Assignment Three: Case study report –mixed media Value: 40% of the total marks for the unit Length: 2000 words, or 5-6 minute video, or audio-narrated powerpoint of 10-15 slides, or photo essay...

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Assignment Three: Case study report –mixed media

Value: 40% of the total marks for the unit

Length: 2000 words, or 5-6 minute video, or audio-narrated powerpoint of 10-15 slides, or photo essay supported with 500 words

Due: Week 12

Task description

Attend the event nominated in Assignment 2( With in Melbourne in April-May 2019).

Briefly describe the event – name, date, location and venue, and attendance numbers and demographics.

Describe and critically analyse the positive and negative impacts of the event utilising the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line approach.

Describe and discuss how the event’s program elements related to the aims and objectives identified in Assignment Two.

Describe and discuss the marketing of the event and how the promoted experience related to the actualisation and attainment of its aims and objectives (include actual audience details – numbers, demographic composition).

Provide recommendations for future activities which clearly identify issues relevant to event management.

The task is a report on the event nominated in Assignment Two that uses the triple bottom line approach to identify and critically analyse - the attainment of the events aims and objectives; the positive and negative economic, environmental, sociocultural impacts of the event; and recommendations which clearly identify issues relevant to the event management.

The evaluation report should use creativity in the approach to the task style.

The assignment may be presented as a 2000 word essay, or a 5-6 minute video, or an audio-narrated powerpoint of 10-15 slides, or a photo essay supported with 500 words. The process for submission of this assessment will depend upon the format chosen and prior negotiation with the tutor is required.

Please note:This is an independent, self-directed assessment task and therefore students will be responsible for attending, negotiating any permissions if appropriate, their own transportation and any expenses incurred.

It is understood that more than one student will attend the same event. In fact it is recommended that an overseas student teams up with a local student for the event evaluation for assistance with language and cultural differences. In such cases, students can share the evaluation processes of observation, surveying, and recording, but should take great care that they do not duplicate each other’s findings, evaluation and analysis, and recommendations. In instances where identical or very similar work is submitted the tutor will ask each student to explain how the similarities occurred.

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Table of Contents
Details of the Attended Event    3
Positive and Negative Impacts of the Event    3
Event’s Programme Elements relating to Aims and Objectives    4
Marketing of the Event Achieving its Aims and Objectives    5
Recommendations for Future Activities    6
References    8
Details of the Attended Event
Considering the conditions of choosing an event that had taken place within 26 April to 20 May 2019, in Melbourne Australia, The Good Beer Week Festival, which in 2019 has reached 8th year of the cele
ation, has been chosen for the cu
ent discussion sections. The event started on 10th May 2019 and it ended on 19th May 2019, offering 10 days of excellent beer festival on international levels. The event was hosted at the venue of Festival Hub Beer Deluxe Federation Square in Melbourne. Considering the sheer size, scale and duration of the festival, it is assumed that nearly 10,000 people visited the Good Beer Week Festival. As it is a beer festival, which majorly deals in the selling of alcoholic beverages, the demographic of the event mainly consistent of young adult, middle aged and elderly people, from both gender, although the majority of the people being male. I attended all the activities of the festivals for four days straight, but could not attend the day long events on all tend days. However, I gathered information from my friends and also by attaining a part of the event on regular basis.
Positive and Negative Impacts of the Event
Starting with the positive aspects of Good Beer Week Festival, it is seen that in the event, the
eweries range from all sizes and nature, which gives equal exposure to the entire beer industry in Australia, giving a platform for international showcasing of the beers, their flavours, aroma and quality. The offering of the same platform, which allows local
eweries to share their space with big and established
ewery giants, the scope of sustainability, is increased. As stated by Ben Youssef et al. (2018), as all business organisations are given equal treatment and scope for showcasing their offering to the potential customer bases in festivals or in events, the market competition is sustained, as the big organisations learn from the smaller and more innovative offerings, while the new businesses, follow the style of bigger organisations to strive for betterment.
In terms of the aspect of Triple Bottom Line Approach (TBL approach), Good Beer Week Festival is seen to perform positively as the event, based on its wide offering and unique cultural approach generates a lot of revenue, which it earns from selling tickets, charging a price on selected products and selling merchandises. During the event, my friends and I tasted dozens of types of beer, which were given to us for free, while for selected beers, we were charged and we had to buy the tickets to visit the venue. I ended up buying a couple of t-shirts, on which the name of the event was printed and was sold as a souvenir of the event. The event gathered people not only from Melbourne, but also from other parts of the country as well as international countries, which promoted social integrity development. As explained by Hansen (2018), as the local and faraway
eweries got recognition from the events their profiting scope and market traction increased, which gave the social sections, higher monetary flow, helping in development. In terms of the environmental aspect, it can be observed that Good Beer Week Festival promoted environment friendly business approach, which promoted higher dedication and awareness about environment aspect of
eweries, including the use of the waste, nutritional value, bottle recycling and reduction of ca
on footprints, which made positive impact on the environmental perspective.
Despite the promotion of an equal platform, the bigger
eweries have higher capacity of making their stalls more lucrative, which I personally felt outshined the smaller
eweries and reduced the scope of sustainable competition in the market to a considerable degree. In terms of the consideration of financial aspect, I felt that the number of foreign visitors visiting the place and the quantity of beer they consumed hinted at an improper assumption of...

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