first one : A digital dashboard is a business-based intelligence technique that enables business leaders to trace, evaluate, and report key performance indicators and metrics. Generally, a digital...

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A digital dashboard is a business-based intelligence technique that enables business leaders to trace, evaluate, and report key performance indicators and metrics. Generally, a digital dashboard assists businesses hone in on the most crucial data points and better leveraging the data to promote their marketing decisions. The current digital dashboards are interactive, thus making it easy to integrate data from various business sources. Likewise, the digital dashboard deeply and directly examines and analyzes unorganized data to turn it into business value. Also, companies have used digital dashboards to move data literacy forward (Mahmodabadi et al., XXXXXXXXXXThis movement involves sharing dashboards of organized, reliable data that will help to foster a data-driven culture at every business level. After businesses explore data freely from a single location, users at every level get encouraged to make discoveries and innovate the business’ most crucial metric.

The information should get tailored for sales managers, human resources managers, and marketing managers. In every business, sales managers need customized information generated by the digital dashboard to view and monitor sales data to find effective ways of increasing revenue, enhancing forecasting, and identifying crucial sales trends (Romero et al., XXXXXXXXXXA company’s human resources manager needs tailored information for quick snapshots to review and analyze every KPI in a single location. For instance, tailored information on employees by role and location, gender ratio, and training progress.

Likewise, a marketing manager requires customized information connected by a digital dashboard from his Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and advertising tools. Dashboard information needs to be real-time to know if the sales are at the projected level. Tavera Romero et al XXXXXXXXXXstate that real-time dashboard information is clean, consistent, and easy to understand, allowing everyone to know the crucial key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Digital Dashboard is a tool that helps the user to consolidate information from various sources and display it on one screen. Digital dashboards help in better decision making, and the users can have a centralized and customized information portal with the same. The dashboard should be in real-time in order to get the most benefit out of it. Real tike information can allow one to make quick decisions, allow to adjust operations based on real performance, and real-time data yields greater organizational benefits.9( (n.d.). helps to assess performance in terms of various performance indicators and provides feedback to the employees about their current level of performance in terms of individual goals. The information should be tailored to each user based on their requirements according their organizational roles. The dashboard information needs to be real-time because real-time information helps users get fresh content information. This helps to understand the present condition and make better decisions by identifying the problems as well as opportunities.

The information on the digital dashboard must be tailored specially for the needs of the person, group, or function. If not, it will not serve its purpose to help to meet the particular goals. If the dashboard user needs real-time information to achieve their goals, the dashboard should display it. The real-time dashboard is clean, consistent & easy to understand. This makes individuals from any department can able to view the dashboard & and know that the key performance indicators are important for them. Real-time dashboards are always up to date automatically. This will save time in many ways. For example, a marketing assistant needs not to have to spend too much of his time copying & pasting the information to an excel sheet every month, and executives need not wait to get updated KPI data since data is always up to date. The decision-making also becomes faster. So I think dashboard information needs to be real-time.

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Indeed, in this past face competitive world, leaders are running a chase and are always on a tight deadline. In scenario like these digital dashboard plays a crucial role to offer widespread analysis at one-go. With the help of these dashboard leaders can comprehend and evaluate all the key performance metrics. I agree with your prospective that digital dashboards have the magnitude to analyse the unorganized data such that it can generate business value. Furthermore, dashboard needs to be tailored as per different stakeholders like HR, sales manager, marketing manager etc. Therefore, one of...

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