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PROGRAM CAPSTONE IT UNIT1The "Capstone Project Guidelines" document is available in the School of Information Technology LibGuide (BSIT/ITCO-498).Unit 1 Requirements: Planning and Systems Requirements1. Read the Capstone Project Guidelines document in its entirety and contact your instructor with any questions.2. Group Assignment: None in this unit.3. Individual Assignment: Research and analyze the stated requirements of the Capstone Project Scenario.In a 3-5-page MS Word document, address the following:· What unstated requirements are there, and what method(s) would you use to collect a more comprehensive set of requirements?· Describe all of the requirements (stated and unstated) and explain how they could be met using hardware, software, networking, and security. In other words, summarize the elements of the solution that are necessary to address the requirements. Support your proposal.Your paper should be in APA format and include a title page and references page, neither of which count towards the page length requirement.UNIT2This week, decide on a high-level solution to the Capstone Project and determine each team member’s contribution to the PowerPoint presentation that is due in unit 4. Once your team has consensus, submit a 1-page MS Word document to the group area with the following information:· Course number and name (ITCO-498 Program Capstone Course for IT)· Submission date· Briefly specify how the team plans to self-manage, coordinate, and collaborate.· Create a table that identifies which team member will take care of which set of PowerPoint slides (See below). Also, identify which team member will consolidate the slides for final input in unit 4.Project ComponentAssigned to (Full Name)BSIT Concentration AreaSlides 1-4- Cover slide with all team members’ full names- Overview of system requirements- Systems AnalysisSlides 5-7- Systems DesignSlides 8-10- Network Infrastructure & DiagramsSlides 11-13- Security & Risk Mitigation (Issues and Plan)Slides 14-16- Systems Development Processes and PlanSlides 17-19- Systems Implementation & Maintenance PlanSlide 20- References (current APA formatting)Notes:· Additional details regarding the PowerPoint requirements are provided in the unit 4 assignment area. As a reminder, during this unit, you are only submitting a 1-page MS Word document to the group area. The PowerPoint presentation is not due until unit 4.· All group communication must take place in the group discussion area of the class.· This 1-page submission is a non-graded requirement.1. Individual Assignment: Conduct a thorough systems analysis based on the stated system requirements and additional requirements that you believe will be required for the comprehensive IT Solution. In a 4-5-page MS Word document, address the following:· Document the solution component of the IT Solution based on the Capstone Scenario.· Provide a detailed network diagram depicting the intended network architecture (use any drawing software you choose).· Provide a detailed explanation of the network architecture.· Clearly identify which network components are on premises and which are cloud based. Explain your decisions.UNIT31. Individual Assignment:Consider the security policies that will be required for Crostini’s Mince system.In a 4-5-page MS Word document, address the following:· Identify the hardware, software, and data components of the Mince system that require protection.· Make overall recommendations for following specific best practices to monitor and protect the Mince system.· Draft brief security polices for Crostini to adopt in their management of Mince. Policies should include:· Password creation and protection· Remote access· Networking hardware security· Server security· Disaster recoveryYour paper should be in APA format and include a title page and references page, neither of which count towards the page length requirement.UNIT4In a 4-5-page MS Word document, address the following:· Detail the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as it applies to the software development that is required for the Mince software.· Provide a recommendation as to the organization of people and best practices for managing them.· Select one of the system requirements (stated or unstated) and provide the following details on the related function/feature that will be developed:· Identify and explain the purpose of the selected function/feature.· Database schema with explanations· At least one UML diagram with explanations (examples include Use Case, Sequence, Class and Package diagrams)· At least one mockup that depicts a component of the user interface (use any drawing software)Your paper should be in APA format and include a title page and references page, neither of which count towards the page length requirement.UNIT51. Individual Assignment:Consider that the IT Solution you identified and designed for Crostini’s Mince system is nearing the final stages of testing. For this final assignment, you will create an implementation plan.In a 4-5-page MS Word document, address the following:· Compose a high-level executive summary of the Systems Implementation Plan for Crostini. This should be an easy-to-read description of the implementation plan and why it is important to their company.· Create a detailed implementation plan that includes staff training, recommended maintenance tasks, and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).· Identify the best practices, techniques, and technologies that should be employed throughout the process.· Reflection· Discuss your strengths and lessons learned regarding the Capstone Project.· Discuss your experience working with your team.· Summarize your areas of growth uncovered during this Capstone project.Your paper should be in APA format and include a title page and references page, neither of which count towards the page length requirement.
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Question 1
Services are produced based on a set of requirements that can be gathered by business analysts. This includes enterprise requirements that show company-
level requirements for services that cannot be represented fully by stakeholders that provide a requirement for services. The stakeholder requirements may not provide full representation for enterprise requirements. It provides with sidetrack for the business that can be achieved. It includes unstated requirements that are provided by clients and developers can know while developing the online service platform. It provides a way to retain tacit knowledge for connect people with the
idge of knowledge. It is important for providing a repository with a track along with individual mapping (Fu, 2021). The development of the platform can help in the development of stated requirements along with the scope. The quality assurance team can be taken into the picture that makes them test the system that is based on knowledge.
User acceptance testing is another team testing with real users of the product that is important for making the project on success. The cu
ent requirement elicitation methods can be specification-driven and do not address the unstated need. The key process for requirement gathering includes overlapping, requirement documentation, and understanding requirements. Requirement elicitation provides a process for asking for top-level requirements that is required by all stakeholders. It is the effort that can help in showing accounts that are needed by the customer in the company for key suppliers. Requirements documentation can help in organizing input of the requirements elicitation process in a format that is...

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