Final Paper For your final paper, write a proposal for developing a coaching culture in a particular organization. As the author of this proposal, it does not matter if you assume that you are an...

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Final Paper

For your final paper, write a proposal for developing a coaching culture in a particular organization. As the author of this proposal, it does not matter if you assume that you are an outside consultant or an internal consultant to that organization. Choose an organization that you know fairly well, or research one. Your proposal should be about 10-15 pages in length and include at least the following:

  • Cover page—Your name, company, and position and the title of the proposal.
  • Executive summary—Similar to an abstract, give the reader a quick understanding of the proposal
  • Organization Overview—Describe the organization and the current state of its coaching culture.
  • Needs—What challenges does the organization have? What needs does it have that a coaching culture would address?
  • Objectives—Measurable objectives for your particular plan.
  • Proposed plan—Details of the plan you propose. This is the heart of the proposal and should be at least 4-5 pages long. How exactly would you implement a comprehensive long-term plan for creating a coaching culture? You may want to break this section down into the various areas that you would address. You may want to include training topics (and summaries) and/or procedural or policy changes. Anything is fair game - use your creativity.
  • Implementation Timeline—In any format you like, give an indication of how long each part of your plan will take.
  • Expected Outcomes—These should closely match your objectives.
  • Resources needed—You may approximate, but be sure to let the reader get an idea of what is involved to implement the plan.
  • Methods of evaluation—All programs should have built-in evaluation. How are you planning to determine how successful your program is as it is progressing?
  • Reference page with at least three supporting references (you may use class material or outside sources).
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developing a coaching culture in Apple
developing a coaching culture in Apple
Final Paper Assignment
Executive Summary    2
Needs of the Organization    3
Objective    3
Business Insights    4
Accomplishment from the Mentoring Program    5
Mission and Objective    6
Terms, Definition and Use of Acronyms    6
Scope of the Proposal    6
Complete Proposal    7
Essence of Mentoring Program    8
The Mentor - Role and Responsibilities    9
The Mentee - Role and Responsibilities    9
The Business Units - Role and Responsibilities    10
Challenges from the Mentoring Program    11
Benefits to Mentor from the Implementation of Mentoring Program    12
Implementation Program    13
Conclusion    15
References    16
Executive Summary
In this fast-paced competitive world, if any organization aspires to survive the test of time and thrive in future then it has consistently groomed its human capital to harness the true potential. One of the best ways to groom the human resources in the organization is through coaching and mentoring initiatives. This can ensure that employees remain a
east with the trends in the market, constantly upskill themselves, gain career satisfaction as well as development in the process. By implementing initiative like coaching and mentoring in the organization, employees become more meaningfully engaged and feeling the close affinity with the others in the organization. In the golden words of Timothy Gallwey, "coaching is all about unlocking a potential of the person to maximize their performance. It enables them to comprehend better rather than teaching them". By the virtue of this assignment, I have performed extensive research on the organization Apple. It is one of the most successful technology companies in the world and number one in the Fo
es top 100. It is headquartered in California, United States of America. Essentially, it is a product-based company that designs, develops and strongly market its hardware and software, various consumer electronics as well as online services. The organization develops both software as well as hardware products which is been marketed to massive clientele present all across the world. Apple was established in the year 1976, by the founders Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak to sell PCs. What started as a garage business expanded into multiple layers with consistent innovation applied in the products. In the preset dynamics Apple has become number one company that is leading the market with its cutting-edge technology in the global market offering. Establishing a coaching culture form at the core of the Apple where it provides employees at several organizational level with the opportunity to harness as well as grow their abilities, sharpen their skills, and enhance their performance. The core values and primary competencies of Apple is the driving design thinking and innovation, personal agility and focus on the end-user experience. This innovative culture plays an instrumental role in the success of the business especially beating competitors in the international market. At the heart of Apple, this coaching culture plays a pivotal role to groom the workforce, develop new leaders in the organization and harness the true potential of the intellectual capital. Along with this coaching program many learning, and development initiatives are also taken into action that instill the value to consistently learn and upskill oneself.
Needs of the Organization
Apple Inc. operates in one of the most competitive marketplaces with many organizations
inging up similar product offerings and distracting the customers. In fact, in the high-tech market there are very low ba
iers to entry, therefore any new company can be established tomo
ow that offers exact same offerings as Apple. Therefore, the intensity of the competition is extremely high, and dynamics of market continuously changes based on the customer's expectations as well as trends in the market. Therefore, in this technology domain, innovation plays an integral role in order to develop a strong competitive edge. We witness new entrepreneurs building new business every day in the market to develop new as well as innovative products to satisfy the evolving taste of the customers. In order to thrive in this volatile market, it is essential that organization needs to invest in building strong human capital which plays a pivotal role in enhancing the productivity and performance of Apple.
It is a known fact that solid mentoring initiative in the corporates are very essential to fuel growth and lays strong foundation for powerful development. Perhaps, the value that a well-thought mentoring program can offer goes deep that is why we observe many multi-nationals and big marquee organization like Deloitte, Microsoft, Google, Boeing and KPMG conduct seamless mentoring programs. We can learn from these most recognizable companies all across the globe that mentorship can
ing revive competitive advantage.
Insights on Coaching Initiative in Apple
Knowledge of the tutoring and coaching structure and fruitful execution of coaching program on the ground will be designated to the Director of Human Resource and different Learning and Development division of the association. In the long run, there will be appointment to center layer the executives will project development and extension of cu
ent coaching program. Be that as it may, this a
angement of coaching system will likewise offer construction to actually take a look at the nature of communications and assess the results at each designated spots. In this way, a
angement and foundation of Learning and Workforce Development Office (LWDO) will come into picture. LWDP will likewise be mindful to regulate and manage the combination of authoritative tutoring parts in cooperation to the Human Resource Departments. This coaching system will appreciate the structure, fundamental apparatuses as well as proposition guide to distinguish the needs, assigned liabilities and rules to meet the goals. Plan of this program is to give comprehensive establishment to information sharing as well as deliberate interaction for LWDO to direct the mission of creating authority, mixing learning with formative open doors for the workers. The essential capacity of the Mentoring program is to foster solid administration abilities that is executed in the association. This drive will likewise lay out protege in type of mentees in each area.
Accomplishment from the Mentoring Program
Create associations with different departmental associations to address the business's requirement for a top performer, high potential employees who are versatile; who rouse, propel, and manage others to create unmistakable outcomes;
· Who can coach and challenge the labor force; and who show exclusive expectations of genuineness, honesty,...

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