Case StudyScopeSpaceYouwork at Scope Space as an Administrative Manager and you lead a team of five(5) staff members. Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant, Data EntryClerk, Office Administrator,...

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Case Study


work at Scope Space as an Administrative Manager and you lead a team of five
(5) staff members. Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant, Data Entry
Clerk, Office Administrator, and Receptionist.

is the company's newest employee. She has worked as Receptionist at Scope Space
for four months and seems to be a good fit with a bright and bubbly

a part of Katie's role, she needs to create new client accounts from
information she receives from the marketing team. This is a templated document
that must be completed with the new client's basic information and then saved
into the internal Data Management System using the

naming convention is a common set of rules or guidelines to apply to the naming
of electronic records.

Please see the attached process here:

Naming Covention Records Management Process

Naming Covention Records Management Process

few of the administration team have complained that Katie has been misnaming
documents and it has taken them too long to find the required files when

situation is causing staff members to waste their time looking for files and
even creating multiple files as they cannot find the most current document to
use. There is a process for the naming conventions which doesn't seem to assist
Katie with this problem.

the Administration Manager, you would like to guide your team to find their own
resolve as they are the team members that use this system on a daily basis.

also need to develop your staff to use their own critical thinking skills and
bring you solutions for any issues that arise as you cannot be available to
sort out every small problem your team faces

4. Knowledge Gap Analysis

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at 2:59.

get to the bottom of this issue, you decide to undertake a
Gap Analysis

with Katie to see if she understands the Naming
Convention Process

of all the complaints from team members about Katie's misfiling documents, you
decide to create a self-evaluation/feedback form to check Katie's understanding
of the Scope Space naming convention and filing process.

task is to createsix (6)questions to analyse Katie's
understanding of the filing system and the naming conventions to find out where
Katie's main difficulties are with following the process.

complete the template for Knowledge Questions and upload for grading:

BSBCRT511 Task 4 Knowledge Gap Analysis

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Answer To: Case StudyScopeSpaceYouwork at Scope Space as an Administrative Manager and you lead a team of...

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BSBCRT511 Develop Critical Thinking in Others
Task 4 – Gap Analysis
    Knowledge Gap Analysis Questi
What are the protocols that need to be followed in naming any company records and what are the standards of the performance measure against the staff activity relating to the naming of the company’s records?
What are the proper steps in terms of the...

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