DoHW11 rev1.pdfDownload HW11 rev1.pdfusingHW11 pana-aust YogiF.OLRSome of the reference video files are given...

Some of the reference video files are given below:






Page 1 of 2 HW11 Rev1 EE6560 Power System Protection 1 1) Determine Austin terminal settings on the KNC-AUST 345kV line a. Phase distance 21P, show R-X diagram with settings and annotated faults b. Ground directional overcurrent 67N, show TCC diagram with settings and annotated faults 2) Determine Kincaid terminal 21P settings on the KNC-AUST 345kV line a. Is your Austin 21P setting (determined in #1) OK? 3) Check PANA 21P on the PANA-AUST line coordination with your Austin 21P on KNC-AUST (determined in #1) for a. Normal conditions b. Worst case Generation redispatch changing only one generator (this is not a contingency per Ameren 15G criteria) c. Worst case single contingency line outage d. Scenarios 3b and 3c combined e. If Criteria are not met for b, c, and/or d, recommend a relaying solution. Criteria (simplified for these 2-terminal lines from Ameren 15G): 1) Distance 1st zone set to 80% of line Z and Instantaneous tripping. 2) Distance 2nd zone a. must detect faults in primary zone of protection with minimum of 20% margin, though 30% margin preferred b. Distance detection margin = (100%) [(relay reach) - (max line Z)] / (max line Z) c. Reach no further than 60% of shortest 1st zone emanating from next substation Page 2 of 2 d. 2nd zone delayed 0.4 seconds to coordinate with downstream lines' 1st zone, and local breaker failure (BF) schemes at adjacent substations 3) Distance 3rd zone a. Strive to remotely backup real physical lines emanating from the next substation i. Check PRC-023 relay loadability criteria b. Assume generator at next substation trips as part of its local BF scheme c. Delay 0.7s 4) Ground directional Overcurrent 67N a. Detect SLG fault at next substation with margin of 1.5, though 2.0 margin preferred b. Upstream and downstream Coordinating Time Interval >0.3s c. If INST is feasible, must be set to 1.3 times next substation outlet line fault i. Allow for single contingency and varying generation dispatch As a starting point I've just copied PANA 11#2 21P and 67N to both terminals of KNC-AUST line. As shown below their settings are much too long. 0. Paul Nauert 4/26/2023
Apr 27, 2023

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