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BUS513, CSR and Sustainability
Assessment Item Details
    Corporate CSR Analysis and Report
    Due date
    3000 words
    Type of Collaboration
Assessment Description
You are required to analyse the CSR&S activities of a specific business using publicly available documents from the business e.g. annual reports, CSR Report, web-site information, advertising campaigns, etc. Your analysis will include consideration of the business’ CSR&S strategies with respect to:
1. Business reputation management
2. Risk profile and risk management
3. Employee recruitment, motivation and retention
4. Investor relations and access to capital
5. Learning and innovation
6. Competitiveness and market positioning
7. Operational efficiency
8. License to operate.
You will submit your findings as a report that could be presented to the business itself.
Please talk directly to your lecturer at the earliest opportunity regarding the intended business/corporation that you intend to utilise for your report.
You are required to utilise a standard essay format with an introduction, body (analysis and examples) and conclusion. A separate references page should be included at the end of your report.
Citation and Referencing
Inadequate or inaccurate referencing that does not conform to APA referencing may result in this assessment item receiving a fail or being reported for possible academic misconduct.
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Running Head: BUS513, CSR AND SUSTAINABILITY                    1    
BUS513, CSR AND SUSTAINABILITY                            3
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Background of Company    3
CSR&S Strategies of Apple    4
Management of a Company's Reputation    5
Risk Evaluation and Control    6
Recruitment, Retention and Incentive of Employees    7
Investor Relations and Capital Access    8
Innovation and Learning    9
Market Positioning and Competitiveness    10
Efficiency in Operations    11
Operating License    12
Conclusion    12
References    14
This article will look at Apple's Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (CSR&S) initiatives. It will also u
se publicly accessible corporate papers such as annual reports, CSR reports, website information, advertising efforts and so forth. It will also be examined in terms of the company's CSR strategy in relation to reputation management, risk management, staff recruitment, motivation and retention, learning and innovation, market positioning and competitiveness, efficiency in operations, operating permission and capital access.
Background of Company
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, two college dropouts, created Apple Computers, Inc. on April 1, 1976. The creators sought to create computers that were tiny enough to fit in people's offices or homes. They began by manufacturing the Apple I in Jobs' garage and selling it without a case, keyboard, and monitor. In the year, Apple went public, sales increased from $7.8 million to $117 million (Podolny & Hansen, 2020).
With the advent of colour graphics, the Apple II changed the computer industry. When Wozniak departed, Jobs hired John Sculley, the head of PepsiCo. This approach backfired and Jobs went on to establish his own firm, NeXT Software and purchase Pixar from George Lucas. Apple had its best year ever in 1990, but it was mostly thanks to deals Jobs had already made.
After reaching a high in 1990, the company's market share began to dwindle slowly and analysts predicted its demise. Jobs introduced the iBook, which was immediately followed by an mp3 player and the iPod, which swiftly became the market leader. According to Rajput (2021), the iPhone, a touch screen cellular phone introduced in 2007, is one of the most popular goods in the world. Since then, the business has developed multiple updated models. In 2018, Apple became the first company to be valued at $1 trillion, and it doubled its value two years later.
CSR&S Strategies of Apple
A positive workplace culture enhances a company's social responsibility mission by creating feedback mechanisms. According to Wang, Xu, and Wang (2020), managers should be expected to apply ideas taught in inclusion and diversity training to one-on-one scenarios and small groups. Top employees who appreciate and contribute to the business's culture are attracted to a happy and successful organization. CSR executives should think about long- and short-term goals for a program. Wang, Xu, and Wang (2020) emphasized that certain projects demand longer time frames than others.
181 CEOs signed a new "Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation" produced by the Business Roundtable, these including Jamie Tim Cook of Apple, Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, Jeff Bezos of Amazon. According to Shahzad et al. (2020), direct investments in stakeholders' environment, health, and education may assist socially responsible firms boost stakeholder value. Socially responsible businesses, in contrast to Friedman's Shareholder Theory, require more corporate governance considerations and sophisticated resource allocation.
Organizations should assess their community impact goals alongside their business procedures. With its Farewell to the Forest campaign, Unilever established synergy between corporate operations and humanitarian ideals. Pfizer and Unilever have effectively combined their commercial strategies with their philanthropy. They have thereby transmitted to customers an authentic
and and social message (Bhattacharyya & Verma, 2020).
Their pledges, on the other hand, have a direct impact on how their firms affect stakeholders. The most successful socially responsible companies make the most of their most precious assets. Flying It Forward, a JetBlue project, offered free flights to customers who promised to "make the world a little better" while on vacation. To pay forward their vacation, recipients choose the next free travel recipient.
Apple's corporate website, and its investor relations website,, both give information to investors on a regular basis. This contains financial performance information, news releases, reports filed or supplied with the Securities and Exchange Commission and information concerning the company's annual shareholder meeting. According to Doan & Nguyen(2022), this news release contains forward-looking statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Company's business, stock price and results of operations are only a few of the uncertainties and risks. The other risks are the risk of inventory and other asset write-downs, as well as purchase commitment cancellation; the continuous availability of new technologies, certain components and services, critical to the Company's operations on acceptable terms, or at all.
Management of a Company's Reputation
According to Ha
is Interactive Ha
is Poll Reputation Quotient survey, Americans have a soft spot for technology businesses. With an overall score of 85.62, Apple surpassed Google as the highest-scoring corporation in the study's history (Martin and Sinclair, 2018). Apple received a boost from the iPhone and iPad, as well as Steve Jobs' premature death. This mix of innovation and taking greater advantage of market possibilities is one of the most prominent features of reputation that is consistent across the leaders.
Working environment, leadership and vision, services and products, financial performance, emotional appeal and Social responsibility are among the six characteristics that impact customer behaviour and make up reputation. Higher ratings are linked to a higher chance of purchasing a
and's products or services. Overall, the number of firms with a good reputation among customers has decreased, according to Martin and Sinclair (2018). The survey also looked at how
ands' reputations have changed over time, finding that Apple's reputation quotient has increased while Hewlett Packard's has decreased.
Apple's reputation as one of the most reputable firms in the world has long been questioned. The corporation has been criticised by Wall Street and the media on several occasions, whether it was the iCloud cele
ity issue or unsuccessful deliveries of iPad or iPhone versions (Razak, Hidayat, Launtu, Putra & Bahasoan, 2020). Customers trust them since they have a reputation for constantly producing the greatest computers and...

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