For your term project, please select one of the following Canadian publicly listed companies, and conduct a financial analysis, using the most recent company annual report. Canadian Tire Look up your...

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Financial management

For your term project, please select one of the following Canadian publicly listed companies, and conduct a financial analysis, using the most recent company annual report. Canadian Tire Look up your company’s annual report (pdf file) on Click here for instructions on accessing information from this website. Project Write-Up Page 1: Introduce the company’s most recent year, by writing a short paragraph. This paragraph will not describe the company (you will assume that the reader knows about the company), but rather you will write a few things that have happened in the company, during its most recent year. Page 1: name four financial ratios that you would like to use, to analyze your company. Write a brief sentence, telling the reader what each ratio will reveal about the company. Your analysis should have a variety of ratios (one or two solvency ratios, one liquidity ratio, one or two profitability ratios, for example); please check with your instructor if you are not sure which ratios to select. Pages 2 & 3: assess your company using each of the four financial ratios above. Succinctly write the ratio formula. Calculate your company’s ratio using the current year’s numbers (from the annual report) AND calculate the same ratio using numbers from the previous year. Include the date of the numbers that you use to calculate the ratio (month/year). For some companies, this might be October 2018 and October 2019, if a company has a fiscal year-end of October 30, for example. For other companies, you might be able to access 2020 reports, with financial ratios from March 2019 and March 2020, for example. Page 4: Write two, separate, brief paragraphs with your financial analysis, based on the results of the four ratios. Do the ratios show improvement in the financial health of the company? Explain (briefly) why or why not. The report will be no more than 5 pages (preferably 4 pages) single spaced. The report will be graded on its content, clarity of explanations, presentation, and quality/clarity of your written work. Make sure that you write, edit, edit again and use clear sentences in the written work.
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Answer To: For your term project, please select one of the following Canadian publicly listed companies, and...

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Bell Canada is Canada's largest communications company, providing advanced broadband wireless, TV, Internet, media and business communication services throughout the country. The company has entered into strategic partnership with Vector institute. Bell Canada’s
core competence is Broad-based wireless, IPTV, Internet, Media and business communication services. On other hand Vector institute a not-for-profit works ties up with industry, institutions, start-ups and government to build AI talent and pioneer research in AI to sustain innovation.
Bell in 2021 announced additional planned capital expenditure of $ 17bn over next 2 years on network expansion of broadband fibre, Wireless home internet and mobile 5G network. Bell has largest and quickest expanding fibre footprints in Canada, reaching 1.1 mn users and approx. 70% of mobile 5G of population. Bell Canada surpassed 1 mn location in WHI a year ahead of schedule and company was named “Best Gaming Internet provider” in PCMag Best Gaming ISPSs 2022. Bell Canada’s has won fastest 5G network award for 2nd time in a row. MyBell app developed by company was awarded the Best Telecommunication Mobile application of the year 2021 Mobile Web awards. Bell was ranked "Leadership Band" by CDP for our carbon disclosure for the sixth consecutive year.
Bell acquires Longueuil-based Internet provider EBOX (an Internet, telephone and television service provider). Bell Canada’s will redeem all of its outstanding Cumulative Redeemable First Preferred shares. Bell Canada’s maintained Canada’s largest TV provider with 2,735,010 retail subscribers at December 31, 2021, and increased our total number of IPTV subscribers by 4.2% to 1,882,441.
Financial Ratios:
The following ratios will be implemented to analyse the company’s profitability and factors contributing to company’s growth. All the ratio will be divided between:
Profitability Ratio: Some of important Profitability ratio are as below
Gross Margin – This is defined as Net Sales minus Cost of Goods Sold. It indicates money left after deducting the direct cost and overhead related to production of goods and which will sufficient to absorb SG&A expenses .
Gross Margin = Net Sales – COGS
Net Margin – This is one of most important health indicators of the firm and known as bottom line. It shows how much company is earning after paying off all its cost of manufacturing the goods both Direct and Indirect (incl. SG&A).This ratio varies from Industry to industry as
Net Margin = Net Income
Liquidity Ratio: Some of key liquidity Ratio
Current Ratio – This represents company’s ability pay off its short term debt commitments and whether its current assets are enough to cover it. This also represents the company’s Working capital and if entity...

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