do you have an example of a IRAC on Capacity regarding the following scenario Afterthe first week of performances, there was a celebratory first week after-partythat continued late into the evening....

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do you have an example of a IRAC on Capacity regarding the following scenario

After the first week of performances, there was a celebratory first week after-party that continued late into the evening. Charlotte’s happiness was overshadowed when she became victim of a devious cast member, who spiked her drink. She was soon affected and disoriented.

It was then that Jonah approached her, indicating he wanted to change his leave dates to 30 May through to 13 June. He said his partner had booked a cruise over those dates and could not cancel the booking. Already talking gibberish, Charlotte became delirious and frantic. She begged Jonah not to go. She pleaded with him to honour the arrangement, finally writing on a napkin with her lipstick and handing him this offer:
‘Plz don’t go!!! U can have +$20,000 if u stay!!!.’

The next day Charlotte only had vague memories of the party. She met with Jonah for their usual afternoon coffee. During the conversation he showed her the napkin and her written offer of $20,000 if he performed over the period 30 May to 13 June 2015.
‘Did I do that?’ she sighed. “That doesn’t look like something I’d usually do.”

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IRAC – IRAC is a primary analysis of any legal issues. This method involves with a four major steps, they are Issue, Rule, Application and the Conclusion. This legal analysis helps to standardized the initial steps, for le
gal students and experts to find rational outline for written and ve
al arguments which is based on the legal facts or scenarios of the presented case. The detailed steps are:
1. Issue – Find out the pivot of the legal problem which are presented in the case.
2. Rule – Evaluate the list of explanation and the relevant legal rules raised by the case.
3. Application – Identify the applicable law and the rules to the facts of the case.
4. Conclusion - Rationalize the potential evident facts and propose the final conclusion
IRAC Analysis – This analysis will be on the given case study. The sole purpose of this analysis is academic or educational. Therefore, all the possible rule and laws are mentioned. At the end some recommendations are presented, whereas in real life analysis ends with the conclusion only.
· Someone spiked charlotte’s drink. Soon she was affected and disoriented.
· Jonah approached her, when she was disoriented.
· Next day when Jonah met her for a normal coffee, charlotte was sigh about it.
· In charlotte’s word “ That doesn’t look like something I’d usually do”
· As a honour of agreement, Jonah has a note written on napkin with Charlotte’s lipstick that “ Plz don’t go!! U can have +$20,000 if u stay!!!”
· The agreement requires following content: intent, motive, contract, causation an effect.
· Potential legalities are: Unfair contract terms, consumer rights, Safety law, unsolicited consumer agreement
· Jonah initially indicates that his partner had a
ange a cruise on 30/may to 13/June and they could not cancel the booking. Therefore, he wants to change his leave dates. Later when charlotte offer him a +$20,000, then he reconsiders the date. Intent was initially fixed but later changed.
· When someone spiked Charlotte’s drink and soon she was affected then Jonah approached her. Jonah’s motive is unclear.
· As a honour of agreement Charlotte’s hand written note was there with Jonah but when Charlotte wrote it, she was disoriented and affected by the spiked drink....

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