For the first part of this project, you will select a specific issue or event in wellness and critically analyze it through the four general education lenses: history, humanities, social sciences, and...

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For the first part of this project, you will select a specific issue or event in wellness and critically analyze it through the four general education lenses: history, humanities, social sciences, and natural and applied sciences. Through viewing the issue or event through these lenses, you will gain insight into how the interconnected nature of wellness affects society as well as both your own individual framework of perception and the choices, attitudes, and behaviors of others in the world around you. You will compile your analyses within a portfolio that will include an analysis of each lens, plus introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Altogether, this portfolio should be 6 to 8 pages long, not counting references. Within your portfolio, each analysis should be 3 to 5 paragraphs long.Be sure to support your analyses with appropriate and relevant evidence from theory and research.1
Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below. Most of the critical elements align with a particular course outcome (shown in brackets).I. Introduction: For this part of the assessment, you will examine the role of the individual in a global society and how issues of wellness influence aspects of culture and the individual. You will explore topics that have been discussed in this course (sociology of wellness, psychological wellness, identity and wellness, wellness and socioeconomic status, etc.) to help guide your analysis.A. Topic: Using the four lenses, explain how an issue or event within wellness has or has not influenced modern society. [IDS-402-02]II. Lens Analysis: In this part of the assessment, you will analyze your chosen issue or event through each of the following lenses to determine its impact onvarious institutions, using evidence and research to support each analysis:various institutions, using evidence and research to support each analysis:A. History [IDS-402-01]B. Humanities [IDS-402-01]C. Natural and Applied Sciences [IDS-402-01]D. Social Sciences [IDS-402-01]III. ConclusionA. Explain how integrating the four lenses helps understand how problems in wellness impact both professional and personal context. [IDS-402-02]B. Analyze how social practices have been shaped by issues and events in wellness in modern culture. [IDS-402-02]C. Using relevant research or diverse perspectives, assess the benefits and challenges of addressing issues in wellness. [IDS-402-06]D. Explain how analyzing wellness can help interactions with those of a different viewpoint, culture, and perspective. [IDS-402-04]
Guidelines for Submission: Your portfolio must be 6 to 8 pages in length (plus a cover page and references) and written in APA format. Use double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Include references cited in APA format. Submit your portfolio in a single Word document.
For Final Project Part Two, you will develop a multimedia presentation in which you will have a chance to reflect on what you have learned about your issue orevent, yourself, and society through analyzing your event or issue’s impact on wellness. You will also be able to apply your communication skills and integrate multimedia elements to communicate your message to an audience.
In developing this presentation, you will be able to use your analyses from Final Project Part One as a starting point. The reflective nature of this activity prompts you to dig deeper and consider the implications posed by the critical analysis of your issue or event in wellness. How does studying wellness affect how you understand yourself as well as the world around you? You’ll also be challenged to incorporate a dash of creativity to enhance your message.Multimedia Presentation: For the second part of the project, you will create a multimedia presentation that incorporates audio narration and visuals to articulate how critically analyzing your issue or event in wellness impacts your own framework of perception and ability to constructively engage in society.PowerPoint: You are required to include a combination of text and visuals in order to support your PowerPoint presentation. Use the Check File Compatibility With Earlier Versions and Are You Having Video or Audio Playback Issues? resources to help you check compatibility between versions of Office. Also, follow the instructions on the Microsoft Support page to compress your presentation into a zipped file. You may upload a zipped file when submitting this assignment. Reducing the size of the PowerPoint presentation file by compressing it makes it easier for your instructor to download and grade.Microphone: While it is not necessary to purchase a microphone for this project, you will need to have access to a microphone to record the narration of the presentation. You can use the external microphone of your device, a set of earbuds, or a borrowed microphone from a friend. This assignment is graded on the content of the narration and not the quality of the recording.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. Issue/Event: For this section of your presentation, you will introduce the issue or event and how it relates to issues of wellness and any of the topics that have been discussed in the course.A. Using appropriate research strategies, describe a social or global issue or event that is related to issues of wellness. [IDS-402-03]i. What is the origin of the issue?ii. What is the issue about?B. Using appropriate research strategies, describe the impact of the issue or event on society. [IDS-402-03]i. Who is impacted by the issue?ii. What is important to know about those who are impacted by the issue?C. Using relevant research or diverse perspectives, assess how society impacts the chosen issue. [IDS-402-06]II. Yourself: This section of your presentation explores how studying wellness influences your individual framework of perception with respect to yourdiscipline of study or profession.A. How has critically analyzing your issue or event in wellness informed your individual framework of perception? Consider how your analysis hasaltered the way you perceive the world. [IDS-402-05]B. How can critically analyzing wellness influence your field of study or profession? How can studying wellness inform your understanding of thenext big topic of study in your field or profession in the next five to ten years? [IDS-402-01]III. Society: This section of your presentation explores how studying wellness enhances your ability to engage constructively in society.A. How does critically analyzing wellness add value to how you interact with people and understand social or global issues or events? Supplement your reasoning with examples. [IDS-402-04]
B. Recommend strategies for using this kind of critical analysis for meeting your personal and professional goals. What might this look like in your everyday life? Consider how wellness can be used to address the day-to-day responsibilities or questions faced by practitioners in your field or discipline. [IDS-402-04]IV. Conclusion:A. Using relevant research or diverse perspectives, assess the benefits and challenges of addressing issues in wellness. [IDS-402-06]B. Explain how critically analyzing wellness adds value to interactions with people in personal and professional contexts. [IDS-402-02]V. Presentation: Throughout your presentation, you will be assessed on your ability to use effective communication skills to deliver your message to your audience.A. Construct your presentation in a way that ensures the audio and visual elements are logically organized in order to convey your message to your audience. [IDS-402-05]B. Provide supporting evidence in your presentation that supports the importance of the chosen issue or event and its impact within wellness. [IDS XXXXXXXXXX]C. Develop the audio narration to logically flow with the presentation to articulate the importance of critically analyzing the chosen issue or event and its impact within wellness. [IDS-402-05]
Guidelines for Submission: Your multimedia presentation should be approximately 10 to 12 slides and 8 to 12 minutes in length. You are required to include a combination of text, visuals, and sound in order to support your work. Support your presentation with relevant resources cited in APA format and noted on a separate slide. If you require alternative accommodations for completing this assignment, reach out to your instructor directly for more information.Note: Turnitin, the originality report feature used in the course, is not able to check PowerPoint submissions for plagiarism. Thus, you should submit your speaker notes in a separate Word document. Both files (PowerPoint and Word) can be submitted through the Final Project Part Two submission item.

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Body Image and Mental Wellness        4
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
History    3
Humanities    4
Social Sciences    6
Natural And Applied Sciences    7
Conclusion    8
References    9
Mental wellness is a controversial subject in the present culture, and it essentially affects individuals' way of behaving. Individuals in cu
ent culture are turning out to be more aware of their overall wellbeing and prosperity than they were previously. Individuals have become more aware of what they put into their bodies and have started to focus closer on it. In spite of the way that people are progressively mindful of the fuel they put in their bodies, fast accessibility to things through Postmates, Door Dash, and other conveyance administrations eliminates the work and care that individuals utilize while buying suppers. People in our way of life should practice consistently because of everything being provided to them immediately and the absence of individuals cooking in their own homes. Heftiness can have genuine mental ramifications, and there is even confirmation that obesity is connected to negative body-image. Corpulence and its connect to body-image might be examined from an assortment of viewpoints, including history, humanities, natural and applied sciences, and social sciences.
People in the past had an alternate ideal body image than individuals now, when seen through the viewpoint of wellness history. The idea of ideal body-image straightforwardly impacts an individual's body-image delight or disappointment. Before the turn of the century, the ideal body-image was amble and voluptuous. At the point when the flapper time frame started during the 1920s, the ideal body-image started to wind towards turning out to be incredibly dainty. It was normal for ladies, specifically, to obtain dietary issues to rival the best obesity of the time (Howard and Ginnsburg, 2018).
Mattel delivered the Ba
ie doll in the last part of the 1950s, which was designed according to juvenile style. Individuals can end up being powerless, wiped out, and, surprisingly, fat on the off chance that they do not work out. Obesity influences 39.8 percent of people in the United States, as per a new report. Obesity is not simply an issue all by itself; it additionally builds the gamble of securing afflictions like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular illness, and, surprisingly, psychological wellness issues.
The Ba
ie doll depicted a new, extremely specific vision of magnificence, with a lengthy neck, little midriff, and greater bosoms, which was not commonplace of an American lady at that point. Male G.I. Joe dolls were likewise accessible simultaneously as Ba
ie, and they were tall, slender, and strong, much more so than the normal male American. Albeit these targets were not generally attainable, they individuals accepted they ought to be and endeavored to accomplish. The ideal body-image has developed through time, moving from voluptuous to slim, and presently to a crossover of the two.
The workmanship that is chic now and again when explicit body types are famous reflects body-image by means of the humanities focal point. Little Venus sculptures from 23,000 to 25,000 quite a while back portrayed a pear-molded woman with enormous bosoms (Howard and Ginnsburg, 2018). A greater pair-formed woman would have been supe
at the time since it showed fertility. The ideal has developed more than millennia, moving from curvaceous to thin. "During...

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