Finish all question based on the instructions

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Finish all question based on the instructions

Assignment #2 - Life Cycle Assessment
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Answer To: Finish all question based on the instructions

Nasreen answered on Oct 02 2022
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1.Many of man's harmful actions toward the ecosystem and himself have been motivated by necessity or greed. Humans are r
esponsible for the extinction of a great number of plant and animal species. Deforestation, fossil fuel use, industrial waste, many forms of pollution, and many other human activities have negative impacts on the climate. All of these factors have negative effects on the climate and ecology. As a result of human activity, numerous animal and bird species have become extinct or are on the danger of extinction.
2, The phenomena of climate change is brought on by both natural and human factors. It is also one of the most important issues that not only harms humans but also the environment. In layman's terms, we may say that it causes numerous illnesses and natural calamities that endanger earthly life despite the fact that it has an array of effects on people.
3.My personal Carbon footprint and the changes I would be willing to make

1. My total ecological footprint is drastically high
Solution- By 2050, 70–80% of the world's population is anticipated to reside in urban areas, making effective urban planning and development methods essential for resource management. If we challenge our city leaders to support sustainability policies.
2. If I have to reduce or change my lifestyle like use more of Public transport than my car and use other means of fuel I can ring about a lot of change in carbon footprints individually.
Solution - By using renewable energy, you can directly reduce...

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