Coaching Team Phases While leaders certainly coach individuals, they are most often seen as leaders of teams. A typical model of the stages of team development is that of Forming, Storming, Norming,...

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Coaching Team Phases

While leaders certainly coach individuals, they are most often seen as leaders of teams. A typical model of the stages of team development is that of Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. If you are not familiar with that team development model, you may have to research it. In a 3-5 page paper, using additional resources if necessary, describe how a leader should coach his or her team through each of the four stages. Address particularly how the coaching would be different depending on what stage the team is in.

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Stages of Team Development         2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Tuckman’s Model of Team Development    3
Four Stages of Team Development    4
Forming    4
Storming    5
Norming    6
Performing    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
In the rapidly changing disruptive business environment, the companies must realize the effectiveness of the leaders and their coaching style for an effective influence in the organization of productivity and business. Moreover, people focus on successful careers by developing expertized coaching in the technical, functional, or professional domains of the employees. However, to prove the capability as an individual for growth in the organization it is viable to ensure proper management to promote that the subordinate has the same development. This essay shall deliberately focus on the leadership styles and team development aspects of the different stages of team development.
Tuckman’s Model of Team Development
Dr Bruce Tuckman published the model of team development of the four stages of – “Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing” in 1965. The theory of team development has provided an effective and elegant explanation of leadership behavior for nurturing the team members at the different stages of team development. The model explains that a team is developed according to its maturity and ability. So different aspects of leadership styles are required to coach the team at different stages of development. It is essential to establish relationships and to change the leadership style in order to have an impact on the team with an effective leadership style depending upon the steps of the team development. The beginning of the team development must be contemplated with directing style and then approached with the aspects of coaching (Guttenberg, 2019). In the subsequent stages, it should be accompanied by participation with the delegation at each point where it is almost detached. Moreover, at this particular point, the team is effectively producing a successful leader, and the changed style helps the leader to develop and improve the existing team.
This model provision overview of a simple way to understand how teams develop under various leadership styles at the subsequent stages. This model is especially helpful for training the people in the team and enabling the team to fulfill their full ability. The relevant approaches of team behavior and the leadership style defines the authority and the freedom extended by the leader for the team to increase and control the potential level of the team. It is also effective to know that team efficiency is enhanced by the commitment of the team and its reflection and ongoing evaluation. Besides evaluating the accomplishments accordingly to the leadership styles are important aspects of meeting specific goals for the teams that need to be high performing and essential. It is also effective for the development of a team by understanding the development tools that require at each and every development stage that becomes easier to accept the constant stream of development ba
iers. Each stage of team development is recognized accordingly to the feelings and behaviors of the team members and understanding...

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