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Case Analysis: Albaluz: Looking the light of change 1
Case Analysis: Albaluz: Looking the light of change
Case Analysis: Albaluz: Looking the light of change 2
In today’s competitive world the companies needs to have a strong focus on
implementing different strategies and change so as to survive in the competitive world. The
world has witnessed many inventions that are really path
eaking and changed our lifestyles in
more than one or the other way. Change and strategic management has become one of the major
components which help in managing the working, strategy, organization, people and culture of
the organization. Adopting the change and changing its strategies is important for an
organization so as to keep an organization more competitive to face the changing demographics
and technological trends and increasing globalization.
In this paper we will focus on analyzing the business scenario of Albaluz J.M. S.L by
analyzing it cu
ent position and the future perspective of the business, The Company needs to
focus on change and aligning its new strategies for which the members of the company has
ought forward two options i.e. the market focus and communication and the other option is
the approach to business, channel and pricing. The company needs to decide that by opting
which option the company will be able to gain a strong position in the market and will help the
company in improving its market position and profitability in the market.
ent Situation:
Albaluz J.M. S.L. is the company which has focused on the field of lighting design for
the interior housing. Since its inception the company had strongly focused on the design, service
and the quality of the goods that are being manufactured by the company. Initially the company
used to sell its products with direct contacts it had in Catalonia. After that the company focused
on expansion and expanded its market Spanish te
itory and later by following aggressive
marketing policy the company focused on selling its products in other markets and countries like
Case Analysis: Albaluz: Looking the light of change 3
European countries and Latin America. The company was facing many issues in respect to its
supply chain, marketing and other administrative issues. The company lacked on the process of
ordering, installation and delivery. The company had focused on different aspects pertaining to
the product design, product quality and reasonable pricing of the products. The company priced
its product using cost plus approach in which the prices of the products are 150% above the cost
of the product. The company also focuses on paying commission to the agents of the company,
the multi-portfolios receive a 10% commission on net...

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