CYB 250 Module Six Activity Guidelines and Rubric Policy Update Overview As a security analyst, even though it may not relate immediately to your day-to-day job, it’s a best practice to be aware of...

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CYB 250 Module Six Activity Guidelines and Rubric Policy Update Overview As a security analyst, even though it may not relate immediately to your day-to-day job, it’s a best practice to be aware of emerging trends in the industry because they may eventually affect your organization. Think about how fast mobile devices have evolved and become pervasive in both business and personal applications. Managing emerging technologies requires a two-pronged approach: the technological aspect and the social aspect. You might need to upgrade your system, as well as your policies that affect employee behaviors. There is often no right or wrong answer when integrating emerging technologies as long as the technology isn’t detrimental to your system; however, following best practices as defined by the industry, staying current with trade publications, and networking with your peers will help you be successful. As you address the technological and policy-related updates of implementing emerging technology in your organization, it is important to think about what it means to use the technology and adhere to the policies you are updating. Using a systems thinking approach can help with this. Scenario You are a cybersecurity analyst and your organization has noticed a new trend. More and more employees are bringing their personal devices to work and connecting them to the company wifi. The security team has recognized this as an issue and has decided to create a new segmented network for employees to use for their personal devices. This is a more secure solution because it separates data traffic for personal use and it allows the organization to encrypt the communication. This benefits both the employees who want to use their personal devices at work and the organization. This change to the system includes two steps from two different teams. The IT team is going to build the isolated secure network for employees only, and the security team needs to update the bring your own device (BYOD) policy. Your manager has asked you to draft the update to this policy. Your requirement is to update the policy to reflect the changes in the system in response to this new initiative. 1 Prompt Review your organization’s current BYOD policy (the Module Six Activity document) linked in the Activity task in Module Six of your course. You must address the critical elements listed below. I. Policy Update A. Modify the BYOD policy to meet the new requirement from the emerging workplace trend. II. Organizational Impacts A. Describe the impacts of this policy update on the organizational culture. For example, if you are aware that your use of personal devices on the company network is being monitored, would this change your behavior? Should it? B. From a systems thinking approach, recommend at least one additional policy update. Justify your recommendation. Activity Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Your submission should be 1 to 2 pages in length. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. All sources must be cited using APA format. Use a file name that includes the course code, the assignment title, and your name—for example, CYB_123_Assignment_Firstname_Lastname.docx
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BYOD Policy
This policy was created with the goal of preserving the confidentiality of the organization's data as well as the reliability of its technological infrastructure. Because of the wide variety of devices and platfor
ms, the regulation does provide for some wiggle room for exclusions. Employees must agree to these agreements try to connect their gadgets to the workplace secured network. Policy must be acknowledged and rigorously followed while new hire onboarding.
Acceptable Use
· The company explains appropriate usage as activities which are personal and do not include any form of commercial activity. Personal usage during the business hours is only permitted during
eaks and hours of the lunch.
· Employees are restricted from visiting all the websites during work hours, while they are associated to the network at the organization's discretion.
· Camera and the video capabilities must be deactivated on the connected devices.
· Devices should never be allowed to:
1. Maintain or communicate any organization-owned information.
2. Conduct routine organization business during typical business hours.
3. Participate in events as part of the fulfilment of obligations for a different organization.
· The use of personal devices to access corporate email, calendars, and contacts is prohibited.
· Using the company's network without prior clearance from your immediate supervisor is prohibited. ("What is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?", 2022)
Devices and Support
· Mobile devices and tablets, such as iPhones, Androids, and iPads, are all acceptable.
· IT may provide limited assistance for connectivity concerns.
· Before accessing the network, devices must be presented to and authorized by IT.
· Devices must be password-protected utilizing the company-always features of the device to prevent unwanted access. The corporate network requires two-step authentication and a secure password.
· The passwords should include at least 6 characters and a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
· Gadgets will be having the company's multifactor authentication software installed.
· After 3 unsuccessful login attempts, the device's network connectivity will be stopped. For access...

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