Chapter 1DR. STEVE ADZANUTY 339-PLANT LAYOUT & MATERIAL HANDLING FALL 2022Chapter 16Selling the LayoutObjectivesThis is the wrap-up chapter. The students are sensitized to the...

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Chapter 1 DR. STEVE ADZANU TY 339-PLANT LAYOUT & MATERIAL HANDLING FALL 2022 Chapter 16 Selling the Layout Objectives This is the wrap-up chapter. The students are sensitized to the importance of presentation and “selling” of the layout project. The Project Report The following is a specific outline for the project report:  1. The goal is to layout a manufacturing plant in order to produce 2,000 toolboxes per 8-hour shift and to achieve the subgoals of: a.  minimizing unit cost b.  optimizing quality c.  promoting the effective use of our resources d.  providing for the employees’ convenience, safety, and comfort e.  controlling project cost f.  achieving the expected production start date g.  minimizing work-in-process inventory  2. Set a volume and plant rate (R value or takt time): a.  2,000 units per day b.  10 percent personal fatigue and delay allowance c.  80 percent historical performance d.  an R value of .173 or 5.8 sets of parts per minute  3. Drawings of the product should include: a.  blueprints b.  an assembly drawing c.  an exploded drawing d.  a parts list  4. Set a management policy. It should include: a.  an inventory policy—maintain a 30-day supply b.  an investment policy—50 percent ROI c.  a startup schedule—date d.  a make or buy decision e.  an organizational chart  5. The process design should include: a.  a route sheet for each “make” part, including time standards b.  the number of machines required c.  the assembly chart d.  assembly time standards e.  conveyor speeds (paint line, assembly line) f.  assembly line balance g.  the subassembly line layout h.  the assembly and P.O. layout i.  the process chart j.  the flow diagram k.  the operations chart l.  the flow process chart  6. The activity relationship should include: a.  the activity relationship diagram b.  the worksheet c.  the dimensionless block diagram d.  the flow analysis  7. The workstation design should include: a.  machine layouts b.  area determination c.  paint layout d.  aisles   8. Auxiliary services should include: a.  receiving b.  shipping c.  stores d.  warehouse e.  maintenance  9. Employee services should include: a.  parking lots b.  employee entrances c.  locker rooms d.  toilets e.  the cafeteria f.  medical services 10. The office should include: a.  an organizational chart 11. Area allocation should include: a.  the total space requirements worksheet b.  the building size c.  the dimensionless block diagram d.  the area allocation diagram 12. Material handling systems and requirement: a.  state types and the number of material handling units b.  calculate all conveyor speeds (feet per minute) 13. The layout should include: a.  the plot plan b.  the master plan The Presentation The presentation of the project occurs at a management meeting where the project engineer (or engineers) present their project plan. The presentation should be visual. Using the product model, the presenter can cover:  1. The goal and subgoals  2. The volume and plant rate  3. The product  4. The make or buy decisions  5. The process design With the layout, the presenter can cover:  1. The process design (further description on flow of each part)  2. Assembly and packout  3. The operations chart or flow process chart  4. The activity relationships and dimensionless block diagrams  5. The auxiliary services  6. The employee services  7. The office  8. The area allocation diagram Adjustments The facilities planner should present the layout to every person who will listen. With every presentation, you will adjust the layout making it better. Approval More major changes may require a second presentation. Most companies will require many levels of approval depending on the amount of money being requested. The approval process is important, and the top managers’ input is valuable and will only serve to make a better project. What management is approving most of all is an expenditure budget (limit). Successful project engineers and managers will make every effort not to exceed the budget. Page 2 of 4
Nov 15, 2022

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