Bonds and credit ratings : What is the most recent credit rating of Vanderbilt University (considered separately from its medical center)? Please give me the rating, which rating agency issued it, and...

Bonds and credit ratings:

What is the most recent credit rating of Vanderbilt University(considered separately from its medical center)? Please give me therating, which rating agency issued it, and the date of issue of therating (or the issue date for the bond on which the rating wasissued).

The Vanderbilt Medical Center was spun off from the University afew years ago and made to issue its own debt securities and raiseits own funds. To date, the spinoff apparently has been a financialsuccess. Same questions now for the Medical Center:

What is its credit rating, which agency issued the rating, andwhen was it issued?

Chapter 12 versus Chapter 8:

In Chapter 12, we were introduced to the Security MarketLine (also called the Capital Assets PricingModel), SML or CAPM. Using that formula, calculatethe Required Return on Equity (RE) for NationalHealth Corp. (NHC). Tell me the date and time, source of quotation,and stock price of NHC on the day that you looked up the NHCstatistics used in the SML/CAPM formula. What are the elements ofthat formula, and what were the values of each for NHC on the dateyou looked? Use the Treasury’s 10-year bond yield on the same dateto determine the risk-free rate (Rf).

In Chapter 8, we encountered variations of the Dividend growthmodel (DGM) or Gordon Growth Model and its formula(s)(see Question3 above). Using the data below, what should be the RequiredRate of Return (R) for Ford (F) shares as of XXXXXXXXXX?The answer may be different from the methodology used in Question5(a) because a formula with different elements is used. You mayround your answer to hundredths of a percent (e.g., 5.15percent).

Dividend just declared (D0): $0.60 annualized

Stock price today (P0): $11.34

Growth rate (g): 1.72 percent.

May 14, 2022

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