# CIS 129 C# Programming IFinal Project## IntroductionYou area game developer for Floppy Plan Green, a studio that specializes in actionrole playing games (ARPGs). The studio is currently in a crunch...


CIS 129 C# Programming I
Final Project



You are
a game developer for Floppy Plan Green, a studio that specializes in action
role playing games (ARPGs). The studio is currently in a crunch to
develop its upcoming game, Wizert 5: Rabid Hunt. This has been one of the
most anticipated games for the better part of a decade, resulting in a bunch of
promotional tie-in products to help generate more hype.

working on a bugfix for Wizert 5, which involves the main character's horse
being stuck to a roof, your boss calls you into his office. He just got
off a conference call with the marketing team, and they have given him the task
of assigning development for a text-based adventure game to one of his staff
(guess you should have taken that personal day after all). This is a
retro throwback to the first Wizert game, which was also text-based adventure
and developed for IBM PC Compatibles back in the mid-80s.


Getting to Know the

player will take the role of the Wizert, a powerful sorcerer who uses magic to
attack his foes. In this game the Wizert is caught in a dungeon, and he
must fight his way out to survive. He can move in four directions:









game should keep track of the Wizert's current location, even though this
information is not shared with the player. After the Wizert moves, he
could encounter an enemy. During an encounter, the Wizert has the three
options at his disposal. The table below shows each option with a
description and how many magicka points (aka MP) it drains:

| Attack
Name |Description





|The Wizert casts a fireball that burns the enemy.|3

|Does 5 Damage



|The Wizert casts a spell to heal his wounds.

|5 |Heals 3 Health Points (aka HP).



|The Wizert attempts to flee from battle

|n/a |Has a chance of allowing the
Wizert to escape.|

When an
action is performed, a description of what is happening should be displayed.
The amount of MP consumed, and the effects of the action should also be
displayed when using an attack. When an enemy takes an attack, you should
display their new value for HP to the user. When attempting to flee, a
message indicating that the Wizert did/did not successfully escape battle
should be displayed. At the start of the game, the Wizert has 100 Health
Points (HP) and 200 Magicka Points (MP). If the Wizert is depleted of
health before escaping the dungeon, the game is over. A message
indicating the Wizet has lost should be displayed to the console, along with an
offer to play the game again.


Enemy Lore

are three kinds of enemies in this dungeon, each with their own HP and attack.
The table below shows the name of each enemy, how much health they have,
the name of their attack, and how much damage they can do to the Wizert.

Name|HP|Attack Name|Damage to the Wizert|



|3 |Body Slam |2 HP



|5 |Cleave |3 HP



|8 |Screech |5 HP


When an
enemy attacks, a message should be displayed to the user informing:


The name of the
attack used


How much damage
it caused


How much health
the Wizert has left

encounters should be set manually (not by chance). You will not always
engage in battle after making a move, but at least half of your locations
should have an enemy. If you do engage in battle in a certain location and
defeat the enemy, make sure that the Wizert does not have to fight in that spot
again should they return to it. If the Wizert flees the area, ensure the
enemy is still there waiting for him to continue the fight (their HP should be
the same as it was after running).



the exit to the dungeon could take time, and it's possible the Wizert will run
low on health and/or magicka. To help offset this disadvantage, powerups
should be scattered throughout the dungeon. The table below describes each
powerup and what effect it has on the Wizert:

Name |Description

|Effect |


Potion |A potion to restore some health.|Restores 10 HP|

Potion|A position to restore magicka. |Restores 20 MP|

As with
enemy encounters, powerup locations should be set manually. The number of
powerups found in the dungeon are at your discretion. The Wizert should
automatically consume the powerup if it is available at their present location.
However, the powerup should only be available for one time use at that
location. No replacement powerup or new powerup should be present if the
Wizert backtracks to that location. After consuming a powerup, display
how much HP or MP was restored, then display the current HP and MP of the


The Dungeon

dungeon should be separated into smaller units. Each unit represents the
location of the dungeon that the Wizert can travel to. It would be best
to represent the dungeon as a 2-dimensional graph, with each unit representing
a coordinate on the graph. This graph should be 5x5, meaning there are a
total of 25 units the Wizert could travel to. Below is a drawing of a 5x5

alt text

"A 5 x 5"

for a moment about what data structure we learned about that could support
2-dimensional graphs. There should also be walls surrounding the
perimeter of the graph, which prevent the Wizert from traveling out of bounds.
You do not need to place walls anywhere else in the dungeon.

unit should have a description that describes the section of the dungeon the
Wizert is in. This description will be printed on the Console after each
move (feel free to reuse some descriptions). At least one of the
following could also happen:


The Wizert will
encounter an enemy.


The Wizert will
encounter and consume a power up.

an enemy and/or powerup should not be by chance; you should set these yourself
when writing your app. If both an enemy and powerup appear in the same
location at the same time, have the Wizert fight off the enemy first before
consuming the power up.

startup, two locations are determined at random:


The current
position of the Wizert.


The location of
the Dungeon exit.

should not display the coordinates for either of these locations, but you
should save them off somewhere in their own variables. You will need these as a
reference when determining where the Wizert is and if they have reached the
exit. When the Wizert reaches the exit, stop the program and inform the player
they have won. Then offer to let them play again.



will need to practice good input validation when developing this application.
You could give the user the option to manually enter "commands"
to the Wizert, but it may be easier to give them options to select. For
example, you might have something like this in a battle:


have encountered a banshee.

the current HP 8.


To Attack

To Heal

To Attempt to Flee


way, you only need to validate that the user entered the expected number to the
console. You could also use this approach when giving the Wizert
instructions on where to move:


You are
in a room illuminated by torches. It reeks of orc, though you do not see
any nearby. Press...

To go north

To go south

To go east

To go west



Follow the Instructions

It is
crucial you meet all requirements in this project to recieve full credit.
Missing requirements means that an unfinished project has been shipped,
which will not make our end users happy. This will result in a deduction
of points.



sure to run this game on your own and test that it works as expected. This
is the best way to find bugs, and you may run into areas that you would like to
improve (i.e. improving location descriptions, tuning difficultly). Any
code that does not build by the due date (or when you state it's finished) will
be given an automatic zero. Runtime errors will result in a deduction of


What This Project Tests

project gives you the opportunity to use the knowledge you have gained this
semester to write a full-fledged application. This includes:


understanding of which data types exist and when to use them.


Knowledge of data


Input validation.


Ability to seek
out and use libraries.


Creating classes
and instantiating them into objects.


Using operators.


Using conditional
statements (if and/or switch).


Using loops.





creating new classes, make sure each one is in it's own file. DO NOT
place all logic in Program.cs. Points will be deducted if I see design
decisions that show these concepts have not been understood (i.e. not using
classes where they would make the most sense, overengineering, etc).



Nov 27, 2022

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