Project Brief Project Brief/ Outline Business Case Month Year Version 0.0 Instructions for completion This template has been provided as a guide only. Instructions on how to complete the template are...

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Complete a Business Case using the template attached (BSBSMB412_AT1_Part B_TMP_V1), collating the relevant information and data to be submitted for organisational approval.

All the relevant information needed for the assessment has been attached. Thanks In advance.

Project Brief Project Brief/ Outline Business Case Month Year Version 0.0 Instructions for completion This template has been provided as a guide only. Instructions on how to complete the template are included in Arial 11 blue italic font. Please delete this text when you complete each section - it should not be included in the final product. Also provided is some suggested text. This is in Arial 11 black font. This is not intended to be prescriptive - please change this to meet the requirements of your project. The Project Brief must accurately reflect the project mandate and the requirements of the business and the users. Contents 1Project definition4 1.1Background and objectives4 2Outline Project Business Case4 2.1Relationship to Gaming Galore strategies and objectives4 2.2Business options5 2.3Benefits5 2.4Risks6 2.4.1Risks if the project does proceed per your plan6 2.4.2Risks if the project does not proceed6 2.5Costs6 2.6Sources of advice8 3Project approach9 3.1Options analysis9 3.1.1Option 1 – Do nothing to current IT implementation9 3.1.2Option 2 - 9 3.2Comparison of options9 3.3Recommended approach9 4Timeframes10 5Stakeholders, users and any other known interested parties10 6Appendix A - Record of organisational survey & response11 Project definition Background and objectives · Provide a brief background to the project and how it came about (summarise the situation and explain why you are preparing a business case) · Include in here a summary of the current IT situation (including mission critical systems) and issues you have identified based on Gaming Galore’s email response (which will be provided after you have drafted your ICT survey – Appendix A of this document) · Issues identified should include any legal, ethical or organisational (day-to-day operations) issues caused by the current IT system · Summarise your objectives / goals for your project – what are you hoping to improve? Project objectives should be SMART, i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. · So in summary: current use of IT, identification of IT needs, brief discussion of gaps noticed between the two and statement of your goals. Outline Project Business Case Relationship to Gaming Galore strategies and objectives · Continuing on from 1.1, you should theorise as to Gaming Galore’s objectives as a legal entity running as a ‘for profit’ business, and identify how your goals will assist Gaming Galore in meeting their objectives. · Explain how the project will support the achievement of Gaming Galore strategies, plans and programs. · Given that this is a case study and not a real business, you are not expected to invent strategies and objectives. Assume that Gaming Galore shares objectives typical of “for profit” organisations (eg. to meet legal obligations, maximise revenue and reduce expenses, make timely & valid decisions). Business options · What different options could satisfy the goal of the project? There are three basic business options concerning any investment – do nothing/do the minimum/do something more substantial. · You are required to address a minimum of “Do nothing” and “implement one cloud solution”, but you may like to add more if you think more than one cloud offering will produce a better result · A suggested approach is to consider a cloud accounting system (such as Xero or MYOB Essentials) and/or a cloud file storage system (eg. Dropbox or Google Drive) This section should contain a brief summary of two or more cloud solutions. You should compare and contrast at least two cloud accounting systems and choose one that is suitable. Cloud accounting system 1 (Insert Name) Cloud accounting system 2 (Insert Name) Cost Support Efficiency gains Legal compliance Security /privacy/ confidentiality Etc… etc… The business options concerning this investment are: Description Advantages Disadvantages Maintain current system Input your proposed cloud improvement option The recommended option is . Benefits State here the expected outcomes of the project in terms of benefits it will provide to the organisation. This statement forms the heart of the business case and needs to be carefully presented and phrased in outcomes, not outputs. Benefits can be financial or non-financial. Expected change Expected benefits Performance measure Indicative timeline Owner State the change that will be derived from using the project outputs State the measureable improvement resulting from an outcome that is perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders How will the improvements in performance be measured? When will the expected improvements in performance be realised? Who is accountable for the expected benefit and is responsible for managing the change required to realise the benefits? (typically the Senior User) Risks Risks if the project does proceed per your plan · In a dot point list, identify risks of implementing your project · Underneath each risk, briefly state your planned risk mitigation strategy for managing the identified risk · Business/Benefit risks include such areas as: · the validity and viability of the Project Business Case · whether the project continues to support agency/program strategies and objectives · the consequences to the organisation of failure or limited project success · the stability of the business areas involved · program requirements · legislative changes · political factors including public opinion · environmental issues · impact on the customer of the results of the project · the risks of the end-result meeting the stated requirements, but not fulfilling expectations · stability of related processes or policies. · privacy issues Risks if the project does not proceed State the risks to Gaming Galore if this project does not proceed. Mitigation strategies are not required for this section. Costs A best estimate of the costs entailed in the project should be made. Any unknowns or uncertainties should be clearly stated, as should the approach to resolving these uncertainties. Detail on the costing assumptions should be outlined in the costing model table below. The following table provides indicative costs for delivery of the project and likely on-going operational, maintenance and support needs for the project’s deliverables. The expected life of the project’s deliverables (benefits provided) is years. (Costs from Idea definition to project close and default 3 years worth of recurrent costs. Refer to your textbook for a definition of “total cost of ownership” and for an example costing table to gather ideas. Your answer must factor in training for your staff. Project name Project Name – Project Brief Page 11 of 11 The table below should include both Financial and Non-financial costs. Financial cost examples include: Vendor Costs, Maintenance and Support (Annual licences), Software, employee, contractor costs A non-financial cost example is employee dissatisfaction / loss of productivity Cost Type Non-financial cost (mark “X” if non-financial cost) Ongoing Costs Total Cost $ FY 1 $ FY2 $ FY3 $ Initial start up costs Total Ongoing (recurring) costs X Total Total Costs (ongoing + initial) Discussion of costs and benefits · Write a couple of paragraphs discussing/justifying your budgeted costs and comparing them to costs if you chose not to proceed with the cloud project. · Compare the aggregated benefits and costs (financial and non-financial). The objective is to be able to define the value of a project as an investment. Sources of advice · Given the cloud solution you have recommended, identify a minimum of 3 sources of advice the business could approach if they have issues with their IT system. For example, MYOB has a help website. · Provide an example situation where it would be advisable to contact each source of advice. Project approach Options analysis Before any planning of the project can be done, decisions must be made regarding how the work of the project is going to be approached. For example, will the solution be developed in-house or contracted to third parties? Will the solution be a modification to an existing product, or built from scratch? Will the solution be based on a commercial off-the-shelf product or something that is custom-designed? The selected project approach will affect the timescale and costs of the project, plus possibly its scope and quality. Analyse available delivery solutions and recommend the most appropriate option after considering alignment with agency/program/industry standards, operations and maintenance implications and training needs etc. Add further options, as required. Completing this section correctly will make AT3 (the implementation plan) much easier. Option 1 – Do nothing to current IT implementation Provide a description of the option. This would be a summary of their current IT implementation and identification of workarounds to the identified risks. Option 2 - Provide a detailed description of your proposed cloud solution. Comparison of options There are several methods of comparing options against each other in terms of how they best meet the combination of key requirements. The table in this section of the template displays a simple comparison matrix. The aim of this section is to provide a straight-forward analysis that presents sufficient insight to judge the validity of the recommended approach. Analysis Option 1 Option 2 Alignment to agency or industry standards and practices Operations, maintenance and support implications Skill development and training issues Risks Cost estimate Recommended approach Identify which of the options in the previous analysis is the recommended approach. If there is not a clear ‘best option’, then it should be substantiated why the preferred option was selected. The project approach most appropriate to delivering the project product and achieving the outline Project Business Case is <xx>. Timeframes The table below outlines an indicative timeframe for the delivery of this project: Start date What is the required start date for this project? Make this up, but ensure it is a reasonable estimate. End date What is the required/anticipated end date for this project? Make this up, but ensure it is a reasonable estimate. Milestones Expected timeframe Identify key milestones. A milestone should be a key point in your project that, when completed, indicates a clear step towards the project conclusion. For example: installation of new computers would be a sensible first step if the old hardware is out of date. Identify the expected timeframes (ensure timeframe falls within the project start/end date) Stakeholders, users and any other known interested parties Outline the stakeholders who have a specific interest in this project. This interest may be from a project delivery perspective; use of the products produced in the project; or their business may be impacted by the outcomes of this project. · Identify all teams/people that will be involved in the project (including any external help you want to hire if that is planned/budgeted for)</xx>
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Project Brief
Project Brief/
Outline Business Case
July 2022
Version 1.0
1    Project definition    3
1.1    Background and objectives    3
2    Outline Project Business Case    3
2.1    Relationship to Gaming Galore strategies and objectives    3
2.2    Business options    4
2.3    Benefits    4
2.4    Risks    5
2.4.1    Risks if the project does proceed per your plan    5
2.4.2    Risks if the project does not proceed    5
2.5    Costs    5
2.6    Sources of advice    7
3    Project approach    8
3.1    Options
analysis    8
3.1.1    Option 1 – Do nothing to current IT implementation    8
3.1.2    Option 2 -     8
3.2    Comparison of options    8
3.3    Recommended approach    9
4    Timeframes    10
5    Stakeholders, users and any other known interested parties    10
6    Appendix A - Record of organisational survey & response    11
Project definition
    Background and objectives
    · Gaming Galore is a family-owned company and has been doing great business, but because of the recent expansion which the company did it wants to see the options which can be undertaken to take the company operations to the cloud. The report outlines various measures that the company can for upgrading the systems
· The current IT system of the company is at the old version which was updated in 2011
· The current IT system is more like a manual which gives rise to organisational issues like tampering with the data, and other related activities which are also unethical and can be illegal at times
· The project objectives are as follows:
· To take the whole IT system to the cloud by implementing a cloud structure within 6 months
· The current IT infrastructure is used for bookkeeping from invoice generation to the final sales activity, the current IT system is slow which causes problems with the software not being up to date which is causing security issues
Outline Project Business Case
    Relationship to Gaming Galore strategies and objectives
    · Gaming Galore is a ‘for profit’ organization which means that the company is doing business to earn profit. The goals will assist the company in achieving its objectives by spending fewer hours and resources on the IT infra which will increase the profit
· The strategy of Gaming Galore is to expand, and not be dependent on one person for all the needs, and this deployment of the project will help by reducing the dependencies and connecting all the stores
    Business options
    · The different options that could satisfy the goal of the project are:
· Not doing anything: This means that the company keep the current IT infra and uses it till the time it is dead
· Do the minimum: The company keeps the current IT infra and just updates the software
· Do something more substantial: By upgrading the complete IT infra and moving it to the cloud. Here the company can implement various cloud options like Database management, etc.
· A suggested approach is to consider moving the complete account system which the company has currently to Xero or MYOB Essentials which are cloud-based accounting solutions
    Cloud accounting system 1
    Cloud accounting system 2
MYOB Essentials
    $34 per month
    $60 per month
    24/7 support for everyday needs
    24/7 support
    Efficiency gains
    Cash registers will move online, store computers will not be needed to be updated
    Bookkeeping will become online
    Legal compliance
    All data are securely stored and therefore legally compliant
    Legally compliant
    Security /privacy/ confidentiality
    Privacy as they provide you with all kinds of solutions
    Private, secured, confidential with no sharing of data
Legal requirement which will be addressed by this revamp and implementing a new IT Infrastructure:
· The country requires each business entity to pay its employees in the correct and timely manner therefore with the implementation of a new cloud-based accounting software the timely and correct calculation will be done which will allow the firm to automate the payout and make sure that it does not miss out on any payment
· Also, the current system which is used by the firm is outdated which mean that some of the tax related activities have to be manually inserted which is not good and therefore the revamp is needed
The business options concerning this investment are:
    Maintain current system
    Manual intervention
    Manual intervention cause delays and operation failure
    Moving to Xero/MYOB Essentials
No manual intervention required
Easy merging of data at headquarters
    The initial investment can be high
The recommended option is ‘Option 1’.
We are choosing ‘Option 1’ over option 2, i.e., Xero over MYOB because XERO is more compliant to industry...

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