Capitalism and World Inequality.I need an argumtative essay on the above topics.

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Capitalism and World Inequality.I need an argumtative essay on the above topics.
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Capitalism and Global Inequality:
When a major portion of a product's distribution goes through the market; in which nation and companies contracts, trade products , and services for earnings in a society is known to be a capitalist. The market permits money to flow into new company initiatives by combining investment capital and labor to produce services and goods that can be sold for an income, producing additional capital for other enterprises. They can persist to do so in order to create a profit-increasing loop. This indicates that capital ownership in a capitalist society creates certain inequalities as it generates fresh accrual through investment.
Cycles can develop because the yearly rate of return on investment is normally 35%, while the long-term average annual growth rate in sales or output is 1.5%. As a result, it is difficult to generate liquid assets in a market based economy [1]. On the other hand, various economists predicted that this would no longer have as a large influence on disparity as we've seen. They believe that in a capitalist society, there are early winners and that the highest reserves would decline over time as fewer individuals on the better end of society have the option to make investments capital because they are no longer able to build wealth over the period of time.
Eight people own as much money as half of the world's 7.4 billion people, while in the United States, the top 1% own 34% of prosperity and own 74% of real estate assets. [2]. These figures highlight global economic inequality; even so, it is not just the impoverished members of society who are affected; if inequality continues to grow and inequality is not addressed, growing disparity and financial hardship can weaken natural...

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