eDiscovery</o:p> After creation of your eDiscovery setup, demonstrate the process. Capture all steps.</o:p> Background:</o:p> The organization you work for has been accused of price...

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After creation of your eDiscovery setup, demonstrate the process. Capture all steps.


The organization you work for has been accused of price fixing with two other competitors (xyz.com and qrs.com). A lawsuit has just been filed against us and an order for eDiscovery has been made.

This is the first time that eDiscovery has been requested at our organization. Upper management wants to assess how bad the situation may likely be. You have been asked to create an eDiscovery setup with the appropriate search.

For your setup, you will need to:

1.Determine what are the likely keywords that would be related to the issue. Pick at least four words.

2. Create at least 2 emails from/to 3 different users that include some of these keywords.

3. Create an eDiscovery setup in your tenant that will demonstrate for the upper management what they are likely to see.

a. Include explanations of what each step in the setup and demo will show. Note: When demonstrating technology that isn’t well known to the audience, such as executives, steps should be carefully explained, using easy to understand language. They aren’t dumb, rather they don’t know the technology.

2. Questions

a. What are ICD-9 codes and how are they used

b. What is a DEA number? When and how is it used?

c. If the concern for DLP is HIPAA related, create in your own words, a draft policy that employees would use when creating emails that will instruct them on what PHI they can send. Address the limits of what is acceptable. Such as can a single DOB be sent? What combinations of information can be sent.

Turn in: Submit a single MS Word document with the screenshots for all the tasks above. Include the answers to the part 3 questions.

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1. Answer 1
The price fixing issues are very common among the global organizations. Filling the lawsuit against our organization will maintain different keywords and some of these keywords are:
1. Market conditions,
2. Maximum retail price,
3. Production cost,
4. Labor cost,
5. Expenses,
6. Applied law.
The screenshots of created emails maintaining these keywords are:
The steps showing setup of eDiscovery to upper management are supplied underneath:
The new case development in eDiscovery is shown in below screenshot:
The addition of new members to developed case is shown with below screenshot:
Placing the case on hold is shown with below screenshot:
The search of keywords can be performed in following manner:
2. Answer 2
The ICD-9 stands for "International classification of diseases - 9th revision". It is a record developed for showing different...

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