Competency In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency: Develop an implementation plan Scenario As in the previous project, Millennia HealthCenter will be...

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In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

  • Develop an implementation plan
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As in the previous project, Millennia HealthCenter will be implementing a new software system. The system requirements specification (SRS) has been reviewed and approved by all stakeholders. At this stage in the process of implementing this system, you have been assigned the role of systems analyst. Now your job is to create the system’s implementation schedule and plan. As you develop this plan, you will also have to determine a life cycle for the system’s development because the team is undecided on which life cycle to choose.


  1. Review the business case that describes the implementation of a software system. It is the same case used in Project One.
    • Be sure to read through the entire case again. You want to avoid missing any valuable information that should be considered in an implementation plan.
  1. Review the feedback that you received from your instructor on Project One. You should use your SRS to make decisions on how you would implement the system.
  1. Develop animplementation schedule and planfor the software system outlined in the business case. You may use MS Project or Microsoft Excel to develop your schedule and insert it into the Implementation Plan Template, as it is part of your implementation plan. Your implementation schedule and plan must include the following:
    • Anintroductionthat explains the purpose of the implementation plan and the overview of the system that is being implemented
    • Thephases, such as:
      • Scope
      • Analysis
      • Requirements
      • Design
      • Development
      • Testing
      • Training
      • Documentation
      • Pilot
      • Deployment
      • Post implementation
    • Thetasksthat occur within a phase, such as:
      • Requirements
      • Responsibilities
      • Duties that need to be completed throughout the implementation process
    • Theresources, such as:
      • Personnel involved with the project
      • Hardware and software needed
      • Proper training for personnel involved with the project
    • Thedurations and estimatesto specify how long you think each task will take, such as:
      • Implementation time that it will take to complete each task
      • When each task is estimated to be completed, including start and finish dates
    • Thetask dependencies, such as:
      • Tasks that need to be completed prior to moving on to another task
      • Tasks that need to be completed at the same time (parallel tasking)
    • Two to three ways in which you willmonitor performanceof the system and the user experience, such as:
      • Access times that indicate a lag time
      • Help desk complaints and tickets
      • System downtime
      • System availability
      • Database inquiries

What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit the following:

Implementation Plan
Upload your implementation plan, using the Implementation Plan Template, in .doc or PDF format. Your plan could include a graphic of your implementation schedule, which you can create using MS Project or Microsoft Excel. If you’re unable to include your schedule in your plan, you should upload it as a separate file.

Supporting Materials

The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:

Business Case for Millennia HealthCenter
This resource is the same business case that you used to complete Project One. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the organization and the system that will be implemented. Without understanding the situational context, you will find it more difficult to have a solid understanding of how the system should be implemented.

Personnel and Staffing Costs
This document includes a list of potential personnel that you might decide to employ on the project, plus the average costs of each role. This resource will help you develop a minimum budget.

MS Project Professional
This resource will help you navigate through MS Project. If you decide to use MS Project, it is recommended that you use the Software Development Plan.

Microsoft Excel
This resource will help you navigate through Excel. Since there is no set template, you will have to be sure you include all of the requirements of the implementation plan.

Implementation Plan Template
Use this template to complete Project Two. The template will guide you through all of the sections that you may find in a project’s implementation plan. This file will download as a .doc file onto your computer. As you make progress on it, be sure to save it every now and then.

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Implementation Plan Millennia HealthCente
Table of Contents
1. Introduction    3
1.1 Purpose    3
1.2 System overview    3
2. Implementation approach and schedule    3
3. Phases    3
4. Tasks    3
5. Resources    3

5.1 Hardware and software    3
5.2 Personnel    3
5.3 Training    3
5.4 Budget    3
6. Durations and estimates    3
7. Task dependencies    4
8. Performance monitoring    4
This study source was downloaded by 100000850772739 from on 08-22-2022 02:14:02 GMT -05:00
1. Introduction
[The following subsections of the implementation plan provide an overview of the entire implementation process for the software system. This section will help the team understand the purpose and overview of the system.]
1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this document/implementation plan is to show the timeline for designing and developing the new Millenia HealthCenter (MHC) system. This document/implementation plan will highlight each phase and the order they are to be completed.
1.2 System overview
The purpose of this system is to improve each patient’s health and wellbeing through MHC’s innovative approaches in Health Information Technology. The system will be frequently used by both MHC staff and patients, and it will minimize misidentification as it pertains to patients and their procedures, needs. As well as connect MHC data globally, it will also provide telehealth capabilities, secured and protected Patient and Employee profiles with security measures to ensure only those allowed can access as needed. The new MHC system will also unify all MHC facilities by no longer having one system per MHC facility, but a global system where information can be shared all within in. This system will be secure, easy for both Staff and Patients to navigate and will allow maximum growth with security and reliability.
2. Implementation approach and schedule
Waterfall Gantt Chart seen below:
3. Phases
The project will happen in two phases:

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