bid your hometown assignment i will send you all docs needed for the assessment, i am from Calgary Alberta that is my hometown, there is two portions to the assignments, which are a presentation and a...

bid your hometown assignment i will send you all docs needed for the assessment, i am from Calgary Alberta that is my hometown, there is two portions to the assignments, which are a presentation and a strategic part, I will send you the document which you have to pick from which you bid

Blackfalds Wranglers Provincial Junior B Championship Proposal.docx 2020 Hockey Alberta Jr. B Provincial Championship Host Proposal Table of Contents A) Community Overview 4 B) Host Committee 9 Host Organizing Committee Structure 9 Host Committee Organizational Chart 11 Host Committee Critical Path 11 C) Business Plan 12 Ticket Sales Strategy 12 Sponsorship Opportunities 12 D) Operational Plan 13 Facilities 13 Blackfalds Multi-Plex Photos 15 Lacombe - Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex 16 Hotel Accommodations 18 Transportation 19 Grant Funding 19 Media services and support 19 Webcasts 19 Photography 19 Accreditation 20 Security 20 Special Events 20 VIP Hospitality 20 Medical Services 21 Emergency Services 21 Volunteers 21 Merchandise 22 Past Events/Championships 22 Anthem Singer 23 Game Music 23 Protocol 23 Appendix A: Sample Budget 24 Appendix B: Hockey Alberta Referee Rates 25 Appendix C: Schedules 26 Appendix D: Arena Safety Checklist 27 Appendix E: Bid Guidelines Checklist 28 Appendix F: Host Application Form 29 A) Community Overview Invitation to Blackfalds The Blackfalds Wranglers are delighted to submit a bid to host the 2020 Hockey Alberta Jr. B Provincial Championship. We deem that we can host an outstanding and well-organized event that will exceed the expectations of all who are involved. We have a great facility with the capacity for fans, spectators, and teams. Blackfalds is sure to leave a positive lasting effect on everyone who visits. Host Team The Blackfalds Wranglers 2006-07 HJHL Champions 2008-09 Finished 1st in North 2009-10 HJHL Champions 2010-11 First Place in North 2011-2012 First Place in North 2012-2013 First Place in North 2013-14 First Place in North 2014-15 First Place in North The following letters of support also highlight Blackfalds, Lacombe, and the surrounding area. B) Host Committee Our host committee will consists of respectful personnel that will help run the tournament efficiently. We will be working to get other volunteers from the community and area to help us out as well. Blackfalds is excited about the support the community will bring out to each game. We feel confident that we are very capable of presenting the 2020 Junior B Championship. Host Organizing Committee Structure The Wranglers 2020 organizing committee will consist of different roles and responsibilities. Each role is important and needed in the help to running a successful tournament. Host Committee Chairperson Responsible for overseeing all operations of the event in conjunction with the Steering Committee, chair all Host Committee meetings, and ensure that all timelines are followed. The Host Committee Chairperson will also attend all Steering Committee meetings. Facilities Chairperson Responsible for overseeing all facility requirements in the Blackfalds Multi-Plex. The Facilities Chairperson will work closely with the Town of Blackfalds to ensure that the arena, meeting rooms, and all Blackfalds Multi-Plex amenities are in working order and ready for the event. Publicity and Promotion Chairperson Responsible for overseeing all marketing and media relations regarding website, media relations, and marketing of the event. Finance Chairperson Responsible for overseeing the overall budget and finances during the entirety of the event. This person will be responsible for preparing and finalizing a budget for the Western Canadian Junior B Championship. This person will also be responsible for looking after all monies during the entirety of the event. This person will also provide Hockey Alberta, the Blackfalds Wranglers, and the Town of Blackfalds with detailed budgets outlining where all monies were received and distributed. Catering / Banquet / Hotel Chairperson Responsible for overseeing all catering, banquet, and hotel requirements. This person will work with the prospective host hotels and find the best accommodations for the visiting teams. This person will also oversee the banquet organization and implementation. Ground Transportation Chairperson Responsible for overseeing the necessary transportation requirements for all dignitaries. Minor Officials Chairperson Responsible for overseeing all minor officials and the duties required Programs and Souvenir Sales Chairperson Responsible for overseeing all program and souvenir marketing, sales, and storage. Opening and Closing Chairperson Responsible for overseeing the 2020 Western Canadian Junior B Championship opening and closing ceremonies. This person will work closely with the Facilities Chairperson to ensure all resources needed to successfully conduct the ceremonies are on hand. Games Control Chairperson Responsible for overseeing that all parties involved are following game and conduct policies, both on and off the ice. Equipment / Storage / Displays Chairperson Responsible for overseeing the safe storage and handling of all equipment and displays. This person will organize all storage needs at the Blackfalds MultiPlex or an alternate site. Registration / Accreditation Chairperson Responsible for overseeing the accreditation process and ensuring that all participants, Host Committee members, and dignitaries are easily identifiable to the general public. Secretary Responsible for ensuring all Host Committee meetings are documented and the minutes are accurate and forwarded to the Host Branch, Steering Committee, and members of the Host Committee. Host Committee Organizational Chart Host Committee Critical Path Nov 6, 2018 Deadline for all big packages (Hard copy and Electronic version) Jan 1, 2019 Host site announced and aware Feb 1, 2019 Committee chairs are all confirmed. Contracts with hotels signed off Mar 18 - Sep 18, 2019 Monthly committee meetings Oct 1, 2019 Sponsorship drive starts Jan 19 - Feb 19, 2020 Committee meetings become weekly Mar 15, 2020 Sponsors are now finalized Mar 20, 2020 Final program draft finalized Apr 1, 2020 Set up for tournament Apr 2-5, 2020 Junior B Provincial Tournament Apr 8, 2020 Celebrate achievements of a successful tournament C) Business Plan Ticket Sales Strategy Adults: Event Pass $40.00 (access to all games including medal games) Day Pass $15.00 Round Robin Game $7.00 Semis and Medal Games $10.00 Seniors, Students and Youth: Event Pass $30.00 (access to all games including medal games) Day Pass $10.00 Round Robin Game $5.00 Semis and Medal Games $7.00 Family: Event Pass (2 adults, 2 youth) $75.00 (access to all games including medal games) Sponsorship Opportunities The Blackfalds Wranglers intention for sponsorship is to create packages of varying sizes so that a variety of businesses, big or small, are able to contribute if they desire to. There will also be opportunities for individual sponsorships. Title Sponsor: $1500 (4) $6000 Front or back page full colour ad Sponsor display at main entrance listing as title sponsor 6 whole event ticket packages Primary Sponsor: $1000 (5) $5000 Full page ad Sponsor display at main entrance 4 whole event ticket packages Secondary Sponsor: $500 (15) $7500 ½ page ad Sponsor display at main entrance 2 whole event ticket packages Tertiary Sponsor: $250 (20) $5000 ¼ page ad Sponsor display at main entrance 1 whole event ticket package Player of the game sponsor $1500 Volunteer apparel sponsor $1500 Tournament puck sponsor $1000 The Blackfalds Wranglers will ensure that sponsors do not conflict with hockey alberta sponsors, and obtain a list of them to ensure no duplication. D) Operational Plan Facilities Our highly used facility seats 650+ spectators, and has standing space on both ends of the rink to hold approximately an additional 100 people. The Blackfalds Multi-Plex also has wheelchair accessible seating, and and a view of the rink from the lobby. Some additional benefits at our arena include five spacious dressing rooms, one large referee room, a concession, SK8 Shack, banquet room, Ag Room and wireless internet. The banquet room has a VIP room that overlooks the ice surface. The room is equipped with couches, coffee tables, and a television mounted on the wall. The Ag Room, like the banquet room, overlooks the ice surface and includes a boardroom table with seats for 20 people, although it can be adjusted to fit smaller groups. It is accessible from the banquet room by a stairwell. There is also a sink, bar fridge, and separate washrooms in the Ag Room. Both, the banquet room and Ag room are perfect to host special guests or dignitaries. We will also utilize the Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex in Lacombe which includes two ice surfaces. The facility had major renovations done to it that began in April 2016. The arena will be hosting the Allan Cup in 2019 Blackfalds Multi-Plex Photos Lacombe - Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex Hotel Accommodations Hotels in Blackfalds Microtel 6021 Parkwood Road, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M 0J0, CA 1 km from Blackfalds Multi-Plex 11.4 km from Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex Blackfalds Motor Inn 5201 Highway St, Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0 800m from Blackfalds Multi-Plex 10.7 km from Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex Hotels in Lacombe Best Western Lacombe 4751 63 Street , Lacombe, AB T4L 1K7 11.5 km from Blackfalds Multi-plex 2.1 km from Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex Greenway Inn 5402 Hwy 2A, Lacombe Ab T4L 1A9 12.1 km from Blackfalds Multi-Plex 800m from Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex Country Club Inn 6205 50 Ave, Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1K7, Canada 11.1 km to Blackfalds Multi-Plex 1.6 km from Gary Moe Auto Group Sportsplex Hotels in Red Deer ● Radisson Hotel ● Best Western Plus Red Deer Inn and Suites ● Sandman Hotel ● Ramada Hotel and Suites ● Sheraton Hotel Transportation Blackfalds is located in a prime area with both Red Deer and Edmonton surrounding the town. Highway QE2 allows for easy access for all players and spectators attending. The cost related to travel is the responsibility of each participating team. This will be up to each team to decide on how they will be transporting back and forth from place to place. Grant Funding For this event we will research what Grants are available and apply if needed. Media services and support Local media will be showcasing our event. We will have a social media account that gets updated about everything going on during the tournament as well as scores and standings. We will also be asking surrounding towns for extra media coverage on the event. Our media partners include Sunny 94 Radio, Lacombe Globe and Lacombe Express, Webcasts It would be a goal of ours to have our games live streamed for the public. We would be open to finding independent providers that would help us make it available to broadcast our games. Photography As a town we would ask locally to the community if anyone would be interested that has experience with these kind of events. If need be, we would ask surrounding areas as well for a professional photographer. We can insure you that all photos will be easily accessible for the players and parents. Accreditation The Blackfalds Wranglers host committee will ensure that there are information packages provided to all teams, on-ice officials, media, VIPs and other dignitaries. We will also assure that all players, coaches, and VIPs have adequate identification during the tournament as well as game passes for our paying fans. Security There will be security present at all time throughout the tournament. They will monitor all the games. If there are any issues throughout the weekend security will take care of it. We want everyone attending to feel safe and most importantly to have fun! Special Events As a host team we will plan special events to take place throughout the weekend. This year we want to expand these special events outside the rink and get the community and fans involved. This will allow for a more upbeat environment. We want everyone of all ages to be able to participate. Some of the events that we would like to arrange are games/activities between intermissions, pancake breakfast, silent auctions, entertainment and fun activities for the children. VIP Hospitality There is a meeting area In the Blackfalds Arena that will be used for event hospitality. VIP's, Dignitaries and event volunteers will be accredited and provided passes that will allow into this restricted area. We will provide refreshment's, snacks and meals throughout the event. There will also be a meeting room provided for Branch Representatives, special guests and team managers. These areas will not be available to the general public. The town offers a variety of facilities, rooms and sites that are fitting for all events. In the Abbey Centre, 4500 Womacks Rd, there is: ● Abbey Centre- Centrally located in Alberta, the Abbey Centre offers fitness and fun for all ages with over 41,000 sq. ft. of indoor recreational opportunities. The hours for the centre are Mon - Fri | 5:30 am - 10:00 pm and Sat - Sun | 7:00 am - 10:00 pm ● Fitness Studio 1 is an ideal space for meetings or break out rooms for athletes. Capacity: 60 ● Fitness Studio 2 is the same as Fitness Studio 1 but only has a capacity of 30. All are available for rental. Medical Services Blackfalds does not have a hospital inside the town. But, this does not give Blackfalds less of a reason of hosting the 2020 Heritage Junior B Hockey Provincials. However, there is a hospital in Lacombe and the drive to Lacombe from Blackfalds is only about 10 minutes. Phone Number for Lacombe Hospital: (403) 782-3336 Address: 5430 47 Ave, Lacombe, AB T4L 1G8 Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre is a medical facility located in Red Deer, Alberta Phone Number for Red Deer Regional Hospital: (403) 343-4422 Address: 3942 50a Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 4E7 Ambulances and medical staff provide rides to hospital if needed. There will be trained medical staff in the buildings at the time of the games. Both arenas have risk management and safety plans that will be provided if the bid is a success. Emergency Services The RCMP of Blackfalds, Alberta (403) 885-3300 The address of the building is 4405 South St, Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0 Blackfalds Fire and Rescue (403) 885-4144 4401 South St, Blackfalds, AB T0M 0J0 Volunteers The town of Blackfalds is home to over 10000 people and has phenomenal residential and commercial opportunities. Our active and dynamic community has a strong focus on family values. Blackfalds has an outstanding volunteer base and several
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