Develop a project proposal for a new project. The assignment may be based on A proposal for a potential new project that you or your organization have in mind Appraisal of an activity you believe...

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Develop a project proposal for a new project.
The assignment may be based on
  1. A proposal for a potential new project that you or your organization have in mind
  2. Appraisal of an activity you believe would be improved by managing a project

Assignment report should include
  1. A brief description of the organizational setting and the project environment to ensure the assignment examiner understands the context in which the project is set.
  2. An outline of the objectives of the project and the importance of the project to the organization
  3. A detailed overview and analysis of the use of relevant concepts, tools and techniques involved in project management. This section should comprise the main part of your assignment and should consist of an overview and analysis of the relevant project concepts in the subject. At a minimum, there should be a mention of at least the following concepts.
How the project should be defined
How project times and costs are estimated
A discussion of the project plan
The management of project risk
Resource planning
Project team issues
Project performance management
Note that although all of these concepts should be mentioned, some of them may be more important for your particular project than others. In these instances, you should feel free to focus your analysis more heavily on the more important issues as they impact your project.
The total number of words should be between 1000 and 1500 words. This word count does not include your cover page, an abstract, table of contents, list of references or appendices. Thus you can place any supporting material that exceeds this word limit into the appendix. However a reader should not have to look in the appendix to know the main thrust of the points you are making in your assignment. So make sure all your points are in the body of the report and refer to the appendix that will support the points you are making in the body because the reader may not look at the appendix.
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Proposal for implementation of knowledge management information systems in
Table of contents
A project is
Tools and techniques
a. Project life cycle
. Project implementation - budget and time line
c. Benefits of this project - cost benefit analysis
d. Possible issues - risk assessment and risk management
e. Resource planning and project appraisal
A project requires a plan, objective and implementation. In order to ensure that a project
is well implemented it becomes crucial to
ing about an analysis of the possible pitfalls and the
issues or risks that can arise along with a cost - benefit analysis. The proposed project is to
implement a knowledge management system in Wal-Mart which is based on an information
system. The project life cycle, budget and risk assessment tools have been utilized for the
purpose of creating a project analysis for the knowledge management systems in Wal-Mart.
A project consists of one common goal and several functions being ca
ied out in order to
accomplish it (Gray C, 2009).. One such project is implementation of the knowledge
management system in Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart being a retain chain that has been operating for
years with several international outlets, has several employees with a lot of knowledge and
experience in each country. If another employee needs to be sent on an international venture and
needs to understand the work pattern in another country, the only source for him is to learn out of
the experience of managers that have already worked in those countries (Kerzner, H, 2005).
"Knowledge management refers to the usage of certain methods, processes and
technologies in order to tap learning and experience of all employees for future use" (Nonaka,
2005, p.12). Knowledge management is used for the purpose of making knowledge and
experience a renewable resource. The whole purpose of knowledge management is to be able to
tap the learning outcomes of the present employees and make it available to other employees in
order to ensure that they do not have to go through the complete learning process and can
directly use the learning outcomes and conclusions derived out of the project or activity. This
helps save time, efforts and money and strengthens the competencies of the business and
implementing this in Wal-Mart can help
ing about a higher level of efficiency. The
implementation of a knowledge management system in Wal-Mart can help increase efficiency
and effectiveness and at the same time help Wal-Mart achieve its objective of providing higher
value to customer (Nonaka, 2005).
Project objectives
The main objective of this project is to help document and record the experiences, skills
and knowledge of employees in several outlets of Wal-Mart in an information system and make
them available to all of the...

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