Discussion Task Review the CDC's page on Health-related Policies(Links to an external site.) . Now choose a health-related issue not mentioned on that page to be the topic of a policy brief. (A policy...

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Discussion Task

Review the CDC's page onHealth-related Policies(Links to an external site.).

Now choose a health-related issuenot mentionedon that page to be the topic of a policy brief. (Apolicy briefis a summary of an issue prepared for lawmakers and policymakers (individuals that influence policy) that discusses how to deal with the issue and makes recommendations for how to change policy.)

In the coming weeks, you will thoroughly explore this topic with your research culminating in the development of a health policy brief (Assignment 6.3: Health Policy Brief).

List your chosen policy on the discussion board. Be sure to make your selection quickly as each student must have auniquetopic.No unread replies.2727 rReview the CDC's page onHealth-related Po
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Health policy topic: Prevent injury in the...

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