Chapter 15 - Read the Problem-solving application case, pages XXXXXXXXXXof the text, Barnes & Noble Faces Its Last Chapter, and answer the three Discussion Questions that follow the reading. In your...

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Chapter 15 - Read the Problem-solving application case, pages 633-634 of the text,Barnes & Noble Faces Its Last Chapter,and answer the three Discussion Questions that follow the reading. In your submission use headings that correspond to the questions.


Answer these Discussion Questions:

  1. Define the problem: Remember that the problem is the gap between the desired and the current state. State the problem as the gap and be sure to consider all 3 levels and if one is a more important focus on it for parts 2 & 3.

  2. Identify the causes of the problem: Use the procedure in step #2to determine the cause and explain why?

  3. Make your recommendation for solving the problem: Use the procedure in step#3 for a recommendation and implementation plan.

  • Provide a title page with your name and date.
  • Your content should include 600 words, and use a double-spaced Times New Roman font.
  • You should include headings, topic sentences, and the inclusion of the weekly learning.
  • Cite two sources - Citations must follow APA format
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Answer To: Chapter 15 - Read the Problem-solving application case, pages XXXXXXXXXXof the text, Barnes & Noble...

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Running Head: MANAGEMENT                                1
MANAGEMENT                                        4
Table of Contents
Q1 Problem definition    3
Q2 Causes of the problem    3
Q3 Recommendations    4
In order to rev
ive it business Barnes and Noble has to downsize itself by cutting the number of stores in some locations which are not able to generate a particular level of revenue. Smaller stores will be attractive and have potential to offer better experiences to its customers. Curation is another strategic step, which can be extended to toys, journals and other items which do not fall in the category of books (CNN Business, 2018).    4
Showcasing recommended books and banking on bestsellers by improving navigation through the bookstore will help to encourage customers for easy
owsing of books. By partnering with leading giants like Sta
ucks will help Barnes and Noble to develop a synergy which can be mutually beneficial for both the companies. The main idea behind such partnership is to curate a differentiated experience for customers in which merchandise and beverage can be used as strategic step towards business development.    4
Creating community where books are appealing to fans not on particular occasions but throughout the year (CNN Business, 2018). An example could be dealing in University books as alumni, professors and students prefer to walk in the
anded national store in swag as compared to any other store in the country. There is a need to merge Barnes and Noble Education into parent entity so that customers walking in are not segregating the busienss with education.    4
References    6
Q1 Problem definition
Barnes and Noble was falling largely due to rise of Amazon and many of its stores were closed in past five years. The stock prices were adversely affected and its serious attempt...

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