Fall XXXXXXXXXXCMP_SCI_4730_Homework 1 1 Assigned: 6th Sep 2021 Due: 20th Sep 2021 University of Missouri – St. Louis Department of Computer Science Computer Networks and Communications (CMP_SCI 4730)...

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Fall 2021 CMP_SCI_4730_Homework 1 1 Assigned: 6th Sep 2021 Due: 20th Sep 2021 University of Missouri – St. Louis Department of Computer Science Computer Networks and Communications (CMP_SCI 4730) Homework 1 (The Internet, Application Layer) Max Marks: 100 1. Explain the term “computer network” [5] 2. A computer network consists of switches and routers. How are these devices functionally different? [5] 3. What is the function of the core network in an ISPs network? If the core network is designed as a partial mesh network what will be its advantages and disadvantages? [5] 4. Draw the diagram of two tear-1 ISPs with peering arrangement and one tear-2 ISP with transit arrangement with one of the tear-1 ISPs. Explain the difference between peering and transit arrangements. [5] 5. Which is more efficient for the Internet traffic, packet switching or circuit switching and why? [5] 6. Mark the collision and broadcast domain in the network shown in Fig. 1. [10] Fig. 1. Network diagram for problem 6 Fall 2021 CMP_SCI_4730_Homework 1 2 7. A small company with 10 computers has asked you advice on a network model. Sell the client-server model to them as against the peer-to-peer model? [5] 8. A DSL connection working on a twisted copper pair in a telephone cable of 200 pairs is limited in speed by what factors? [5] 9. What are the main components and their interconnection in a Wi-Fi based wireless access network? What factors affect the achievable data rates? [5] 10. Consider the network shown below with nineteen routers. For a single packet sent from source (S) to destination (D), what is the total delay if each link is of length 100 KM, the packet size is 1000 bits, the link bandwidth is 1 Mbps and signal travels at the rate of 2*108 meters/second on all the three links. Ignore processing delays. [10] 11. Router R1 is connected to another router R2 with link of L1 with a transmission rate of 67 packets/second. The link buffer at router R1 contains on an average 15 packets. There is one packet being currently transmitted. Average packet queuing delay is 15 milliseconds. Assuming no packet loss, what is the average packet arrival rate at R1? [10] 12. Peer A has just joined a BitTorrent Torrent. Being a leecher he does not want to upload. Can A receive a complete copy of the file? Why or why not? [10] 13. Explain the difference between iterated and recursive query in DNS (use diagrams). [10] 14. How is the layered design of protocols useful? What is meant by handshaking in protocols? [5] 15. What is message encapsulation? Explain the process of encapsulation and de- encapsulation at the transport layer. [5] 16. Give reasons why an application layer application would use TCP or UDP. Give two applications that use UDP and two applications that use TCP. [5] Fig. 2. Network for problem 10 S R1 R2 D L1 100 KM L2 100 KM L3 100 KM
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Table of Contents
1.    Answer 1    3
2.    Answer 2    3
3.    Answer 3    3
4.    Answer 4    4
5.    Answer 5    5
6.    Answer 6    5
7.    Answer 7    6
8.    Answer 8    6

9.    Answer 9    6
10.    Answer 10    7
11.    Answer 11    7
12.    Answer 12    8
13.    Answer 13    8
14.    Answer 14    9
15.    Answer 15    9
16.    Answer 16    10
17.    References:    11
1. Answer 1
The interconnected devices which are used for computation purpose and are able to share or exchange the allocated resources / stored data among them is known as computer network. The computer network can be wired or wireless and it is always based on certain implemented communication protocols.
2. Answer 2
The. implementation of any network is not possible without using router or switch. Both of these devices maintain certain functionality differences among them and table showing these differences is:
    Sr. No.
    The complete operations of this device are defined for network layer.
    The complete operations of this device are defined for data link layer.
    It can be used for implementation of MAN or LAN.
    The LAN implementation is only possible with it.
    Data packets are being used for sending data through it.
    Data frames are being used for sending data through it.
    The direction of data packets and control on network traffic is defined by it.
    The connection among different devices is defined by it.
3. Answer 3
The network which is used to define the telecommunication of end users is considered as core network. The telephone calls are being directed by it through the help of public switched network. Thus, it is the key functionality of core network for implementation of ISP network. The implementation of partial mesh network for designing the core network will lead to following advantages:
· The requirement of maintaining centralized authority will be removed from the network.
· The identification of possible fault is very fast.
· The redundancy will become very low because of using multiple paths.
· Consistent transmission of data can be possible.
It will also lead to certain disadvantages and these disadvantages are:
· It is not cost effective implementation.
· Because of using complex processes, its installation is very critical.
· The development of redundant connection is highly possible.
· High maintenance will be required which further increases its...

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