Chosen geographic region: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. H&T company name & website: - Bhaya The Cruise Company. Introduction (10 marks): An informative introduction to...

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Chosen geographic region: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.</o:p>

H&T company name & website: - Bhaya The Cruise Company.</o:p></o:p>


Introduction (10 marks): An informative introduction to the topic – this may include definitions, background/history of water pollution and plastics, or summary of recent events related to this topic.</o:p>

Address the following questions, each in about 2 pages</o:p>


Research & APA (10 marks): Reference list and in-text citations of your research, minimum 5 sources, variety of academic and popular sources, APA (1.5 pg. spacing, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1” margins on all sides, formatting of figures and tables)</o:p>

·Presentation (5 marks): Suitable communication, organization format and presentation.</o:p>

·Writing (5 marks): Clarity, grammar, spelling, vocabulary.</o:p>

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Answer To: Chosen geographic region: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. H&T company name & website: - Bhaya The Cruise...

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Table of Contents
Introduction to Hospita
lity and Tourism    3
History of Water Pollution and Plastics in Ha Long Bay    3
Recent Events of Hospitality and Tourism in Ha Long Bay    4
References    5
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism
The term tourism refers to as the travel for the purpose of recreation or any sort of business purposes. Moreover, the hospitality is provided by a particular industry, which comprises business body for serving food, beverages or any sort of lodging to the tourists who are taking shelter during their purpose of stay (Chang, 2018). The hospitality is provided in the geographical area of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam by the renowned organization Bhaya- The Cruise Company (Bhaya Group, 2020). Tourism and Hospitality is taking up huge responsibility of customer service, panning of specified event, marketing and sales purposes.
The renowned cruise company as mentioned has contributed to the economic and national development. The government of Vietnam had provided a large amount of incentive schemes and various policies to bounce up investment sanctions. With this help, the country is more liable to the foreign direct investment as compared to the previous annual reports (Fleming, Me
itts & Walter,...

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