“Evaluating Business Processes 500Question Set 1: Order-to-Cash 500QS1 Part 1 Financial: What Is the Total Revenue and Balance in Accounts Receivable? 500`Ω 503QS1 Part 3 Audit: Is the Delivery...

“Evaluating Business Processes 500

Question Set 1: Order-to-Cash 500

QS1 Part 1 Financial: What Is the Total Revenue and Balance in Accounts Receivable? 500

`Ω 503

QS1 Part 3 Audit: Is the Delivery Process Following the Expected Procedure? 504

QS1 Part 4 What Else Can You Determine about the O2C Process? 505

Question Set 2: Procure-to-Pay 506

QS2 Part 1 Financial: Is the Company Missing Out on Discounts by Paying Late? 506

QS2 Part 2 Managerial: How Long Is the Company Taking to Pay Invoices? 509

QS2 Part 3 Audit: Are There Any Erroneous Payments? 510”

“QS2 Part 4 What Else Can You Determine about the P2P Process? 511”

“Lab 8-3 Objective Questions (LO 8-1)

Which industry did you analyze?

For your Company 1, which ratio has seen the biggest change from 2018 to 2020? Use sparklines or calculate the percentage change.

Which of the three companies is most liquid in 2020, according to the quick ratio?

How well has your Company 1 managed short-term liabilities over the last three years?

Lab 8-3 Analysis Questions (LO 8-1)

How does XBRL fulfill the need for real-time, accurate financial data?

Why is it useful to compare multiple companies at once?

Analyze liquidity, profitability, financing (leverage), and activity for your company. Where is it strong?

What impact (if any) does missing data have on the ratios?

If one company has a significantly higher debt-to-equity ratio than the other two, what might be driving this? How might the DuPont ratios help explain this?

Lab 8-3 Submit Your Screenshot Lab Document

Verify that you have answered any questions your instructor has assigned, then upload your screenshot lab document to Connect or to the location indicated by your instructor.

Lab 8-4 Analyze Financial Sentiment—S&P100

Lab Note: The tools presented in this lab[…]”

LO 8-4 Summaries of findings

Prepare two summaries of your findings: One to specialists and the other to non-specialists. (When communicating, it is important that you talk to your AUDIANCE, experts and non-experts!) (about 1,000 words)

Lab 10 Critical reflection / analysis for each process

Provide critical analyses and reflect on the Order-to-Cash and the Procure-to-Pay process. (About 1,000 words for both critical analysis/reflections.)

Short reflection - Lesson learned

Provide a short reflection that includes a reflection of your group work. It is a process about working together as a team. What did work well in your team (3 items) and what would you change/ improve in your next project (2 items). Please also include how much time it took for the whole group/individual members to do the group assignment.

Management Report - Format/Layout

Presentation / Format / Layout of the overall report handed in.

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