Choose from the following eight topics.1. Cryptography2. Steganography3. Computer Forensics4. Parallel Computing5. CloudComputing6. Big Data Analytics7. Machine learning8. Artificial IntelligencePart...

Choose from the following eight topics.

1. Cryptography

2. Steganography

3. Computer Forensics

4. Parallel Computing

5. CloudComputing

6. Big Data Analytics

7. Machine learning

8. Artificial Intelligence

Part 1. The paper

The paper (saved as a PDF file) should be between 8 and 10 pages (not including images)

double-spaced if you are working in a team of three, between 6 and 8 pages (not including

images) double-spaced if you are working in a team of two, and between 4 and 6 pages

(not including images) double-spaced if you are working by yourself.

Your references should be included at the end of the paper.

The fonts used should be New Times Roman, Calibri or Arial, and not larger than 12.

Part 2. The web pages

Create three web pages about your topic. One web page should be the main web page,

and the other two should be web pages that you access from the main page. Thus,

your main web page should have links to your other two web pages. You must decide

what information will go on each page. Your web pages should also have links to other

online web pages.

You may also optionally reference images, and multimedia (online or submitted with

your project) that you might want to include.

Your web site should include all the information that your paper does, but it must not

look like a paper! Web sites do not look like research papers!

Submit a zip file containing your paper in PDF format, and all the .html

files creating your web site. Include images and other media files that you are referencing

and are not online.
Dec 15, 2022

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