Decision-Making Process for my recent purchase - Dentitex Professional rechargeable toothbrush Decision-Making Process for my recent purchase - Dentitex Professional rechargeable toothbrush MBA404 CONSUMER DECISION-MAKING PROCESS Introduction In today's fast-paced dynamic business environment, consumers have become a critical factor that can drive the major brands and their service as well as products. Hence, instead of waiting for the consumer to approach the company and share their feedback on the products, organisation needs to become proactive in comprehending the evolving need of the consumer and incorporating the updates in the products/service (Antonides, G., & Raaij, W., 1998). It is evident from this VUCA world, entire market for the fast-moving consumer goods have experienced a tremendous revolution in last decade. By the virtue of this assignment, I have performed extensive analysis on Dentitex Professional rechargeable toothbrush after incorporating my personal experience. There is definitely a strong need in the market for better ways of brushing that is effective in fighting the cavities, removing plaque and improving teeth whitening. It is crucial to comprehend the requirement from the consumer and how do they behave to electronic toothbrush in order to convert it into profitable business. With enhancement of technology, increase in disposable income as well as awareness about importance of good oral hygiene many consumers are becoming more inclined towards dental care. In this domain of dental hygiene and care one of the critical products is toothbrush which has got tremendous potential to advance in aspect of demand as well as penetration. The underlying motivation behind this paper is to comprehend the consumer behaviour as well as preferences for getting involved in the toothbrush industry (Hamelin, N., Harcar, T., & Benhari, Y., 2013). Purpose and Scope of the Research Primary aim of this research is to evaluate the behaviour of the customer with reference to the electronic toothbrush. Essentially, this research is established on the primary data about consumer of toothbrush in four several diversified domains - Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Queens. The areas where surveys are to be conducted needs to base on major metropolitan segments that can drive more traction to electronic toothbrush vis-a-vis countryside (Hartlieb, S., & Jones, B., 2009). Consumer Need’s and Want’s that led to purchase of the Electronic Toothbrush I recently invested in Dentitex Professional rechargeable toothbrush KHET012 for effective cleaning as well as removal of plaque from teeth - actively helping to maintain healthy gums. I always used to a manual toothbrush and used to brush twice a day however, my teeth weren’t that clean as it was supposed to be. Only after my visit to dentist he recommended that I need to switch more advance cleaning which can only provide by electronic brush. After coming back from my visit, I researched about electronic brushes and only after careful study on the electronic toothbrush industry I finally purchased Dentitex Professional which is both affordable and efficient (Loudon, D., & Bitta, A., 2000). Each day there is settlement of fine film of germs like bacteria on teeth that cause dental plaque. These bacteria which are present in form of plaque generates acids that can cause enamel as well as create cavities. Hence, there is an innate need to maintain a strong oral hygiene all across the world. Since many oral diseases have already penetrated in the industry there is even more pressure to focus on maintain good teethes and gums. With traditional ways of brushing of teeth, majority of dirt is already stuck in-between the teeth’s while problems like widening of spaces, decolourisation, bad- breath, and plague. Bristles of electronic brush vibrates as well as rotate that enable one to remove any plaque from the build-up in the teeth as well as gums. These vibrations produce enhancement in micro-movement each time we move the toothbrush across the teeth. Furthermore, there are useful for anyone who have fixed mobility like children suffering from any genetic disorder like down syndrome as well as people who have developed arthritis, carpal tunnel etc. Furthermore, electronic brush has in-built timer that can enable one to brush the teeth long enough that is required to eliminate the plaque from the gums and teeth. Research for the Product - Electronic Toothbrush When I was recommended by the doctor to switch to an electric toothbrush then I comprehended the gravity of maintaining strong hygiene. Hence, I researched both internal as well as external sources to understand all the information available in the public domain (Loudon, D., & Bitta, A., 2000). I performed secondary research on the internet, listening to different dentist and their recommendations as well as doing a deep dive into the existing research available I found different options. In these options that are available for the product, As a consumer, I further analysed which could be the best for my teethes and gum-type to ensure what is the right brush-type for me. Moreover, I also leveraged professional opinion and compared various brand that are available on ALDI and Amazon like Oral-B, Dentitex etc. After reading the catalogues and recommendation/reviews from people on the platforms, I finally selected electric toothbrush from the brand Dentitex from the ALDI. I have also attached the screenshots of the products which were used to convenience me to buy this product. As a consumer there are few important factors that also form a major decision maker while purchasing the electronic toothbrush - first one is the price point, and second aspect is - features associated with the product. Dentitex is affordable and can be considered as value for money along with this the convenience it brings that transformed entire brushing experience for me. Evaluation of Alternatives We have always been conditioned to maintain a strong dental hygiene and brush our teeth completely. Even though our best efforts invested while brushing our teethes aren’t getting thoroughly cleaned. Essentially, this is because of the act that bristles of manual toothbrushes is unable to remove all the plaque as well as built up of tartar in-between the teethes. Therefore, alternatives for electronic brushes aren’t so strong yet there is requirement of behavioural change in the process which takes time to change. In fact, electronic toothbrush is a great alternative to the manual toothbrush which is crucial for people who are suffering from any physical or mental disability. Why I selected this product When I was researching in the market for an electronic brush, I found Dentitex Professional most effective and at same time value for money. It has rechargeable battery which is used for effective cleaning as well as removal of plaque from the teeth. It has powerful plaque removal action with 9000 oscillations every minute. There are three brushing modes - gentle, moderate as well as strong. It also enables in maintaining a much whiter tooth. There is IPX7 rating which is waterproof that further builds the credibility. Furthermore, there was availability of sale on this product which helped to promote the sale on this product. Presence of discount on this product really helped to shell out the money in order to purchase the toothbrush since I found it as a perhaps excellent deal present on the ALDI platform relative to any pharmacist/ chemist outlets. Although, electronic toothbrushes are 5 to times expensive from the manual toothbrush yet it is more economical and durable in long-run along with much better brushing experiences delivered at the end of the day. Analysis of purchase methods to comprehend how these methods influence the decision-making process I found ALDI platform very effective while making this important purchase of electronic toothbrush since it covers all my factors like affordability, quality and showcasing the testimony of other users. Dentitex was founded by the practitioner and dentist, every product is designed by working professionals. It is one of most acclaimed dentist-recommended branded all across the world. All Dentitex's toothbrushes are designed to provide excellence in the brushing experience. Furthermore, one needs to look at loot of factors like overall size of the brush head, type of bristles, shape of brush and whether it has been recommended by any dentists. Post Purchase Analysis After purchasing Dentitex's toothbrush my entire bushing routine and experience has transformed. Furthermore, manual inputs to clean my teeth has also reduced drastically helping me focus on other important activities in my morning routine. I have installed an in-built timer in the brush which takes into consideration how much time needs to be invested in order to completely clean my teeth and areas where it requires more attention vis-à-vis areas where it require less time. Not only this, I find my teeth much cleaner at the end of the experience reducing any instance of cavities as well as settlement of plague. I find it difficult to switch from the electronic brush to a manual brush as using Dentitex for more than two weeks have already changed my behaviour. Therefore, anyone who is using electronic brush will never shift back to the manual ways of brushing the teeth. Hence, consumer can feel the worth to shell out 5 to 6 times more price for the brush and that can drive more repeat revenues. References Antonides, G., & Raaij, W. (1998). Consumer behaviour. Wiley. Hamelin, N., Harcar, T., & Benhari, Y. (2013). Ethical Consumerism: A View From the Food Industry in Morocco. Journal Of Food Products Marketing, 19(5), 343-362. Hartlieb, S., & Jones, B. (2009). Humanising Business Through Ethical Labelling: Progress and Paradoxes in the UK. Journal Of Business Ethics, 88(3), 583-600. Loudon, D., & Bitta, A. (2000). Consumer behavior. McGraw-Hill. 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Assessment 2 Information Subject Code: MBA404 Subject Name: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology Assessment Title: Sample Survey Assessment Type: Length: Individual case study analysis Four pages (no more) Weighting: 30% Total Marks: Submission: 100 Online Due Date: Week 9 Your task Individually, you are required to prepare a four-page written analysis based on the assessment instructions below. Assessment Description. In this individual assessment, students will be given an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and
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Summary of the Results
While analysing the consumer survey results, we can understand that most of the customers are giving more importan
ce to their previous buying patterns and behaviour. We know the fact that the need and preference of the customers will change time to time. 46.67% customers interpret the information based on their previous experience. Customers opinions and suggestions are also can be called as very important while purchasing the product. While analysing the survey results, we can understand that the some of the customers are not giving importance to maintain the same opinion towards the product/service as others. They considered purchasing the electric toothpaste as the most important aspect. On other side we can understand that 33.33% of the customers are giving importance to maintain the same opinion towards the product/service as others.
Customers are buying the products based on its strengths and they feel that the product have some unique advantages compared to other products available in the market. While analysing the consumer survey results it is clear that 53.33% purchases products over any other because they expected their choice to have more positive consequences. The actual reasons for purchasing the product electronic toothbrush;
1. It is necessity
2. It makes life easier
3. Product provides sensory or cognitive stimulation
By buying the product the customers belongs to the group they are part of and they will not be interested to buy the product if it comes under the category of illegal activities or practices. From the survey it is clear that age and cultural norms also plays an significant role while purchasing the product or services.
Sample Survey key Findings
Meaning of the Survey’s Gathered Data
While analysing the data we can understand...

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