BUS 136 Salary Recommendation For this assignment, you will conduct research on a progressive occupation or your current position for 2020. The occupation/career should not be an entry level position...

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BUS 136 Salary Recommendation For this assignment, you will conduct research on a progressive occupation or your current position for 2020. The occupation/career should not be an entry level position but one that requires at least a high school diploma with two or more years of experience. This would mean the position requirements is comparable to an associate’s degree with no work experience. Salary recommendations are used to justify a salary to ensure that no inequity is within a department for same position, to offer a comparable salary based on the current market, and also based on education and experience of the new hire. Assume that you are a Human Resources Class and Compensation Director in City you selected, in South Carolina compiling the information to complete the salary comparison recommendation for a department within a company that has five (5) employees. You will be determining the salary recommendation for the hiring of the sixth employee for that department. Once you select the occupation or position you will compile information to complete the following: 1. Search the occupation/position title from the following websites: Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and O*Net Online (ONET). Make sure you look at information for the State of South Carolina as well as for the specific city or neighboring city (within 30 mile radius). You will use this as a basis for your recommendation. 2. Obtain the base (minimum and maximum) education requirements with work experience in years, and the salary range (base salary, median salary, and maximum salary). All salary should reflect the annual salary so if given monthly, weekly or hourly calculate the annual salary. 3. Create a MS Excel spreadsheet, merge and center the title “2020 Fall 2 BUS 136 Salary Recommendation ‘your last name’” across all columns with information. Do not select the entire row of the column headings. 4. Save your MS Excel file as 20FA2 BUS 136 “your last name” 5. In the MS Excel document beginning with ROW 3, create the below column headings. Columns are horizontal or the horizon or east to west. A. “Company/Employee” B. “Position Title” C. “Base salary” D. “Median (average) salary” E. “Maximum salary” F. “Minimum Education with years of experience requirement” (this will be either a high school, bachelors, or master’s) i.e. AS+3 which would be interpreted associate plus three years related work experience; BS+1, or BA. These are examples. G. “Maximum Education with years of experience requirement” (same as above for minimum) 6. Next - research three (3) vacancies in the specific city in SC that are currently being advertised for the occupation/position you selected. If you selected Charleston all vacancies must be for a company in Charleston within a 30 mile radius. BUS 136 Salary Recommendation 7. Beginning with ROW 4, add to the MS Excel spreadsheet the information for the BLS and ONET from #1 along with the name of the three companies. Complete the columns with the salary information, and the education with work experience for BLS, ONET, and the three companies. If only one salary given place the salary in the Median salary column. 8. Using the salaries in the Median column, calculate the average of the three listed Median salaries from the three companies DO NOT include the information from BLS and ONET. Place this salary on the row below the 3rd company in the Median column. Bold and underline this salary. 9. Next – skip a row then place the name of the five employees and one applicant under the Company/Employee column. You may use fictious names but add E1, E2, etc. after their name for employees (i.e. First Name Last Name E1) and fictious name and A1 for applicant. 10.Next – create the minimum education and work experience and salary for each of the five employees. Add or subtract the below amounts using the average median salary calculated in #8 above. For education plus work experience, select the Company that has both Minimum and Maximum education and work experience and apply as stated below. Not that some request ONLY the maximum education but not the years of work. Employee 1 salary is $2,500 less than average; minimum education+work experience Employee 2 salary is $3,000 more than average: maximum education+work experience Employee 3 salary is $1,000 more than average; maximum education experience only Employee 4 salary is $1,000 less than average; minimum education+work experience Employee 5 salary is $875 more than average; maximum education experience Applicant Using the information from the MS Excel worksheet to determine the salary recommendation you will offer the applicant. The applicant is currently working in the same field, for the position in which he/she is applying for at your company. However, the applicant lives in a nearby city approximately 60 miles away. Assume the applicant’s education is in line but the salary is $5,000 more than the average that you calculated in #8. Write a justification that you will present to the VP of Human Resources for the salary you would like to offer the applicant. You can include information you obtained from BLS and ONET for your justification. Your salary recommendation justification is at least 230 words but no more than 240 words. Place your written justification in a MS Word document and save the file the same name as the MS Excel file. The excel spreadsheet is part of the salary recommendation packet so do not state the obvious. BUS 136 Salary Recommendation Submission of documents to the D2L Create a MS Excel spreadsheet and a MS Word document (no other file type accepted). The college offers Microsoft Office 365 for free. Submit the spreadsheet and word document to the Assignment Module in the D2L. Save BOTH file name as 20FA2 BUS 136 “your last name” The excel spreadsheet should be error free, presentation appearance, organized, and well designed. The word document should include the appropriate word count with a profound argument to justify the salary being offered to the applicant. The justification should be solid. Refer back to the excel spreadsheet but do not restate the obvious. The last paragraph should be a summarized conclusion. On the first row, “2020 Fall 2 BUS 136 Salary Recommendation ‘your last name’” is your title that is merged across the columns with information. Make sure that all information can print on one page. It may be necessary to change to orientation. Use “zero inch” margins. Submit Excel Spreadsheet and Word document to the BrightSpace/D2L Assignment Module by the deadline. A Salary Recommendation Post will be available in D2L under the Discussion Module. This will be a portion of your Discussion grade. See instructions and availability. Post questions to the Salary Recommendation Folder in the Discussion Module. RUBRIC for Grading Recommendation Format/appearance/presentation 10 points Salary Recommendation Justification (word) 25 points Information for two websites 20 points Information for three company vacancies 20 points Five Employee information 15 points Applicant information 10 points Total 100 points
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Rachel White is the perfect candidate for our job requirement. She has the required amount of education which is a degree in bachelor’s and also the required amount of work experience of 3 years. But she needs a salary of $78,000. It is $5,000 more than the median salary which was established after research and analysis through different websites of Bureau of Labor...

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