Everything is in the attached screenshot.

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Everything is in the attached screenshot.

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Answer To: Everything is in the attached screenshot.

Dr Shweta answered on Apr 09 2022
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Solution: The chosen Polymer is Dacron also known as polyethylene terephthalate, PET or PETE.
It i
s a condensation polymer synthesized by the esterification reaction of dicarboxylic acid-Terephthalic acid and diol- ethylene glycol.
1. Structure of the repeating unit and the mean molar weight
A) Ethylene Glycol
Structure – CH2OH
Mean molar Weight – 62.07g/mol
B) Terephthalic acid
Structure –
Mean molar Weight – 166.13g/mol
2. Source of monomer, CAS number, company name, compound name, article number
a) Ethylene glycol – monomer
· source = produced commercially from ethylene oxide

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