization strongly supports the goals of the United Nations' PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education). The organization has begun its first PRME project, a high priority and highly visible initiative. You have been named project manager. The project will identify and establish ongoing relationships with corporate partners worldwide. The partnerships will promote the development, transfer, dissemination and diffusion of environmentally sound educational technologies to developing countries on favorable terms, including concessional and preferential terms, as mutually agreed. Educational technology for this project will be a content delivery platform for elementary and secondary school organizations. D2L that our college uses is an example of this technology. It is expected that several partners will be required to fulfill all the needs of the school organizations. Preference will be given to partners in developing nations, partners with visible minorities and women as the majority shareholders. Partners should be ready to work with school organizations on January 1, 2024. Partners may have one or more of the following responsibilities. · Develop and build educational technologies. · Customize technology to fit the needs of the school organization. · Install the technology in the school system. · Train teachers in how to use the technology in their first language. · Create training materials for students. · Deliver periodic upgrades to the technology as well as ongoing user support. The procurement plan will address some of these following questions: How much procurement will be necessary? Will we make some of the products or purchase all of them? Will we use open bidding or from a preferred supplier list? What evaluation criteria will be used to score the proposals?
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Preparing a Procurement Plan        2
Table of Contents
Procedure    3
References    6
The project manager would make a procurement plan that i
ncluded goals, focuses, a time span, undertakings, a spending plan, and a gamble-the-load-up approach. The following stage is to recognize appropriate accomplices who are qualified and have the essential abilities to complete the recorded undertakings. Subsequent to making and conveying an RFP to possible associates, the best assistant or accessories would be picked. An understanding would frame the project's fundamental suppositions as well as the jobs of the two members. The technology would then turn into an indispensable piece of cooperative exertion with the accomplice, adjust to the requirements of the school, and be coordinated into the structure (Buor, 2019). Furthermore, they would give informative assets to teachers and understudies and backers for continuous client service and enhancements. While watching out for the project's advancement, the project manager would likewise survey the accomplice's performance.
Encouraging a project plan is the project manager's most persevering task. As a general rule, this association ought to remember the project's timetable, errands, spending plan, and hazard the board plan. All choice standards for potential associates ought to be incorporated. The project plan will furnish the project manager with a guide for successfully finishing the project. The subsequent stage is to find potential accomplices who meet the prerequisites and have the essential ranges of abilities to do the framed undertakings. It will be best in the interest to use a open bidding process for getting their supplies because suppliers are...

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