describe ethylene hormone in plant

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describe ethylene hormone in plant
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Running head: Ethylene: Introduction And Functions

Gaseous nature of Ethylene (H2C=CH2) makes it unique in compare to other plant
hormones. Therefore; it is the only member in its class. Besides, it also reflects the simplest
structure in comparison to all the plant growth substances. It could be produced in higher plants
and its main functions are fruit ripening and triple response. (Alba et al. 2005)
Biosynthesis and Metabolism
Production of ethylene may occur with the help of methionine amino acid. This can be
observed in each and every one tissue of all higher plants. But, the mechanism of production
may vary according to the tissue, plant and development stage. (Ciardi et al. 2000)
It can be synthesized in three steps:
ATP and water react with methionine which results in loss of three phosphates...

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